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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. “Farhan explains his decision to kill his family before committing suicide by saying that were his loved ones to go on living without him, ‘they would be miserable. They would spend the rest of their lives feeling guilt, despair, and a multitude of other adjectives that mean sad.

    ‘Instead of having to deal with the aftermath of my suicide, I could just do them a favor and take them with me. None of us would ever have to feel sad ever again.’

    He adds: ‘I love my family. I genuinely do. And that’s exactly why I decided to kill them.’ ”

    “He notes that because ‘gun control in the US is a joke,’ all it took for his brother to get the firearms was to go to a store and sign some forms.

    ‘There was a question asking if he had any mental illnesses but—get this—he lied,’ Farhan writes.

    ‘He literally just said no. They didn’t ask for proof or if he was taking any medication (he was). … Thanks for making the process so easy.’ “

    • Even in death he’s a little bitch: ‘I didn’t kill them, guns did.’

      Two sons, ‘mentally ill’ in an Islamic home.

      Texans were safe this time as there was no clockbox.

      Only a matter of time.

      Authenticity and affection. Lacking in these homes.

    • In some ways they are like China, fiat currency and price controls can keep their internal economy running for a while but they are limited in what they can buy from foreign sources due to the lack of US Dollars. Look at China, they are forced into a barter system deal with Iran (weapons for oil) so they can sell the oil and get hard currency to pay for the foreign foods they need.

      We know all Islamic theocracies are corrupt so a large percentage of the US Dollars their foreign trade brings in are probably divert4ed to Cayman Island accounts by Government Officials and Oligarchs. This corruption further weakens Turkey when they are needing the money to face off against Russia and Iran.

      This economic weakness is probably the main reason that they are playing lets you and him fight with Ukraine and Russia. Erdogan sees some economic gain as well as political gain if Russia is engaged in a short to medium run land war in Ukraine.

    • – TURKEY is ranked as one of the most powerful naval militaries in the world. Everything Erdogan does has an Ottoman flavor to it. Control of foreign oil and grain transit is definitely at issue. –

      About 48,000 vessels transit the straits each year, making this area one of the world’s busiest maritime gateways.

      The Bosphorus shapes Istanbul’s life and culture. It has ever since it became a part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century and before, when the city was known as Constantinople under the Byzantine empire.

      It is said to have paved the way for the discovery of the Americas: following the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul, and the empire’s subsequent control on trade routes, European powers had to look outside the Bosphorus strait for new maritime routes.

      So what is it that makes the Bosphorus so special?

      3. The Bosphorus is one of the world’s most important chokepoints for the maritime transit of oil.

      Over 3 percent of global supply or 3 million barrels per day, mainly from Russia and the Caspian Sea, passes through the waterway. The route also ships vast amounts of grains from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to world markets.

      Turkish website:

      The Turkish Straits crisis was a Cold War-era territorial conflict between the Soviet Union and Turkey. Turkey had remained officially neutral throughout most of the Second World War.[a] When the war ended, Turkey was pressured by the Soviet government to allow Soviet shipping to flow freely through the Turkish Straits, which connected the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

      As the Turkish government refused the Soviet Union’s request, tensions arose in the region, leading to a Soviet show of naval force. The incident would later serve as a deciding factor in the issuing of the Truman Doctrine.[2] At its climax, the tensions would cause Turkey to turn to the United States for protection through NATO membership.

  2. Apr 1 2021 Mozambique Violence: Portugal plans to send 60 troops to fight Jihadists | Battle for Palma | WION

    5 Apr 2021 Mozambique: ‘Significant’ number of fighters dead in Palma battle
    As thousands seek refuge in Pemba, aid workers worry about pressure on food supplies after armed group attack.

    5 Apr 2021 Mozambique town Palma ‘retaken’ from militant Islamists
    Mozambique’s military says it has regained full control of the coastal town of Palma, more than a week after it was raided by militant Islamists.
    A “significant” number of militants were killed in the counter-offensive, an army spokesman said.
    State radio reported that residents who had fled were starting to return – some to homes that were looted.
    Dozens of civilians were killed and at least 11,000 displaced after the militants invaded Palma on 24 March.
    A South African and British national were among those killed in what was one of the biggest attacks by the militants in northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province since they launched an insurgency in the region in 2017.
    Communication with the town, which has a population of about 75,000, remains cut.
    The militants, known locally as al-Shabab, have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) group.
    Their assault on Palma forced energy giant Total to suspend its multi-billion dollar natural gas project in Afungi, a short distance from the town.
    Total withdrew its staff on Friday, while the United Nations suspended flights to evacuate civilians because of security concerns.
    Army spokesman Brigadier Chongo Vidigal said the gas plant was secure, and Palma was now “safe”.
    “The airfield area was the only one we needed to clear and we did that [on Sunday]. It’s completely safe,” Brig Vidigal was quoted by AFP news agency as saying.
    In the first footage from Palma in the aftermath of the attack, state television broadcast images of soldiers putting black plastic sheets over the dead on the streets, reports the BBC’s Jose Tembe from the capital Maputo.
    Although some residents were reported to be returning, the streets were mostly deserted.
    The town’s hospital, commercial banks and the state prosecutor’s office were all destroyed, our reporter adds.
    The governor of Cabo Delgado, Valgy Tauabo, visited Palma on Sunday, and promised to help people rebuild their lives.
    “We are now moving on to the next stage, one as critical as retaking the town, whereby we will be welcoming the communities who fled to the bush,” Brig Vidigal said.
    Thousands of others fled by boat to Pemba, the capital of Cabo Delgado.

