Vaccines, protests, police thuggery and Canada’s slide into tyranny: Links 3, April 24, 2021

1. Since the MSM is steadfast on not reporting anything that might damage their manipulation of the public, we kinda have to post things we think may be true but can’t verify. A terrible time to be dependent on information that influences life or death decisions. We only know one thing for sure. The government is lying to us by both misinformation and by omission.

2. Massive anti-lockdown demo in Switzerland:

3. Oh la la! French medics inject 140 patients with normal saline instead of Pfizer vaccine ‘by mistake’

Dozens of people due to be vaccinated against Covid-19 using the Pfizer-BioNtTech jab were injected with normal saline instead as the result of an unexplained blunder by French medical workers.

Some 140 people who attended the vaccination center at Reims University Hospital in the town of Epernay, 130km northeast of Paris, erroneously received injections on Tuesday.

The injections contained normal saline, which is a harmless solution of sodium chloride dissolved in water. It can be applied externally to clean wounds and help with dry eyes, or it can be injected to treat dehydration, among other conditions. The error is therefore not expected to result in any serious health consequences.

The medical workers realized their mistake the following day and swiftly contacted those who had received normal saline shots instead of coronavirus vaccines. The patients were invited to talk to a doctor who could answer their questions, and make a new vaccination appointment.

(Talk about a second chance!)

4. tens if not hundreds of thousands of people on Oxford St. London demanding their freedoms back


5. Police in Ontario colluding with Children’s Aid in criminal conspiracy to kidnap children if they disobey Ford’s ultra-vires stay-at-home

VIDEO: OPP liaising with Children’s Aid Society when parents are disobeying stay-at-home order
Mother who filmed officers at Havelock playground says children playing outside is not neglect.

Check this tweet for the whole article:

Police ticket Maxime Bernier and Randy Hiller for speaking up at a rally against a government policy. No matter what the circumstances are for that act, it still has the same name. Even during WW2 leftists who were against the war to fight Hitler and the Nazis as well as the Imperial Japanese had a right to speak in public.

6. Police intimidate Polish pastor of Alberta Church AGAIN

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3 Replies to “Vaccines, protests, police thuggery and Canada’s slide into tyranny: Links 3, April 24, 2021”

  1. “…they are not stopping…they want revolution…,” says the pastor.

    Doubt him? I don’t.

    What I do doubt is Chinese communist agents seeding Wuhan-made virus variants anywhere they want to further destabilize their enemy. I doubt this. This sounds hyperbolic. I haven’t read this anywhere because I’m making it up. I have not read, for instance, that since the CCP successfully made and released one corona virus, they have others to release for their convenience. Why on earth would I conjure such fiction? For plausibility comparisons against MSM fictions, that’s why.

    Joe Biden won the election fair and square. Face masks are about health, not control. The pandemic will end. Your fiat currency has value. “Social justice” is about social justice. Islam is a religion of peace. All lives matter. Build back better. You will own nothing and be happy. Climate change is man made. Lock downs work. We stand on stolen native territory. How many more lies have you got?

    Any lie that furthers the revolution is worthy. Finding our way back to freedom in the forest of lies requires breadcrumbs. This truth is one breadcrumb. By saying that all we are enduring is a commie plot may not be true, but it is a breadcrumb that supports freedom, regardless.

    Being suspicious of those without conscience is never wrong.

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