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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Reality:

    Hannes Wessels

    Over the last few days I have received, from a number of people some of the most shocking video clips I have ever seen. When I say I saw the one I describe here, I was only able to watch a short piece before I had to disconnect; I simply did not have the stomach to watch the complete film. The footage shows a group of armed men in camouflage going through the process of beheading someone using a small blade in a ghastly exercise that takes time for the decapitation to be completed before the head is removed and brandished aloft for all to see, and the body rolled into a ditch. Waiting patiently, watching this gruesome spectacle is about a dozen young men who are summoned one at a time to suffer the same grisly fate. I am told this has taken place in Mozambique but have been unable to confirm this; what is beyond doubt is it is somewhere in Africa. This is only one doing the rounds, there are more; another of live people having limbs hacked off and another of people being burned alive. These provide nauseating evidence of the almost unbelievable cruelty that is taking place on a routine basis in many African countries.

    Recently I wrote about how Amnesty International had played an important role in having the DAG (Dyck Advisory Group) contract in northern Mozambique terminated where Lionel Dyck and his men were battling the Islamic militants. Amnesty accused the group of committing war crimes and this report immediately caught the attention of the international press because most of his men are white and like former police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota, white men wherever they may be can do no right. So while Africans accross the continent are dying from starvation disease and poverty thanks to appalling misgovernance the world is absolutely focused on fate of a police officer who was compelled to use force to subdue and arrest a convicted criminal, of immense physical strength, high on drugs who had just committed another crime.

    There is some sad irony in all this. In Mozambique, the Nyussi Frelimo administration has asked the Portuguese government to send troops to help deal with the insurrection. These are the same Portuguese that were hounded out of the country 45 years ago with what they could carry because they were accused of being horrible to the natives. Now it looks like they wanted back.

    Also in the wings are the Americans who have apparently sent a team of Green Berets to assist. While some are hopeful that they will intervene militarily, this, in my view, is highly unlikely given the context of our times. Portuguese and American military commanders and politicians will be well aware that one of their soldiers caught on camera hurting an African in Mozambique will probably attract the same international response as has been visited upon Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. As a result they will probably stay on the sidelines and the slaughter will continue because the response from neighbouring African countries to the crisis has been nothing short of pathetic.

    This is not a new situation in Africa. African governments have proved repeatedly they are incapable of resolving any of the issues that bedevil the continent; most of them cannot run themselves, let alone intervene effectively in neighbouring states. Which is why outside help is inevitably required. To my knowledge, the only successful military interventions in Africa recently have been those involving forces with European leadership, and organisational support.

    When Colonel Eeben Barlow and his Executive Outcomes teams were given the chance, they were able to defeat the aggressors and restore a semblance of peace and order in the African countries they were tasked to operate. However success seems to have been a curse upon him because no sooner had he and his men shown they were winning when they were asked to leave, and this was very often as a result of US pressure on host governments.

    The elephant in the room: where is the international media and the attendant universal outrage when blacks kill blacks? This applies not only in Africa. In America, the chances of a black man being killed by a white man are statistically minuscule and by a cop they are even smaller; well over 90% of black Americans are killed by black Americans; but on this the press is silent while saving all its energy for the next micro-aggression wherever it may be as long as the alleged assailant is white. So far in 2021, 97 cops have been killed in the line of duty but nobody appears to know this, and fewer appear to care.

    In Rwanda in 1994 nearly one million Tutsis were slaughtered, and the world hardly heard about it, let alone responded to it; much the same continues today and nobody really seems to care. No CNN, no Sky News, no BBC, no Guardian newspaper, no New York Times, no Washington Post. They are totally fixated on the fate of Derek Chauvin, echoing every piece of evidence that portrays this man as a racist monster. In so doing they are further dividing a troubled America while ratcheting up the popular pressure on the jury to convict no matter what the facts may show.

    I watch this travesty with a bitter sense of déjà vu. In many ways we whites in Africa were similarly portrayed; the media led the international mob in convincing the world that white people in Africa were entirely racist; only there to murder, plunder and abuse innocent blacks brutally dispossessed of their liberty, their land and their riches. The world believed this lie and the pressure became unsustainable. Whites were relieved of their ‘ill gotten gains’, forced from positions of authority throughout the continent and in most cases compelled to depart their homes, leaving behind them arguably the greatest man-made humanitarian disaster in recorded history.