    Fears insurgency could spread
    Analysis by Jose Tembe, BBC News, Maputo
    Many people are questioning why it took around 10 days for the military to regain full control of Palma.
    It suggests that the militants have become strong, and government forces are struggling to contain the insurgency.
    A private security firm from South Africa, Dyck Advisory Group, has been helping the military to fight the militants, but the government has never officially acknowledged its involvement and there are reports that it has suspended its contract.
    The regional body, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), is due to discuss the insurgency at a meeting later this week, amid fears that it could spread.
    There have been calls for the deployment of regional troops, but Mozambique’s government has so far resisted this. Many academics agree with its decision, saying the deployment of a regional force could complicate the situation and some of its troops may even collude with the militants.
    Instead, it has called for its army to be given training and resources to fight the militants – an unspecified number of US military instructors are already in Mozambique for this purpose.
    Portugal, the former colonial power, has also said it will send about 60 troops in the coming weeks to provide training.

    • “…nobody saw (the conflict) coming…” says the BBC reporter.

      Islam has been on the march for years now and nobody saw it coming?

      • Are the 60 men special operators or are the ordinary troops? Even if they are special operators I would think there would be more so they can have their main base protected by reliable troops.

      • The Facebook page of the vile Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the man from Iraq, Canadian head of the terrorist group Hibz ut-Tharir and hateful master of spin, living in London, Ontario, Canada, a Christian country.

        He seems to be oblivious to his loyal sister Iqra Khalid’s M-103 / hate speech motion introduced by the Muslim MP from Mississauga- Erin Mills.

        The following sounds like racism to this dirty Kaffir.

        March 21, 2021
        Some white guy in Atlanta, Georgia went on a killing spree and killed 8 women in a massage parlour yesterday.

        The murderer was arrested without being shot, and when the police was asked about the incident, the investigation spokesperson said the shooter was simply “having a bad day”.

        In the West, when you are white, and you commit an act of murder, you are arrested without incident, excuses are made for why you did what you did, and sometimes they will even stop to get you a burger on the way to the police station.

        Why, because white skin means you are a superior and more advanced human being. When you are a lesser human being (aka your skin is not white), well they shoot first and ask questions later, and you are branded a terrorist before the police even arrive at the scene. Because that is what you do to rabid wild animals. you kill them and treat their motivations as nothing more than animalistic rage.

        This is the pinnacle of the Capitalism. This is how they view the world. if you think this racism will ever change you are living on another planet. racism is intrinsic to the very foundation of their way of life. Widespread belief in evolution and the adoption of nationalism as people’s identity will always be of continual racism. according to nationalism, your nationality/country is better *****than everyone else’s, and according to evolution white people are the most advanced race and black***** people are the most primitive.

        You might disagree, so this is probably a good time to learn the full title of Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species “, which is actually: “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. That’s right: Favoured Races”. Racism is intrinsic to the system naturally emanates from its very root.

        This gentle treatment of this shooter and all the other white shooters who were treated well after committing mass murder and terrorism is because of the system, not a few bad cops.

        The cause is Capitalism. The solution is the Khilafah.

        *****The first function of Islam is that it moulds human life according to this concept and gives it a practical form, and establishes a system in the world which has been prescribed by God; and for this very purpose God has raised this Muslim nation to be a practical example for mankind. God Most High says:
        “You are the best community raised for the good of mankind. You enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, and He characterizes this community as follows:
        “Those who, if We give them the authority in the land, establish regular prayers, pay the Zakat, enjoin good, and forbid evil”. (22:41)

        It is not the function of Islam to compromise with the concepts of Jahiliyyah which are current in the world or to co-exist in the same land together with the jahili system.

        *****The Islamic slave trade took place across the Sahara desert from the coast of the Red Sea and from East Africa across the Indian Ocean. There were six major slave routes.

        In the 1800s the Muslims transported 77.2 million slaves. Eight million more were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets. Most male slaves destines for the Middle East were castrated and any children born of the black slaves were killed at birth. The death toll of 1400 years of Arab and Muslim slave raids into Africa could be over 112 million or up to 140 million.
        Ibn Khaldun, the Muslim pre-eminent social thinker wrote “The negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavery, because they have attributes that are similar to dumb animals”.

        Some other endearing characteristics of Islam that are taught in Canada by the Islamic Circle of North America:

        The majority of the dwellers of hell are women

        Muta marriage (temporary marriage ) is excepted, even marriage to a 9 year old girl. (Lunar years 8 and 9 months.)

        Slave girls are conditionally legal

        Muslims will dominate the Jews and kill them

        Adulterers should be stoned, and the hands cut off thieves

        Honour killing is acceptable in Islam
        Court documents from the murder trial of multimillionaire Mohammad Shafia, who killed his 19, 17, 13 year old daughters and his first wife by pushing the car they were in into the Rideau Canal.
        “Whatever she threw our way, she did. WE LOST OUR HONOUR. even if they come back to life a hundred times, if I have a cleaver in my hand, I will cut her in pieces…..if we remain alive one night or one year, we have no tensions in our hearts, thinking that our daughter is in the arms of this or that boy, in the arms of this or that man. May the Devil shit on their graves! Is that what a daughter should be? Would a daughter be such a whore?……Honourless girl!”
        I say to myself ‘ you did well’. Even if they hoist me to the gallows…. nothing is more dear to me than my honour!”

        I will take Capitalism.

    In the Hanover region, curfew restrictions are in place from 10 pm to 5 am due to high Corona infection rates.From April 1 to April 12, citizens are only allowed to leave their flats and houses for a valid reason. There is also an extension of the compulsory wearing of masks in public spaces. Thus, the Christian Easter falls under these restrictions, but not the Muslim Ramadan. Ramadan begins on April 12. What makes the timing so suspicious is that the Lord Mayor of Hanover is a Muslim of Turkish origin named Belit Onay from the Green Party. He is responsible for the scheduling.

