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2 Replies to “Is privacy now illegal? Basically yeah. Ed Snowdon speaks with Russel brand”

  1. Thank You so much for this video although I knew about the extent of the tracking.

    I was thinking of buying an iPhone. The only reason was to comment on Rumble and others because you need mobile text messaging service to get the ‘code’.

    Finally, it’s not worth it. Every word we write is traced, as well as all credit card transactions.

    We live in a world of Big Brother surveillance approaching that of China.

    Our greatest enemy, sadly, will be our youth. SAMIZDAT.

  2. Perhaps the ultimate radical act is the attempt to deny one’s own digitization. Impossible, yes, but only the effort. We are all in disparate data bases. The only unified, collectivized, international, global, comprehensive data base I see forming is the one recording people who have received an injection.

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