    In a way the media is doing the same thing to America where whites in authority are under scrutiny for any action that might be deemed racist; law-enforcement officers are now acutely aware that their powers and methods of arrest are severely curtailed; that any use of force in any situation where a black person is involved may result in them being prosecuted. This will soon result in many of the people who keep America safe and civilised being forced onto the margins and rendered redundant. When this happens, we can be certain the US will follow the same fate as we have in Africa.

    Generations of white people all over the world are being compelled to hang their heads in shame because they are all somehow to blame for the enslavement of black people in centuries past. There is a tragic irony in this because I look at the state of Africa today and ask myself what would the response be if ships from America docked at African ports looking for labour in return for little or no pay, but with safety and security guaranteed. I suspect they would be inundated; an armed presence would be required; not to force people on the ships, but off the


    Simon Lincoln Reader

    Many of us who don’t believe that Britain is racist, or never fell victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), or who haven’t been radicalized by Beijing24 or the Daily Moonface braced for impact last Friday at the announcement of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, because we know the woke left chooses moments like this to stick two fingers down its throat in spastic fits about identity and inheritance. So we expected to see the news swamped by choreographed interviews with wojak-faced performers carrying placards submitting to fake martyrdoms. We expected to hear a typically incoherent but vaguely threatening statement from Joe Biden about his Irish roots – or worse, the subject switched to a conversation held between John Kerry and Klaus Schwab held aboard the former’s Gulf Stream as they traveled to another world capital to warn everyone of impending climate disaster. But nothing like this happened.

    Instead its been one of the most interesting weeks in the recent history of news, arguably because for the first time in over the year we haven’t been tortured by some deranged Marxist-scientist telling us we’re all going to die, but more likely because we’re experiencing something that gives us more to think about than some of world’s incumbent, suffocating pathologies.

    In the last few days, charity officials and military historians have filled the airwaves with distantly familiar words such as ‘loyalty’ and ’service’. Former participants of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, many of them formerly juvenile delinquents, have spoken of the life-changing force of nature. Poets, theologians, scrap metal dealers and wine makers have emerged to talk of the power and magic of the enquiring mind. In contrast to the endless stream of access journalism, Biden PR, outrage porn and agitprop, the news this week sounds like a pre-Greta David Attenborough discovering a new intelligent species.

    That is not to say that the garbage CNN hasn’t tried to sour the reflection. Noting Phil’s death, it remarked that it was ‘struggling to identify a legacy’ given some ‘problematic commentary’. The same fate met a handful of obscure incels: against the sight of London cabbies lining Pall Mall in solidarity with the occasion, these will be remembered as nothing more than the barely audible squeaks of a bowel movement.

    I think that’s because of some awkward facts rooted in Phil’s history that position him not as the child of privilege most critics assume, but alongside many others abandoned by wayward fathers, or penniless, or shuffled around to strange, unfamiliar places. Having blue blood may sound extravagant, but it doesn’t contain chemicals that overwhelms grief and loss. Seen this way a compelling parallel exists between the early life of Phil and someone like the Ivory Park entrepreneur and Drip Footwear CEO Lekau Sehoana – principally in a choice both were forced into making: life can be a mother******, either you sink, or you attempt to swim. Both chose the latter.

    Then there is the word ‘sacrifice’. As previously unknown examples of Phil’s achievements were celebrated, a picture emerged of a man that would have almost certainly enjoyed success outside his role as companion to the Queen – in his naval career, in sport, literature and even viticulture. But his interests were shelved because he made it his life’s work to protect the woman he clearly loved. In the old world we used to call this ‘romance’ – and it used to make females swoon. Nowadays, we are more accustomed to hearing some blue-haired university lecturer hiss this kind of thing off as misogyny.

    Another explanation of the last week could be the begrudging respect afforded to him by the press. Long before most of the media became what it is today, Phil detested them (I shudder to think what he would have made of CNN’s incumbent factchecking asshats). But unlike Donald Trump, he didn’t make the mistake of condemning them as ‘the enemy of the people’. He just sat there scowling – and they blinked. In the end all they could do was try smear him by plagiarising some unconvincing Netflix fiction.

    Many of us saw him as the outsider’s man in the establishment, and thus found a way to identify with parts of the British condition that excluded wealth or being on the lucky side of the class divide. And of all the ways of the old world, wit – and an appreciation of – was paramount to this unusual relationship. One encounter remembered by the Canadian British broadcaster Mark Steyn captures this:

    I was invited to dine at Buckingham Palace on the eve of the Australian referendum on whether to become a republic. One of my fellow diners, bemoaning the lack of agricultural workers in Britain, explained that his farm now brought in young Australians and South Africans, who were able to make ninety-to-a-hundred quid a day (about £60,000 a year) picking onions.