    • Some five years ago or so, I did subscribe to their email list out of sheer curiosity, aka know your enemy.

      I can say their messages were opinions written by very erudite individuals. And then one day, one highly disturbing message about it’s time to act and how to blend in and connect among themselves and the innocent-looking objects that can be used as weapons…

      At that point, I unsubscribed because I figured the FBI might be surveilling them.

    • Justine will probably go for the mail-in, lockdown, I will win at all cost election. The media will get the assist.

  4. The Nation of Islam Official Statement On U.S. Capitol Assault




    April 6, 2021

    Brothers and Sisters of the Black Community, members of the press, and the American People:

    We have prepared this statement to answer some of the many inquiries that we have had over the last few days about Mr. Noah Green. Naturally, we, like most of you, were disturbed watching the news of an assault on the U.S. Capitol where one police officer was killed, one was injured, and Mr. Green was killed.

    We speak on behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the members of his family, all of the registered Muslim members of the Nation of Islam, and all people of good will everywhere, in that, we are in sympathy with the victims of this tragedy. And we are in sympathy with the families of these victims. And we, like you, can only offer them condolences and our deepest sympathy for their loss. Our prayers are for the full recovery of the officer who was injured.

    The Nation of Islam has no history of violence against the government. Federal, state, and local law enforcement are all well aware of our history.

    We have held four national marches, including the Historic 1995 Million Man March, which we know to be one of the largest gatherings in the history of the United States of America and the most peaceful on the U.S. Capitol grounds. We had a good working relationship with the U.S. Capitol police during each of these historic events.

    It is being reported that Noah Green was a “follower” of the Nation of Islam. This young man, Noah Green, we believe may have attended our Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, MI in February 2020. In March of 2020, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we closed our Mosques, and began conducting meetings and classes remotely. A search of our records indicates Noah Green was not a registered member of the Nation of Islam. It appears that in late summer (August-September) of 2020, he started the process to begin his study to become a member, but he did not complete the process.

    He did make a donation to the Saviours’ Day Gift. Every year, the followers and supporters make a charitable donation to the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day Gift charity. Every donor who makes a donation of $1000 or more is issued a Certificate of Completion. This certificate does not establish that the donor is a member in good standing in the Nation of Islam.

    Mr. Noah Green’s alleged use of an automobile as a weapon and the alleged possession of a knife as reported, violates our teachings. We absolutely disavow this act that resulted in the senseless loss of life. It is shocking for us to learn that someone who was attempting to be a part of our ranks may have been involved in something as tragic as this.

    But, we respectfully say to the members of the media and to the American people, Timothy McVeigh confessed that he was a Christian, but nobody blames the church for his misconduct. No one would blame Jesus or their pastor for unlawful and immoral behavior that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. You have criminals, people that do horrific things, but we never know their religion. It’s not important because religion does not teach criminal behavior. Criminal behavior is an aberration. Criminal behavior is a violation. Criminal behavior is absolute rebellion toward what God teaches through the mouth of His prophets.

    When thousands of American citizens engaged in an attempted insurrection, attacking the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, resulting in the deaths of five persons and injuring many, the news media did not question what their religion was.

    Nowhere in the teachings of Islam, nowhere in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, could we countenance any man taking the life of an innocent human being. For us, human life is sacred. And the violation of human life is a violation of God, Himself, because He’s the giver of life and He’s the ultimate cause of death. But He doesn’t give us the right to kill innocent people. That is against our law.

    We are taught “to never be the aggressor in word or in deed”, for Allah (God) hates aggression and is not with the aggressor. This is our teaching. In fact, all of us who are members of the Nation of Islam have been instructed not to carry any weapons—not so much as a penknife—not on our persons and not in our homes. We do not rely on weapons of war to defend us. We rely on our belief and our faith in Allah (God).

    We condemn the wicked mischaracterization of some media reports trying to tie this tragic incident to the teachings of the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and all people of good will should do the same as well.

    So, most of us, like you, are questioning why would this young man allegedly do such an act? If he did, what happened to him? What caused this? The family released a statement published in the Washington Post saying of Noah Green, he “was not a terrorist by any means.” He had been studying for his master’s degree in business administration but had also suffered from “depression and potential mental illness.”

    It has also been reported in an article from CNN, that he shared on social media, “I have suffered multiple home break-ins, food poisoning, assaults, unauthorized operations in the hospital, mind control.”

    This young man had struggled in his early life but overcame much as a student to graduate with a degree in finance. He had a wonderful, noble idea to help the black and brown people through his knowledge of finance. “I am sure,” Minister Farrakhan states, “had he been blessed to come through the crisis that he was going through, he would have been a star in the mission of the resurrection of our people. We need to know what happened to our brother.”

    So, our research is continuing into what happened to this young man and we cannot rest until we find out what caused him to take a turn like this. We are saddened by the loss of this brother with such great potential.

    With heavy hearts we offer sympathy and condolences to his mother, father, family and friends.

  5. Egypt to introduce hieroglyphs into educational curricula next year

    CAIRO – 5 April 2021: Egypt will introduce the Egyptian hieroglyphs into the curricula starting from primary grade 4 to high school, according to a statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Education on Monday.

    The new subject will be introduced next academic year scheduled to start in September 2021, according to the statement.

    “The notion of introducing hieroglyphic writing symbols and their corresponding meanings in Arabic into the curricula aims to educate students their ancient history to enhance knowledge and raise awareness among the students,” the statement read.

    The archaeological and touristic awareness comes at the Ministry’s priorities in all educational levels, the statement said, adding that concepts, skills, and values related to tourism and archaeology, besides different forms of heritage will be also addressed in the curricula.

    On the anniversary of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, Google launched on July 15, 2020, a new Google Arts & Culture tool called “Fabricius” via which the person can learn the hieroglyphic language and can translate his/her own words into hieroglyphics.

