Ed Snowdon on conspiracy theories, Ontario police powers go back and forth and more: Links 2, April 18, 2021

1. Your daily dose of irony. The leader of Neturei Karta, the Jewish cult of men in ball gowns and knee socks, who often appear with Iranian leaders who wish to destroy Israel, and are shoved to the front of Islamic marches against Israel for plausible deniability of antisemitism across the world, has died on Israel’s independence day. NK has, in its memorial statement to its founder, blamed “Zionists” for stealing the Wuhan Flu virus from China of which the founder allegedly has died.

1b. Argentinian Pro Abortion Leader Dies During Abortion

2. Government of Ontario pretends to walk back some of its police state measures and issues this. Click the tweet for the full text. One presumes its because police refused to enforce the previous version. But its hard to see how this is different. I sincerely hope that any police officer who decides to ask a law abiding citizen sitting in a park or a yard with his friends or colleagues for their papers, does so in a German or Russian accent. Preferably a TV one circa 1960s.

3. Scalia is right here. But its not the sole truth. Its a branch of the greater truth that Western Civilization is actually a direct descendant of Greco-Roman civilization. Anglo-Saxon as tamed by Roman culture, is a branch of that which went out to conquer the world because England, like many Island nations, developed Naval power as a geopolitical constant for similar nations. Think Japan.

4. Ed Snowdon: “The worst conspiracies are in Plain Sight”. Imagine a conspiracy where a government decided to access and track communications of every man woman and child on earth, and do so in secret. Welcome to the NSA.

(A galaxy of truth of the tyranny and deceptions of most Western nations now can be gleaned from the one simple fact. That Julian Assange is being tortured for years on end in a UK prison without any due process or trial whatsoever. They are so afraid of what he knows, that they will make sure to fry his brain or kill him before they will let him speak a word publicly again. Some of these truths can be seen in the book, When Google met Wikileaks. But clearly there is more.)

5. Threatening harm to a religious Jewish person while referencing myths about his Jewishness, along with aspects of Orthodox appearance, remains not a hate crime in Australia. While speaking truthfully about the nature of Islam and not threatening any individuals or individual can get you years in jail.

6. Anyone surprised? Anyone doubt this? This appears to be the link to the whole video. I have not seen it all yet.

Thank you Hellequin GB., Miss Piggy, M., and all who care enough to post things of general importance, even when not a fashionable point of view. There seems to be something major going on in Pakistan. Check the comments in today’s reader’s links for videos. Hopefully we do a post on this separately later today.


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4 Replies to “Ed Snowdon on conspiracy theories, Ontario police powers go back and forth and more: Links 2, April 18, 2021”

  1. 5.
    “Neil Erikson : Yeah sick! Yeah mate I’m surprised I guess it’s cause of abbot [sic] and the siege but it’s bigger people have had enough of pc shit! My personal opinion is stick to the Muslim shit and Cultural Marxism for max support do Jews later you don’t need to show your full hand.
    Blair Cottrell : Yeah good advice and that[‘]s my current attitude as well[.] It will take years to prepare people for the Jewish problem. If any of us came out with it now we would be slaughtered by public opinion.”

    About this blog author:

    “About @ndy
    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don’t like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2021 premiership’s a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
    View all posts by @ndy ?”

    And his advice:

    • I have perused Andy’s AnntiFa website.

      And concluded that the Far Far Left definitely will …” stick to the Muslim shit and Cultural Marxism for max support do Jews later.” Just as the Communists will build Uighur Concentration Camps later.

      A commenter in 2015 summed it up:
      “You seem to have a knack for making a pimple into a mountain but somehow miss thermonuclear explosions right next to you.

      “Look some dickhead is attending a protest!!! To the batmobile!!!” While europe is crumbling, the Schengen agreement is pretty much dead, the UK is being cleansed of English culture. Respect for Women’s rights is being eroded globally (try being a news reporter in [Tahrir] square). Muslims are murdering people everyday around the world for simply not being Muslim. (Secular author hacked to death in Pakistan.)

      And what are you doing [is] supporting the building of mosques in Australia.

      I use to think I wanted to be an anarchist, but if this is what being an anarchist is I’d rather be almost anything else. It seems Anarchism now stands for, cowardly, turning on your own and supporting one of the biggest threats we face in the modern world. (Unless of course you are a Muslim yourself?) And claiming “Oh I’m against Racism.” what a lol. It seems like you’re someone who would have supported the Nazis in the 40s, because you can’t seem to tell from which end of the gun the bullet comes out [of]. It doesn’t take a hero to out Nazis 70 years after the height of [their] power. It took courage to stand up to them when they were emerging as a monster. Or when they were smashing Europe and murdering innocents indiscriminately.

      Strangely, most never seen the rise of Nazism either, too busy believing propaganda from the wrong sources, such as this marvelous resource of misdirection you have constructed here.

      History will be your judge eventually, and from what I can see you’re working hard to be on the same level as a pre-war Nazi sympathiser. Which actually makes you no better than a Nazi yourself and possibly even worse.”

      The war between the fatherless Subs and Doms- over controlling us. These religions of Peace that do not have it.

  2. 3 – For a nation to survive it has to have one unifying culture and one unifying language, without the common culture there will be continual violence between the cultures. Without the common language there will not be communication and without communication no nation can survive.

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