    “Crying all the way to the bank?” murmured the Duke.


    There are parasitic worms on facemasks and Covid-Swabs, which is now confirmed to the absolute horror of a medical doctor. After seeing numerous videos on the internet, the doctor decided to take a look under the microscope, and to her shock every mask she tested was contaminated with parasites.

    This information is very important for people to know, please share. The Evil humanity is facing is far more sinister than people realize.

    I believe the worms are transgenic DNA recombinant organisms and the most likely candidate would be the “Kamikaze hookworm” which actually takes over the mind of its host. In nature such creatures were not able to infect humans, however with our current level of technology, inserting a DNA sequence that would enable it to survive in the human body would be a simple task.

  4. How unexpected! They have NO real idea of the long term effects of any m-RNA preparation on humans, or perhaps they do but won’t tell us as it is intentional.
    But, whatever, they still will make a lot of money for the new “Ascham” and solve a problem that worries the elite at the same time. I wonder if there is a real and honest vaccine out there for the elite but even if not, this Wuhan flu pandemic has been better than printing money for them.

  5. After months on indefinite ‘admin leave,’ Trump-era appointee resigns from Biden NSA
    Fox News April 17, 2021

    [Ed. – Fox gives a 19 January 2021 date for Michael Ellis’s arrival as NSA General Counsel. But the appointment was actually made by the Pentagon (the parent agency of NSA) in November 2020, a few days after the election. Speculation at the time was that Ellis’s role would be to watch for the use of NSA surveillance against Trump, his associates, and other Republicans, being vigilant for new measures that could be put to such purposes. The NSA General Counsel is typically consulted on such matters; the speculation was well founded.]

    National Security Agency General Counsel Michael Ellis submitted his resignation in a Friday letter to NSA Director Paul Nakasone obtained by Fox News.

    The Pentagon named Ellis to be the NSA’s top lawyer, starting a day before President Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 19, but the new administration immediately placed him on administrative leave and opened a security inquiry on Jan. 20.

    “It has been an honor to protect my country as a national security professional since 2007, and I remain ready to serve as General Counsel of NSA,” Ellis wrote in his letter Friday. “However, I have been on administrative leave for nearly three months without any explanation or updates, and there is no sign that NSA will attempt to resolve the issue. I therefore resign my position, effective immediately.”

  6. Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeemes Aker
    3 hours ago Brad Johnson
    Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeemes Aker
    Brad Johnson
    7-8 minutes

    Jeemes Aker is a Senior Fellow of Americans for Intelligence Reform and has written several books. A former CIA Senior Analyst, prior to his Agency experience, Mr. Aker worked for more than a decade as college professor and school administrator, practiced law, and managed a congressional election campaign. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a Chinese linguist and was awarded an Air Medal for his participation as crew member in combat sorties during the Vietnam War.

    Ode to Alfie

    “James Earl Lakins, age 21, Army SGT (E-5), 101st Airborne Division, casualty on January 17, 1970, in Thua Thien, South Vietnam, casualty by explosive device, body recovered, Panel 14W Line 40.”

    Alfie’s epitaph (in the Wall’s books)

    “Only the good die young.” Billy Joel

    Recently one of my former college students sent me a text message that he was going to be in Washington D.C. and asked if I would meet him downtown. Eli was part of a group of 150 College of the Ozarks students and staff visiting the city as part of a two-day patriotic trip to visit the White House, various Smithsonian Museums, and the National Mall.

    Late at night on September 30, 2019, I finally caught up with Eli and the rest of the group gathered on a grassy knoll near the Vietnam Memorial. It was the perfect occasion to pay tribute to the brave men and women of my generation. I was wearing my favorite cap marking me as a Vietnam veteran serving in the U.S. Air Force.

    A near drizzle in the cool evening air blocked out the stars from those of us in attendance. Behind the gathering was the alabaster white and shining obelisk of the Washington Monument—with the Capitol Dome tucked behind it—and in front the dazzling Lincoln Memorial. Stretched out immediately in front of the students was the snake-like, half-buried Vietnam Memorial Wall with its endless list of names.