  6. CBC – ‘Case counts are horrific’: Top doctors plead for stay-at-home order in Ontario hotspots

    The medical officers of health from three Ontario regions are pleading with the government to implement a stay-at-home order as case counts reach ‘horrific’ levels.

    • CBC – Fears of 4th COVID-19 wave grow in the U.S.

      Fears of a fourth wave of COVID-19 are increasing in the U.S. after six million people travelled over the Easter weekend and the average age of new cases drops because of variants of concern.

    • Third wave incoming | CDU leader calls for stricter lockdown

      Germany is struggling with the third wave of the pandemic.

      The leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany calls for a stricter lockdown.

      The initiative is met with criticism from lawmakers.

    • Deutsche Pravda – “Clear link between AstraZeneca and rare blood clots”

      The European Medicines Agency is expected to update its advice amid new concerns about a link between the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and blood clots.

      A senior official in the agency said in an interview published on Tuesday that there seemed to be a connection, although it was unclear how this happened.

      “In my opinion, we can say it now, it is clear there is a link with the vaccine. But we still do not know what causes this reaction,” EMA head of vaccines Marco Cavaleri told Italy’s Il Messaggero newspaper.

      “In the next few hours, we will say that there is a connection, but we still have to understand how this happens,” Cavaleri said.

      “It is now increasingly difficult to say that there is no cause-and-effect relationship between vaccination with AstraZeneca and very rare cases of unusual blood clots associated with low platelet counts,” he added.

      The EMA was already expected to provide an updated assessment this week. Questions about serious blood clots in a tiny minority of cases have undermined confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine.

      Several EU countries including France, Italy, and Germany — the bloc’s three largest countries by population — either suspended or limited the use of the vaccine before the EMA declared that the benefits outweighed the risks and it should remain in use.

    • FRANCE PR4VD4 – EMA to rule on AstraZeneca safety, in potential blow to EU vaccinations

      The European Medicines Agency is reviewing the safety of the AstraZeneca? jab, with findings to be handed down in coming days.

      As FRANCE 24 correspondent Fernande Van Tets reports, the EMA has said it was increasingly difficult to say there was ‘no cause and effect’ between the vaccine? and the rare blood clots found in women aged under 55.

      The EMA? ruling could have grave consequences for the EU’s vaccine rollout timeline.

    • UK Vaccine Minister Responds To AstraZeneca Concerns & Explains How Vaccine Passports Will Work

      Vaccine Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, explains how vaccine passports will work and encourages those who are eligible to get the vaccine despite the medicines watchdog considering restricting the AstraZeneca vaccine in young people.

    • AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine ‘may be blocked for under-30s’ by UK regulator over blood clot concerns

      ASTRAZENECA’S Covid jab could be blocked for people under-30 as soon as today by the UK’s vaccine regulator.

      It comes after concerns have been rising about a small minority of people developing rare cases of blood clots.

      The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) revealed on Friday that the UK as seen 30 blood clot cases in people who received the AstraZeneca jab.

      Of those, 22 are the rare CVST kind of clot that caused concern in Europe and eight were other thrombosis events.

      That is out of 18.1million doses administered in the UK – making it extremely rare at around one in 600,000.

      But despite scientists saying that the benefit of vaccination far out weighs the risks of blood clots – there are now fears that the use of the jab in younger people is “more complicated”.

      It’s important to note however that both regulators in the UK and the European Union, have deemed the jab “safe and effective for use” and have said that there are side effects that occur in most medications.

      The MHRA has not yet confirmed that it will block the jab for any age group, but sources have claimed that this is expected to happen.

      In a statement, the MHRA said that no decision has yet been made on any regulatory action and that the review into the jab in “ongoing”.

      This morning the UK’s vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi also said the vaccine was safe for use and added that it had already “saved thousands of Brits from dying”.

      + comments on the YT page

    • ctv news – Beware of scammers trying to sell the COVD-19 vaccine online

      Experts provide tips on how to avoid vaccine fraud; they say that anyone trying to sell coronavirus vaccines is a scammer.

    • ctv news – Sharkawy on lockdown: ‘What we’re doing isn’t working’ | COVID-19 cases surging in Canada

      CTV Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Abdu Sharkawy says the definition of what’s non-essential work needs to be limited.

      + comments on the YT page

    • ctv news – Jerry Dias blasts vaccine rollout: ‘We’re sending workers to slaughter’ | COVID-19 in Canada

      Unifor national president Jerry Dias says ‘we’re sending workers to slaughter’ by not vaccinating front-line staff in hotspots.

    • global news – Calls for COVID-19 stay-at-home order in Ontario as young get sick

      The medical officers of health for Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa have sent a letter to Ontario’s chief medical officer requesting that the provincial government implement a provincewide stay-at-home order and consider additional restrictions amid the third wave of COVID-19.

      In Ontario and across much of the country, a younger demographic is getting sick.

      Global’s Abigail Bimman talks to the frontline workers who are witnessing it.

    • Missing link – Top EMA official confirms connection between AstraZeneca’s vaccines and blood clots

      The head of vaccines at EMA officially confirms a link between AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine and cases of deadly blood clots.

      However, the cause is yet to be confirmed

    • AstraZeneca jab risk-benefit ‘still largely positive’ says WHO

      WHO director for regulation and pre-qualification Rogerio Pinto de Sa Gaspar says the risk-benefit balance for the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is “still largely positive”.

      The EU’s drug regulator, the European Medicines Agency, has said it is still deciding whether the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine causes blood clots, after one top official said there was a clear link.

    • channel 4 – AstraZeneca pauses trial of vaccine on children after concerns about rare blood clots

      + comments on the YT page

    • China is upping the stakes for Japan, they are also showing the world that they don’t have to go after Taiwan there are other rich targets within their range.

