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3 Replies to “Human Rights Lawyer, Leigh Dundas on the grotesqueries in orange County”

    • That’s true. A HELL of a lot of submitting and shoulder shrugging and candy crush playing and “I was just following orders” too, because I don’t care what they roll out, 7 billion is a lot more than a few thousand or even a million and there aren’t a million of these trillionaire psychopaths, and they have to somehow convince their IGORS to do their dirty work too. I’m reminded daily of a quote from Gulag Archipelago that discussed how they later “burned” in the camps thinking of how they should have made every policeman coming to pick up some “dissident” pay in terms of waiting for them with whatever primitive weapons they could muster up, making sure they thought long and hard about whether or not they really wanted to go on those little errands the next time, whether they were going to come back home themselves, and how that tactic may have changed the outcome for the people of the ussr. We can not lay down. There are many things worse than death, and sitting by while the ideals our country was founded upon are taken out without fighting back and having to live with the knowledge that I didn’t go kamikaze into the fray is one of them. She’s right…YOU STAND UP!

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