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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson’s new show. On Piers Morgan and freedom of speech”

  1. I am afraid that the day is going to come when the terrible truth dawns on Prince Harry and he realizes that his true love is a scheming lying psychopathic predator and that she has utterly and intentionally destroyed his fabulous life and taken everything the poor guy ever had in her own quest for wealth and power. In short, I am afraid that poor Harry might commit suicide after the divorce and the restraining order and the “abuse” charges when he realizes how screwed and alone and despised he really has become. They’ll find his body in an expensive hotel room full of empty bottles and pizza boxes and tear-stained photos of his children who he is only able to see twice a month on supervised hour-long visits…

    • Prince Harry is a deeply disturbed person.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if [G-forbid] he does something terminally self-destructive. Like reckless maneuvers in a small plane, or celebrating with a cocktail of party drugs.

      His mother was unstable, his father a despicable creep.

      • Well, what’s the guy supposed to do with himself after he loses his title and gets divorce/raped out of Meghan’s California mansion and most of his money? He’ll be living in an LA penthouse snorting cocaine with the hookers ’til he drives his 800 hp Ferrari into a concrete abutment…

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