Secret ANTIFA meeting video, Freedom of speech is only for the revolutionaries: Links 1, April 18, 2021

1. The right to mass muslim gatherings in Victoria Oz for public prayer is more legal than one man with other views on Islam

2. Secret recording of an ANTIFA/BLM pre-riot meeting. To be clear, I STILL run into people that pretend ANTIFA has no real organization and is a total fluke and cannot be compared to conservative groups that actually do organize. No amount of evidence makes a difference to those people as their thinking is not reality driven. Still, this is interesting as ANTIA usually organizes over various federated MASTODON servers, and blockchain sites so its harder to take down. Communist revolutionaries are way farther ahead in terms of organizing than libertarians are. So its refreshing to see them have a flesh and blood meeting we can watch. The titles are from the auto-generated Youtube ones. But I corrected black box and black board to black block because that is clearly what they were actually saying.

3. The new short story that must never be told. Muslim threatens or stabs people with a knife before police, or member of the public, stops muslim with knife using whatever means from a Narwhal tusk to a taser, and the story will be reported as a British person suffering from mental illness.

4. Maxine Waters: Stay on the street yada yada if its not a guilty verdict then people should get ugly. So in other words, there can be no due process that goes against the revolution.

5. Breonna Taylor’s mother slams Black Lives Matter in Louisville and calls the organization a ‘fraud’ saying ‘they’ve never done a damn thing for us’

The mother of Breonna Taylor, whose daughter was accidentally shot dead by police in her own Kentucky apartment last year, has branded the Black Lives Matter movement a fraud.

‘I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud, Attica Scott another fraud,’ Tamika Palmer wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week.

Her criticism comes amid a backlash against the national co-founder of BLM after it was revealed she owns a multimillion property empire.

Meanwhile, Palmer also lashed out at state Democrat Rep. Attica Scott, who has continued to push for legislation to ban ‘no-knock’ warrants in Kentucky.

‘I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud, Attica Scott another fraud,’ Palmer wrote.  

She also criticized people who raised money on behalf of her daughter’s family without actually knowing either her or Taylor.

Thank you Pym Purnell, M., PC., Johnny U., ET., Michelle, EB. and many more who made the effort Saturday night and Sunday morning. 


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8 Replies to “Secret ANTIFA meeting video, Freedom of speech is only for the revolutionaries: Links 1, April 18, 2021”


    Surely this is actionable. Surely Auntie Maxine is guilty of the very thing they falsely accused Trump of doing. Maxine is literally pushing the mob into becoming a rioting lynch mob that demands the trial go their way or they will continue to riot. Sounds illegal to me. Arrest the evil bitch, somebody… She is using her powerful influence to advise people to break the law and that is illegal…

    If they do not arrest Maxine it will open the door to more of the same kind of murderous demagoguery and further weaken the country from within. You can’t go around telling people to riot no matter what the First Amendment says even if you are black and left-wing…

    • The charge would be inciting a riot, one of the reasons the Propaganda Media doesn’t call them riots is without a riot no hcarge can be made.

      The second thing is you have to have honest prosecutors and Judges before any thing can be done. The legal system has been broken in all western nations so the enemies of civilizations can get away with inciting not only a riot but a revolution against our elected government.

      • Having said that, it seems as though it would take only one question from the mob to make this actionable….
        “Where are some bricks so we can start rioting 10 minutes after the 3PM verdict is read?”

    • I disagree, @Richard. For speech to be actionable, there has to be a tangible plan (Gd forbid): at this time, we are going to meet at this place, and do xyz. That is why Madonna’s words when PT was elected were not actionable. (She must have studied Constitutional law to have known to preface her statement with “…I have thought an awful lot about …”)
      This cites a court case that supports my understanding. The Supreme Court decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio : Brandenburg, a Ku Klux Klan leader, appeared at rallies along with burning crosses and firearms, stating that “vengeance” may be brought against Jews and black people. Although he was convicted and his conviction was affirmed though the Ohio courts, the Supreme Court held that Brandenburg had merely suggested or advocated violence – because he did not threaten violence or immediately incite violence, his speech was protected.

  2. 1. “A man has avoided jail for abusing a Melbourne rabbi in a series of racially-motivated phone calls he tried to explain as a prank.

    Neil Luke Erikson, 29, phoned Rabbi Dovid Gutnick of Melbourne City Synagogue on three occasions, telling him “Give me the money Jew or else I will get you” and abusing him for his faith.

    He also spoke of circumcisions, blood money and Jewish sidelocks and told Rabbi Gutnick he knew his location and was coming to get him.”

    Just follow the tattoos.

  3. The Antifa meeting sounds like two possibly three trained people working with a group of low level revolutionaries who don’t know much about organized civil unrest and are being slowly trained to create havoc and chaos on the streets. I doubt if the kids in the meeting know the real name of the trained people.

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