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5 Replies to “Military doctor on Covid policy from masks to vaccines”

  1. Dr. Lee Merritt pulls out all the stops.
    “April 7, 2021 – Guest: Dr Lee Merritt – Covid 19, Masking and the Vaccines”
    Fairview Baptist Edmond – April 7, 2021

  2. I just watched your presentation and it was fantastic. I am an RN and was married to an MD before his death some years ago. I am very interested in all the information re: Covid and trying to pass information to my friends. Thank you so much for such a great wealth of information. I have not taken the vaccines because I did a lot of research and decided it was not a good thing to do. My prayers and encouragement to you as you continue to share these facts to the world. Thank you, Jane DeWitt, RN

  3. I live in the U.K and we cannot get Ivermectin or HC. Is there a way we can get it shipped here ? Brilliant presentation. So interesting and thank you. Is there a way we can share it ? Rosemary (U.K)

    • Yes. Various Indian pharmacies do ship to the UK. I have friends who have been getting those and other meds that way for a long time.

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