    • Yeah, Prince Hamzah is the ONLY one who could possibly keep the Hashemites on the thrown.

      The drunken dwarf kinglet replaced his legendary father’s choice for succession with his own son, now Crown Prince Hussein. Even more degenerate than the drunken dwarf himself.

      This will end in tears.

    • “Stability”?

      British and American boots are on the ground, while Israel manages Jordan’s intelligence as closely as its own. A police state that no one talks about: total control of media, secret police, arbitrary detention, and “disappearances”.

      Formulaic messages of support from Arabs are meaningless. Both the Saudis and the filthy Turk lust for custody of the gilded pimple on the Temple Mount (aka “al-Aksa”).

  7. ctv MONTREAL – Man caught on video shooting at Montreal mosque; windows damaged, no injuries

    MONTREAL — A masked person was caught on video shooting at a Montreal mosque with an air gun Monday night, the mosque said.

    No one was hurt, but pockmarks from the bullets were left in the glass of the Centre Communautaire Islamique Assahaba, on Belanger St. in eastern Montreal, the mosque said in a Facebook post.

    People chased after the person, who appeared to be a man, they wrote.

    “A masked individual fired several bullets from a compressed air gun into the windows of the [mosque],” they wrote late Monday night.

    “The perpetrator was chased but he was able to escape us.”

    A video they posted online shows a person, wearing baggy grey and a black hooded sweatshirt, walking in the middle of the residential street holding a gun and coming to a stop of the mask.

    He stands, fiddles with his gun, fires several shots and runs away. Eleven shots can clearly be heard in the video.

    Montreal police said the first they heard of the incident was by seeing the posted video, but they’re trying to learn more.

    “We saw the video at the same time as everybody in the media, so we don’t have any clue about when it happened,” said police spokesperson Manuel Couture.

    “We’re trying to get in touch with the person over there to get more information.”

    Last fall, a series of mosques around the Montreal area were broken into and vandalized, with money stolen.



  8. Teen girls that carjacked Uber Eats driver leaving him dead on sidewalk reach plea deal – Liberty Unyielding
    Guest Post
    3-4 minutes

    Teen girls that carjacked Uber Eats driver leaving him dead on sidewalk reach plea deal

    Overturned car following carjacking (Image via Twitter)

    By Wes Walker

    Just days after the entirety of the mainstream media called for Americans to take violence against Asians more seriously, they stand silent as a murdered man’s killers get a slap on the wrist.

    Basically, they’re getting away with murder. Is it because they are teens, because they are females, or because the killers weren’t white enough to fit the ongoing America-is-racist narrative of the Left? (RELATED: D.C. police chief doesn’t see point in charging teens in Uber carjacking as adults)

    The two teenage girls involved in that fatal carjacking in D.C. will not be facing adult consequences. The man they killed was not so lucky.

  9. The Washington Post article makes clear that DC laws do not permit charging and punishing minors this age for murder. The Judge will meet again later this month. The story serves a lesson that a crime victim must not engage a minor in any type of confrontation, but rather flee. Mr. Anwar’s anger put him at the mercy of these girls and he lost. Somehow, however, the girls knew not to hurt the capital police who arrested them.

    • IMO: I think it’s a cultural issue.
      Had it been two aggressive teenage Black males, Mr. Anwar would probably have abandoned his vehicle.
      In Mr. Anwar’s cultural upbringing, fleeing a female or two is equated to a loss of virility. Subconscious honor kept him clinging to his car. Word would have spread around that he got had by two teenage girls and he would have lost much face in his community.

  10. ==============================================
    CNN – FRANCE – Undercover video sparks outrage over secret dinner parties for Paris elite

    An undercover report showing members of the Paris elite enjoying secret dinner parties in luxury restaurants and flouting Covid-19 restrictions has sparked fury in France, and prompted the city’s prosecutor to launch an investigation.

    The probe comes after a TV report by channel M6 that aired Friday, showing hidden camera footage of two upmarket restaurants filled with mask-free guests.

    In the video, an undercover journalist enters a private dining club with closed shutters and is greeted by a waiter wearing white gloves. She is asked on whose behalf she has been invited and is told: “Once you’re through the door, there’s no more Covid.”

    The maitre d’ is heard explaining that the menu starts at 160 euros ($190) per person. For 490 euros ($580) diners can sip champagne while feasting on foie gras with truffle and langoustine in a ginger sauce.

    “We are looking into possible charges of endangerment and undeclared labor,” a spokesman for the Paris prosecutor told CNN Monday. “We will verify whether the gatherings were organized in violation of sanitary rules and determine who were the potential organizers and participants.”

    The video goes on to show another dinner party being held in lavish surroundings with large tapestries and gilded paintings. The guests are seen giving each other “la bise,” kissing each other cheek to cheek.

    The organizer appears to claim: “This week I dined at two or three restaurants, so-called clandestine restaurants, with a certain number of ministers.”

    Due to its recognizable decor, the restaurant was later identified as Palais Vivienne owned by Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

    Chalençon’s lawyer released a statement Sunday acknowledging the distorted voice on the video belonged to his client but that he was joking when he said government ministers had attended dinners.

    The scandal has drawn the ire of many online, with the hashtag #OnVeutLesNoms (We Want The Names) trending on Twitter on Monday.

    Government spokesman Gabriel Attal told LCI news channel Sunday that authorities have been investigating reports of illegal parties for months and that 200 suspects have been identified so far. “They will face a heavy punishment,” Attal added.

    Restaurants in France have been closed since late last year, as the country battles a third wave of coronavirus infections. A further “limited lockdown” took effect last week, as President Emmanuel Macron warned that the country risks “losing control” over the pandemic.