    The surreal scene where the students gathered was bathed in artificial light so the film cameras could focus on the speaker, Terrence R. Dake, one of CofO’s most famous graduates and retired four-star Marine Corps general. General Dake also serves as CofO’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees. In the misty darkness, the general treated the students to a wonderful geopolitical overview of the Vietnam war: the first television war, the “domino theory,” draft dodgers and Jane Fonda, a country divided, and returning uniformed soldiers being spit on in the airport.

    It was a magical tour de force of an era.

    The general’s final two clinching points: first, this great country of ours is worth the human sacrifice needed to preserve it and second, the need for politicians to make sure that any future war must be consistent with American values and enjoy widespread popular support. That was the least we can do if we ask our young men and women to put their lives on the line.

    The students, sitting cross-legged in the wet grass during the entire presentation, were polite, receptive and appreciative.

    Afterwards I greeted and hugged several of my former students and campus co-workers.

    But as the assembly was dismissed, I wish I could have had five minutes to tell them about Alfie.

    Just five minutes.

    Alfie’s name is on the Wall.

    He was my former college roommate at Cumberland College.

    Alfie was the same age as many of those college students gathered there that evening. He stepped on a landmine in the jungles of South Vietnam. His slender body was ripped into so many pieces they couldn’t open the casket.

    Alfie was buried in a casket produced by the lowest bidder. Perhaps I would have told the students about the time I returned from the war theater to see my dying grandfather. The Red Cross arranged my emergency leave using the fastest way home. That was in the sling seat of a KC-135 cargo aircraft stacked with caskets, from the floor to the ceiling of the cargo area, carrying the remains of our fallen soldiers from Vietnam.

    Just me and the caskets.

    Years before, Alfie and his casket had made the same flight.

    Alfie couldn’t find Vietnam on a map.

    His creativity was spent on practical jokes and playing Rook in the dorm.

    He flunked out.

    Within a week he received his draft induction papers.

    That was our world back then.

    Very few people on the Cumberland College campus, besides me, actually knew Alfie’s real name. He looked so much like Alfred E. Neuman—the character who adorned the then-popular MAD Magazine—that everyone called him Alfie. The nickname stuck because he was a dead ringer for the magazine character: large ears protruding from either side of his face, boyish freckles decorating his cheeks, a noticeable pair of buck teeth, a tussled hair-mop, scraggly whiskers on his chin, and a long neck with a large, prominent adam’s apple.

    Alfie had a contagious laugh and loved to smoke cigars.

    He had a girlfriend and dreams for the future.

    But Alfie was no Rhodes scholar.

    He didn’t participate in sports or any campus club.

    I’m not aware of any picture of him during those years.

    There was no fanfare when he was drafted.

    There was no massive turnout at this funeral when he returned home.

    Alfie served his country rather than going to Canada or using one of the myriad tricks available to those who wanted to fail the pre-induction physical. His family was poor so he couldn’t buy his way out with the local draft board.

    Alfie was all-too ordinary.

    He was unimportant.

    He was unconnected and without leverage.

    He was unnoticed by those around him.

    He was unspectacular.

    He was inconspicuous.

    But most of all, Alfie was unlucky.

    In short, James E. Lakins was ideal cannon fodder for the political, economic and business elites of this world who launch and perpetuate wars to suit their own agendas.

    I wonder how many of the 58,195 names etched on the Wall were just like him.

    On that night, as the students filtered away into the darkness of the trees leading to the nearby Korean War and Lincoln Memorials, I made my way alone back to panel 14W on the Wall. The panel glistened with the evening moisture. Only a handful of people gathered nearby. Partially wilted yellow roses decorated the bases of several of the panels, barely visible in the memorial’s muted lights.

    I stretched my hand upward to touch Alfie’s name.


    I said a prayer for him and all those who may remember him.


    I felt sorrow about his unrealized dreams.


    I regretted a terribly wasted life.


    I fought back the tears.


    I apologized.


    It very easily could have been me …

    Perhaps, it should have been me.

    (Richard: I didn’t know Alfie but I knew many like him, there is one description of Alfie that is left out, He was a man who did his duty. He died and those of us who didn’t well always fee guilt and remorse because we survived when other didn’t. He is one of those to whom we owe our freedom and one of the reasons we can’t left the radical left he fought in Nam win in the US. My medicians prevent me from drinking a toast to Alfie but hopefully some of the readers will do this for me.)

    • al jazeera – Clashes in Pakistan after TLP takes several police hostage

      Police say they launched a security operation after a right-wing group took six security personnel hostage in Lahore.

