So let me get this straight…

If a person dies of basically anything but was within 10 miles of someone who had Covid at some point, they died of Covid and any other condition doesn’t matter. but if a perfectly healthy person dies after getting an experimental mRNA gene therapy device, they had underlying conditions or some serious health issue that killed them.

No certainty this is true, other than I am content this exact thing has happened to others I know. So its true, even if not in this case.

Ok then. That sounds like pretty much everything authorities have told us from late 2019 till now.

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  1. Don’t life insurance policies have a disclaimer……..”……..death by war, insurrection, riot, epidemic, pandemic…..will render the policy void…..” ?
    Is this a scam with the insurance companies? I know of a 55 year old man with a serious heart condition….his bypass was postponed due to the China Flu and he died…..His widow picked up the death certificate and gave cause of death….”Covid 19.” Now she needs a lawyer and in this province, you can’t sue your doctor!

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