    NYT – Report of Secret Dinner Parties for the Elite Sets Off Outrage in France

    A television channel said the dinner parties were being held in defiance of coronavirus restrictions. One organizer initially said that government ministers had participated, setting off outrage online.

    PARIS — Champagne, foie gras and a “potato soup glazed with truffles” were on the menu at one of many secret elite dinner parties being held across Paris in violation of nationwide coronavirus restrictions, according to a French television report.

    The report, relying on hidden camera footage and broadcast over the weekend by the channel M6, showed mask-free diners at venues such as a private mansion and a luxury restaurant. One dinner organizer initially said that several French ministers had attended the illegal parties, before backtracking on his statement.

    The report set off outrage in France, with thousands of people demanding explanations on social networks, and political leaders calling for a strict application of lockdown rules. In response, the Paris prosecutor’s office said on Monday that it would investigate illegal dinner parties.

    The news comes amid a deep sense of fatigue and frustration over a seemingly endless cycle of coronavirus restrictions in France, which has just entered a third national lockdown intended to combat a third wave of infections.

    The station’s report showed staff at an unidentified luxury restaurant offering evening menus priced from 160 to 490 euros, or about $190-$580. Only customers recommended by an unnamed third party would be served, the diners were advised.

    “We don’t wear a mask here,” a white-gloved waiter told one diner, actually an undercover journalist. “Once you pass through the doors, Covid no longer exists.”

    At another venue, elegant mask-free guests are seen at a dinner party held in a lavish private mansion. The owner of the mansion is heard saying: “This week I had dinner at two or three restaurants, so-called clandestine restaurants, with a certain number of ministers.”

    The report did not identify the owner of the mansion. But Pierre-Jean Chalançon, a well-known businessman and collector, acknowledged in an interview on Monday that a party had been organized at his mansion, though just nine people had been invited.

    The comments he had made about ministers attending the dinners, he said in a statement, were an attempt at humor.

    No clear evidence has emerged that any minister has attended an illegal gathering. Gérald Darmanin, the interior minister, on Monday said that, to his knowledge, no government official had participated.

    The report nonetheless set off fury online on Monday. Hashtags like #OnVeutLesNoms, or #WeWantTheNames, reflected widespread anger at the notion that elites were flouting the rules that others had to follow. The issue was still trending on Twitter on Tuesday, with a new hashtag: #OnVeutLesDemissions, or #WeWantResignations.

    It is not the first time that some French restaurants had secretly reopened during the pandemic in defiance of government rules. Cafes and restaurants were forced to close for much of last year and have not reopened since the second national lockdown last fall, angering many restaurant owners — and diners.

    As France entered its third national lockdown on Saturday, with schools and nonessential businesses closed for a month, there is a mood of deep discontent in the country. A poll released Thursday showed that a majority of French people were skeptical about the new lockdown’s effectiveness, and almost half said they planned to flout the measures.

    The interior ministry said Tuesday that more than 7,000 restaurants had been checked by the police since last October, resulting in fines for 300 owners and 1,000 customers.

    But while the illegal reopening of small restaurants has often been seen as harmless resistance in the land of gastronomy, the illegal dinner parties struck a different chord, opening a window on the entrenched and clubby nature of France’s elites.

    Officials flouting restrictions they impose on others has been a problem for many governments. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain came under intense pressure after a close adviser, Dominic Cummings, was found to have broken lockdown rules by traveling across the country.

    Last month, the French culture minister, Roselyne Bachelot, attended a closed opera performance and posed for photos with unmasked performers just before testing positive for the coronavirus.

    Several French government ministers have denied on television and radio shows that they had been involved in the secret dinners. If any were, Mr. Darmanin said Sunday, they should be prosecuted.

    “There are not two types of citizens, with those who have the right to party and those who do not,” he said.


    RT – Marie-Antoinette vibes – French ministers allegedly attend secret elite diners

    • FEMME ACTUELLE – Pierre-Jean Chalençon : ses confidences sur sa relation privilégiée avec Brigitte Macron

      Pierre-Jean Chalençon et Brigitte Macron s’entendent à merveille. L’acheteur d’Affaire Conclue et la Première dame de France s’appellent en effet régulièrement et s’envoient même quelques textos comme l’a confié le collectionneur sur le plateau de L’Instant de Luxe mercredi 20 mai 2020.

      Pierre-Jean Chalençon a des amitiés haut placées. Le féru de Napoléon Bonaparte était en effet un proche de Michou, le roi des nuits parisiennes décédé le 26 janvier dernier, et connait également très bien Brigitte Macron, avec qui il échange régulièrement. En février dernier, la Première dame avait même invité le collectionneur star de l’émission Affaire Conclue à déjeuner avec elle à l’Élysée.”Vous nous distrayez, mais vous avez aussi l’oreille de la population”, lui aurait-elle d’ailleurs lancé pendant ce tête-à-tête au 55 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, comme il le confiait à Gala. Car très fier d’être dans les petits papiers de Brigitte Macron, l’acheteur de 50 ans n’hésite pas à évoquer leurs relations dans les médias ou sur les plateaux de télévision…

      Pierre-Jean Chalençon très proche de Brigitte Macron
      Interrogé par Jordan de luxe dans son émission L’instant de luxe mercredi 20 mai 2020, il n’a d’ailleurs pas tardé à évoquer sa bonne entente avec elle au moment de parler des problèmes financiers auxquels il doit faire face depuis le début de la crise du coronavirus. Après avoir assuré qu’il ne vendra jamais le Palais Vivienne, qu’il a racheté fin 2015 et qui est aujourd’hui fermé au public, le collectionneur n’a pu s’empêcher de parler de sa grande amie : “C’est une œuvre de ma vie?! J’ai d’ailleurs dit que je ferai don à l’État de ma collection et du palais. J’en ai encore reparlé récemment à Franck Riester, le ministre de la Culture, à Brigitte Macron que j’ai eue encore il y a pas longtemps au téléphone”, a-t-il expliqué.