      Police in Pakistan said a right-wing group has taken six security personnel hostage at its headquarters in Lahore on Sunday after a week of violent clashes following the arrest of the group’s leader.

      Pakistan’s government banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) Pakistan earlier this week after supporters took to the streets to protest against the arrest of their leader, Muslim scholar Saad Rizvi.

      “Today in the early morning, miscreants attacked Nawankot Police Station where [paramilitary] Rangers and police officers were trapped inside the police station and [Deputy Superintendent] Nawankot [was] kidnapped,” read a statement from the provincial police in Punjab, of which Lahore is the capital.

      The statement said the attackers were armed with petrol bombs and had stolen a tanker truck carrying 50,000 litres of petrol.

      A senior police officer and two paramilitary staff were among the six being held by supporters of TLP, Lahore police spokesman Arif Rana told Reuters news agency.

      Police said they have launched a security operation against the group in response to the attack.
      Pakistani news channels have been barred from providing coverage of the group since it was banned, and on Sunday mobile and internet services were down in the area where clashes were taking place.[…]

      […]The TLP leader had called on the government to honour what he said was a commitment it made in February to his party to expel the French envoy over the publication in France of depictions of Islam’s prophet.

      The government said that it only committed to discussing the matter in Parliament.

      Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said the group had been banned because it “challenged the writ of the state”.



      reuters – Deadly clashes after Islamists take police hostage in Pakistan’s Lahore

      Police in Pakistan said a hardline Islamist group had taken six security personnel hostage at its headquarters in Lahore on Sunday after a week of violent clashes following the arrest of the group’s leader.

      The Tehrik-i-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) group had given the government an April 20 deadline to expel the French ambassador over the publication of cartoons in France depicting the Prophet Mohammad. The authorities responded by arresting its leader, prompting supporters to hold protests and sit-ins across Pakistan. At least four people were killed, hundreds injured, and thousands arrested. Pakistan banned the group after the violence.

      A senior police officer and two paramilitary were among the six being held by supporters of (TLP), Lahore police spokesman Arif Rana told Reuters.

      “The TLP activists have two fuel tankers containing thousands of liters of petrol. They are throwing petrol bombs and stones at security officials, and also shooting bullets as the result of which 11 officials are injured,” Rana said, adding the operation was ongoing.

      TLP spokesman Shafiq Amini told Reuters four supporters had been killed on Sunday by police and several others were wounded.

      Pakistani news channels have been barred from providing coverage of the group since it was banned last week , and on Sunday mobile and internet services were down in the area where clashes were taking place.

      Roads leading to the headquarters of the group, in Lahore’s Chowk Yateemkahan, have been blocked.

      Still, supporters of TLP have been sharing videos on social media of what they said were clashes on Sunday with police, and hashtags supporting the group were trending in Pakistan on Sunday.

      The videos, which Reuters could not independently verify, showed thousands of protesters clashing with police in riot-gear, as clouds of tear gas hung in the air and the crackle of gunfire could be heard. Other videos showed injured protesters being carried away.

      On Saturday Prime Minister Imran Khan said the group had

      been banned because it “challenged the writ of the state and used street violence & attacking the public & law enforcers.”

      Last week France advised its citizens to temporarily leave Pakistan for their safety.

  7. This story smells like a BLM setup: SOUTH CAROLINA

    – Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.

    The sheriff’s department said two other incidents involving the young black man have been reported to authorities. Those cases are under independent investigation, the department said.

    One of the events occurred on April 8: the young man allegedly touched a woman without her consent. The second incident occurred on April 10, in which the young man allegedly picked up a baby without the parents’ permission.

    “The victim has an underlying medical condition that may explain the behavior exhibited in these alleged incidents,” the sheriff’s office said.

    The sheriff’s department confirmed Thursday that the Pentland home was vandalized by “protesters.” Authorities told CNN that Pentland and his family “were moved and taken to a safe location after their home was vandalized.”


  8. 15 WARSHIPS DEPLOYED! Russia beefs up warship presence in Black Sea as Ukraine tensions simmer.
    •Apr 17, 2021

  9. Antifa ‘Panicking’ About Police Informant Inside Network: Andy Ngo
    By Zachary Stieber
    April 18, 2021 Updated: April 18, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Members of the infamous Antifa cell in Portland are anxious after an informant in their midst gave information to police, leading to arson charges, Antifa expert Andy Ngo says.

