Policecharge other police for going to Church in Aylmer Ontario

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that there is no mention in this article or video that the people being arrested are active duty police. That info is from Randy’s Twitter feed and more accurately, they are being “charged”.

The following video is from Randy Hiller’s Odysee.com video channel. But I have enhanced the audio to make it a little easier to hear. The original can be seen here.

The information on this video is below. The arrest according to the CBC, is from Tuesday this week, so April 20th. The CBC article, which is about what you would expect, as they save any questioning of authoritarian measures to attack Conservative Premiere, Doug Ford.

Watch this video of Police Officers being charged for exercising their Charter rights…

You won’t hear this in the news, but two officers attending a meeting in the Aylmer Church of God and practicing their right to assembly have been charged under the Reopening Ontario Act.

The news have reported on the incident but make no mention of the active duty officers taking part. You can read a bit more on that here:

I wonder why that little detail was left out of the story? Help spread this video and show that there are active duty officers standing up for our Charter rights. Share with your friends and family.



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