      “On s’envoie des textos”
      L’occasion pour Pierre-Jean Chalençon d’en dire un peu plus sur leur amitié : “Je suis quelqu’un à qui on parle… Je parle régulièrement avec Brigitte Macron. On s’envoie des textos, elle m’a appelé récemment”, a-t-il dévoilé. La star du service public voue une admiration sans bornes à la femme d’Emmanuel Macron, qui a eu une pensée pour lui lorsque son père est mort fin mars dernier. “D’ailleurs pour le décès de mon père, elle a été particulièrement remarquable, comme elle l’avait été avec Michou (…) C’est une femme que j’apprécie, c’est une femme qui a un cœur extraordinaire, c’est une femme intelligente, c’est une femme brillante”, a-t-il conclu.

      Pierre-Jean Chalencon ( looks like Rachel Levine ...)


    • The big story in France since this past Sunday is the attack on a senior couple who, for many years, have invested their time in promoting and protecting illegal foreign migration to France. The man is well known to the media.

      They were attacked last Saturday night in their 2nd-floor bedroom by three Africans and one North African who wanted to rob them.

      When the man victim told them that he always defended them, one replied “Go f*ck yourself, that was then.”

  11. Italy: Business owners clash with police during protest on COVID restrictions in Rome

    Hundreds of restaurateurs, bar owners, and business owners descended on Rome’s Piazza Montecitorio on Tuesday to protest the COVID restrictions currently forcing their businesses to remain closed.

    Led by the ‘Movimento Imprese Italiane’ [The Italian Business Movement], the protesters wore shackles and chains and chanted for freedom.

    “We put chains on ourselves because we can’t go ahead and accept this situation. We want to reclaim our jobs and our freedom,” stated one protester.

    “We ask for an immediate end to the national lockdown. We ask for an immediate end to the colouring of different regions. And, we ask for the immediate opening, without restrictions for people or times, of all commercial activity. Regardless of the statistics related to the disease,” the protester went on to say.

    Italy entered a three-day national coronavirus lockdown on Saturday. The move aimed to deter Easter group gatherings and get-togethers as the country experienced a spike in new infections.

    There have been 3,678,944 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy since the outbreak began, leading to 111,326 virus-related deaths thus far.


    SOT, Protester (Italian): “We put chains on ourselves because we can’t go ahead and accept this situation. We want to reclaim our jobs and our freedom.”

    SOT, Protester (Italian): “Deaths, infections, intensive care, tests, masks, different coloured zones. We ask for an immediate end to the national lockdown. We ask for an immediate end to the colouring of different regions. And, we ask for the immediate opening, without restrictions for people or times, of all commercial activity. Regardless of the statistics related to the disease.”

    SOT, Protester (Italian): “The fact we can’t go out after ten at night, that we can’t go where we want. Not respecting our rights which are constitutionally sanctioned is a form of tyranny.”

  12. Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Could Boost Pelosi’s Investment Portfolio – Washington Free Beacon
    Joe Schoffstall
    3-4 minutes

    President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan includes a provision to boost electric vehicle use—which House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) stands to personally benefit from.

    Pelosi’s husband Paul purchased between $500,000 and $1 million in Tesla investments in December. Biden’s infrastructure plan will lead to a windfall for Tesla and its shareholders. On Wednesday, Biden unveiled his sweeping plan, which sets aside $174 billion for electric vehicle subsidies, charging stations, and other provisions designed to push more Americans into electric cars over a decade.

    Democrats are anticipating a contentious and lengthy battle over the infrastructure package. With a narrow Democratic majority and no support from Republicans, Pelosi will need to marshal every vote she can to get the bill passed. It will fall on the speaker to unify progressives who worry the bill is inadequate and with moderate Democrats who worry the bill’s tax hikes could imperil their reelection chances.

  13. Supreme Court Decision Could Make it Easier for Robocalls to Contact You
    2 minutes

    Supreme Court Decision Could Make It Easier For Robocalls To Contact You

    ( – Telemarketers and scammers have been getting more prevalent over recent months, and there has been little that Americans can do to screen these calls. Sadly, a recent Supreme Court decision might lead to even more robocalls in the coming months if Congress doesn’t act fast.

    Six years ago, Facebook repeatedly contacted a Montana man about his account security, even though he did not have a Facebook account and had never given them his phone number. The man sued Facebook for the unwanted robocalls under the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act. But, last Thursday, April 1, the Supreme Court ruled in Facebook’s favor:

    This means many calling companies may switch from automatic dialers, which are restricted under the law, to Facebook’s dialing system in order to be able to make random calls without penalty. While this is unfortunate, the ruling was unanimous, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor noted that they “must interpret what Congress wrote” rather than what we might wish the law would be.

    This ruling goes to show that many of our older laws involving technology and the internet need to be updated to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances in order to protect our citizens from ridiculous robocalls and scams.

  14. Jill Biden’s fishnet stockings are receiving mixed reactions

    Jill Biden turned heads on a flight back to the White House by sporting a pair of fishnet stockings — sparking debate online over whether the garment was first-lady material.

    Biden, 69, received a mixed reaction after she was seen disembarking from the plane from California Thursday at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland in the black floral fishnet tights, black heeled booties, leather skirt and a black blazer.

    “Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc,” wrote a Twitter user.

    Another added, “They might be expensive but she looks trashy as heck dressed like that. What an embarrassment of 1st lady.”

    But others defended Biden’s edgier look.