    “They’re panicking because this may possibly mean that somebody has infiltrated high … and there’s a lot at risk, because this is a criminal cartel,” Ngo said Saturday on NTD’s “The Nation Speaks.”

    “And if there’s somebody in there and they don’t know who it is who’s informing on them, it could bring down the entire cell,” Ngo added. “I’m hopeful that that will happen, although I’m not sure if there’s the political will for the investigators to actually go through and fully investigate all the links and ties that this individual suspect has. But this is at least a little bit of good news in regards to months and months of really terrible things happening in Portland with no changes happening.”

  10. ‘Better Dead Than Red’: UFC Fighter Doubles Down On Anti-Communism Remarks
    Amanda Prestigiacomo
    3-4 minutes

    UFC strawweight contender Rose Namajunas isn’t backing down from her criticisms of communism, reiterating her family’s struggles against communist oppression.

    Ahead of her April 24 fight against Chinese champion Zhang Weili, Namajunas, who is Lithuanian-American, said her motivation for winning the fight is partly fueled by her opposition to communism. ESPN reported Tuesday:‘Better Dead Than Red’: UFC Fighter Doubles Down On Anti-Communism Remarks
    Amanda Prestigiacomo
    3-4 minutes

    UFC strawweight contender Rose Namajunas isn’t backing down from her criticisms of communism, reiterating her family’s struggles against communist oppression.

    Ahead of her April 24 fight against Chinese champion Zhang Weili, Namajunas, who is Lithuanian-American, said her motivation for winning the fight is partly fueled by her opposition to communism. ESPN reported Tuesday:

  11. WAX: Make Sheriffs Great Again – Trump Train News
    Gavin Wax
    6-8 minutes

    America is teetering toward one-party rule in Washington, D.C. Waiting for a Republican Congress isn’t a real strategy. Instead, the right must focus locally, principally on the county sheriff with Sheriff Bill Waybourn as a role model, to revive America.

    It should be obvious by now, but too many conservatives and Republicans still do not fully get how stacked the cards are against them. The left may still be reeling from President Donald Trump’s impact in 2016, but for the most part, they haven’t lost any ground.

    Whether it’s the culture war or politics, the left has home-court advantage. That’s because it’s at the helm of nearly every institution and powerful corporation steering society today. From academia to the media and even previous conservative strongholds like the military and churches, the left dominates.

    Last year, I noted that police unions were among the very few right-leaning institutions in the country. The left remains on the offensive against the police, despite skyrocketing violent crime rates nationwide.

    Even more important to defend is the institution of the county sheriff. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, or CSPOA, calls the county sheriff the “last hope” for freedom in America.

    One of those last hopes is Texas’ Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, who won a second term in the 2020 election cycle. Waybourn won the endorsement of CSPOA’s founder and former sheriff Richard Mack in 2016. His record since then should earn the upright respect from every concerned American who desires local control, not bureaucratic supremacy from D.C.

  12. NYPD officers hit with Molotov cocktail and liquid chemical in face, police say
    Louis Casiano
    2-3 minutes

    A motorist hurled a Molotov cocktail at New York City police officers Saturday morning and doused another in the face with a liquid chemical during separate incidents, authorities said.

    The NYPD told Fox News that officers in Brooklyn attempted to pull over a 2000 Lincoln Town Car being driven by a 44-year-old man just before 8 a.m. When the driver is asked if he has his driver’s license and vehicle registration, the suspect says no, according to police body camera footage.

    The driver then attempts to get out of the car.

    “Why are you getting out for?” the officer asks.

    Once the car door opens, the man throws an unknown liquid chemical in the officer’s direction, which hits him in the face, police said. The driver flees and the officer backs away to his patrol car.

  13. National Gaurd Troops Targeted In Shooting After Maxine Waters Calls For BLM To Be ‘More Confrontational’
    True Daily Staff April 18, 2021 America 3 Comments

    Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

    Several members of the Minnesota National Guard and local law enforcement were targeted in a drive by shooting early on Sunday after Representative Maxine Waters told BLM to be “More Confrontational.”

    According to official channels of the Minnesota National Guard the shooting occurred at 4:19AM when a light colored SUV fired several shots at a group of National Guardsmen and law enforcement who were providing neighborhood security in the wake of riots.

  14. BBC – Brazil’s President rejects lockdown despite 370,000 Covid deaths

    “…. to understand Bolsonaro look at his inspiration, Donald Trump…”

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