Doctor examines large number of masks to check internet rumours of “worms” in the masks

Not being a scientist or a doctor, you can all feel free to hold the following guess in contempt. But this is a blog, so guess I will.

First of all, I have zero doubt this doctor is describing her experience accurately. But I also think her interpretation of what she saw, like everyone else who has seen this, is off.

A couple of things to know about these blue cheap disposable masks.

They have incorporated a new meta-material in them which is alleged to have anti-viral properties. By meta-material, I mean something which is not exactly natural, and has properties which are counter-intuitive but can be wildly useful. In this case, a molecule thin layer of carbon called Graphene. The easiest way to think of Graphene is to imagine wiping the side of a graphite pencil tip on paper to colour in a square, then apply another paper to that and pull it off and keep doing that till all the papers have only a 1 molecule thick layer left on it. This layer has all kinds of wild properties that a couple of decades ago, all the science journals were predicting it would be the next cotton, or killer bees. But it does apparently have anti-viral properties and it is in the damn masks. And as a result, the government of Canada has actually banned the blue masks and recalled them all, because the graphene does actually cause respiratory problems. So you go from a minuscule chance of it preventing Covid, to a near guarantee of getting Graphene related respiratory illness if you wear it enough.

Now it seems intuitively likely, that a single layer of a molecule thick layer of carbon, which has the highest ability to bond with other elements, (the second being silicone if memory serves) could easily in a fabric, roll up into little thin worm-like things, and that minuscule amounts of moisture or static electricity, or some other stimulus would cause it to move. Again, Graphene is a meta-material which has attributes that are not typical of natural materials.

So yes, don’t wear these damn masks. Graphene could be a carcinogen for all we know, which is extremely little because we have never asked the masses to wrap graphene around their faces all day before. But I don’t think as of yet, its more sinister than that. But yeah, this is sinister enough.

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      • I read they survive in all conditions, even arid areas although more difficult.

        GARDEN-TYPE VARIETY: How to Get Rid of the Flat Worm
        September 29, 2009

        Treatment methods include: salt, vinegar, and citrus oil. These products must be applied directly to the flat worms in order to be effective. You can use a spray bottle for the vinegar and citrus oil methods and you can simply pour the salt over the worms to dissolve them.

        About the flat worm

        The flat worm is considered a parasite and it devours its only prey by pushing its throat outside if its mouth and snapping up any part of the earthworm’s body. It melts the earthworm’s body with an enzyme and slowly eats it until the earthworm is completely consumed.

          • She almost had me believing her because, at this point, I would consider anything coming from CCP China as evil intent.

            When I wash my masks, I always hang them outside in the sun for drying, a place ‘worms’ don’t like.

  1. It is interesting that this good doctor speaks about living worms and at the same time Ivermectin which is an antiparasitic drug cures this ‘disease’… Could it be that this Corona is deliberately spread by infected worms in the test swabs and masks? It would provide one more reason why the mass testing and is mask wearing is so very important for TPTB. This would be an ingeniously evil plan.

    I decided to iron those masks at high temperature. I do not think those worms will survive it.

    • We need to come up with a test to see what they heck they are. If they are pure carbon, there has to be an easy test for that.

      • See the thing is, it is a meta material. Nothing like it exists in nature. It is literally a TWO DIMENSIONAL thing. I did try and look up its properties earlier but its hard to grasp. Ever read Flatland by Abbott? Thats what this stuff is the stuff of.So it makes sense that it would ball up into these things when woven or added into a fabric and it also makes sense that it would interact in odd ways with things like static and moisture. Because it literally doesn’t have a Z axis.

  2. 65% drop in severe asthma, Israeli hospital says it’s the masks
    [Well, duh…]
    Sheba Medical Center found a 65% decrease in the hospitalization of severe asthma patients and a 49% drop in the number of urgent visits to the hospital’s emergency room by asthma sufferers in 2020 versus 2019…

    Agmon-Levin is the head of Sheba’s Clinical Immunology, Angioedema and Allergy Unit. She said that she and her team were hearing comments from patients that they had a lot less allergies this year compared to previous years.

    “We thought this is probably because of wearing masks, but thought about how we could prove the idea,” she explained. “We checked the referrals to the emergency department due to asthma, of which 80% to 90% of all asthma patients are due to allergies.”

    While there were such large decreases in asthma referrals, there was only around a 10% decrease in overall emergency department referrals during the same period.…

    • On a personal note, I’ve been MUCH more rigorous in taking my Rx to prevent severe attacks rather than just controlling symptoms. The “rescue” inhaler sometimes isn’t enough, and then it’s the ER.

      Prevention requires immunosuppressant meds. A whole different set of risks, non-trivial. This year avoiding the ER factored into my self-care decisions.

      It’s always imperative to reduce exposure to allergy triggers in order to take the lowest possible effective dose.

      That’s easy: Wear a mask.
      Not a muzzle. Not a face diaper. Not the Mark of the Beast.

      It’s easier to breathe with an N95 respirator, but I’ve used surgical masks in the past.

      ……….For years……….

      Without experiencing the dramatic symptoms people have been describing since “mask mandates”. I have no idea why.

  3. Straight from the Graphene website, the Outlook section.

    Maurizio Prato, Leader of the Health and Environment Work Package, comments: “Over the years, we have learned that graphene and layered materials may pose important questions related to their safe use. Not all materials are similar in terms of their structure and in behavior, which creates enormous problems during the study of their interactions with biological entities. Now it’s time to apply our knowledge to build safe-by-design materials. This is the purpose of our work and our mission.”

    Alberto Bianco, Deputy Leader of the Health and Environment Work Package, explains: “Many studies have investigated how graphene and layered materials could affect our health and the environment around us, but there are still gaps in our knowledge that need to be solved before finalising reliable standards for research and industry. Furthermore, the safe use of graphene should also be complemented by the safety evaluation of other two-dimensional and layered nanomaterials.”

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