    “It’s Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden to you, and she can wear

  15. Election Fraud Prosecution at an ‘All-Time High’: Texas Attorney General’s Office
    By Jack Phillips
    April 6, 2021 Updated: April 6, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    An official in Texas’ Attorney General’s office testified during a state House hearing that the number of election fraud cases in Texas is at an “all-time high.”

    The amount is “higher than our historical average by a long shot,” said Jonathan White, the head of the election fraud agency within the Texas Attorney General’s Special Prosecution Division, to the Texas House Elections Committee last week, reported The Texan.

    When asked by a state lawmaker if there were trends in election fraud prosecutions, White said that “have 510 offenses pending against 43 defendants in court right now,” saying it’s “for several reasons probably.” He did not elaborate.

    White said that about 80 percent of those pending cases involve alleged mail-in ballot fraud, and 60 percent of resolved cases involved mail-in voting.

    Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Scorn For Average Americans Again…Still – The Truth About Guns
    By Larry Keane
    5-6 minutes

    Hillary Clinton just can’t help herself. Never mind that her tone-deaf demand for gun control caused gun owners to come out in record numbers to deny her an all-but-assured White House victory in 2016. Now she’s doubling down.

    Five years on, she’s still spitting vitriol at Americans. She still wants to punish freedom-loving Americans instead of criminals. She’s still shouting from her place in the political wilderness to ban the modern sporting rifle (MSR) and she’s still out of touch with Americans across the country.

    Clinton, whose White House loss was in no small part due to Americans rejecting her demands to re-enact the failed “assault weapons” ban, is resurrecting her gun control demands. She’s doing it with usual Clinton disdain and disrespect.

    The same former presidential candidate who labeled Americans who rejected her platform as a “basket of deplorables,” now derides those who value their constitutionally-protected rights as “shameless” and “gun worshipers.”
    Hillary Clinton
    (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

    Clinton made the vile accusations on a podcast called “Just Something About Her,” hosted by her former campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

    “You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears,” Clinton said.

    Clinton’s swipe at the filibuster is ironic since she tried to use the tactic to deny U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito confirmation to the bench. She also voted to filibuster the repeal of the “death tax.” Now, for matters of Constitutional rights — specifically those Clinton would prefer to eliminate, if not weaken — she’s all for dumping it.
    Democracy and Rights

    Clinton speaks in terms of “democracy,” purposefully forgetting that America is a republic. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and America’s second president made the distinction clear that democracy isn’t a “balancing of interests and rights.”

    He warned, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

    Pure democracy would be madness. The Founders knew this. Benjamin Franklin famously answered the question at the Constitutional Convention of whether delegates produced a republic or a monarchy with, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    That’s exactly what U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) hinged his “ridiculous theater” rebuttal of Democratic senators who demanded gun bans and strict gun control in the wake of the horrific murders in Boulder, Colorado.
    Ted Cruz
    Ted Cruz, R-Texas (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

    “What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats proposed taking away guns from law-abiding citizens because that’s their political objective,” he added. “The jurisdictions in this country with the strictest gun control have among the highest rates of crime and murder. When you disarm law-abiding citizens, you make them more likely to be victims.”

    Sen. Cruz nailed it. He invoked what Jefferson warned. The rights of the 49 percent shouldn’t be surrendered to the mob wishes of the 51 percent.
    Pivot and Insult

    Clinton didn’t care. Her disdain for a republic is matched only by her loathing of the Second Amendment and those who would defend it.

    “The opportunists on the other side, like Cruz and his ilk,” Clinton said, “they know better and they are in the position of trying to keep people really riled up and scared that sensible gun legislation like we had in the ‘90s for 10 years will somehow undermine their rights.”

    Catch that? “His ilk.” Gun worshipers. Basket of deplorables. Interests and rights.

    “Well, what about the rights of all the rest of us?” Clinton added. “The rights of us to go to work, go shopping, go on dates to the movie theater, go to school, for heaven’s sake — what about the rest of us?”

    Clinton would rather deny those going to work, shopping or on dates their constitutionally-protected rights to keep and bear arms to protect themselves against the vicious criminals who prey on innocent lives.

    She doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to. Gun control in the Senate doesn’t even have all 50 Democratic senators on board. Clinton just wants to rip up the Second Amendment along with the filibuster.

    Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

  17. Covid Mutants Multiply as Scientists Race to Decode Variations
    Robert Langreth
    9-11 minutes

    Sign up here for our daily coronavirus newsletter on what you need to know, and subscribe to our Covid-19 podcast for the latest news and analysis.

    When Bette Korber, a biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, spotted the first significant mutation in the Covid-19 virus last spring, some scientists were skeptical. They didn’t believe it would make the virus more contagious and said its rapid rise might just be coincidence.

    Now, 11 months later, the D614G mutation she helped discover is ubiquitous worldwide, featured in the genomes of fast-spreading variants from the U.K., South Africa and Brazil. Meanwhile, new mutations are popping up in increasingly complicated patterns, spurring a drive by top biologists to devise new ways to track a fire hose of incoming genomic data.

  18. The Big Winner of Biden’s Green Energy Plan is His Energy Secretary’s Old Company – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    8-10 minutes

    $260,000 EV chargers for the rich, higher taxes for everyone else.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    At the beginning of March, the CEO of ChargePoint rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange as it became the first publicly traded global electric vehicle charging network.

    CEO Pasquale Romano told Forbes that he expected big things from the Biden Administration for the electric car business. He wasn’t alone. Investors had been pouring money into the green energy business ever since Biden was expected to take over running the United States.

  19. Boulder, New York, D.C. — and The Myth of The Evil, White Male – Frontpagemag
    Don Feder
    5-7 minutes

    The Left gnaws its nails over three recent monstrous crimes.

    These white supremacists are diabolically clever. Lately, they’ve taken to disguising themselves as Syrian Muslim refugees, black men on parole for killing their mother and homicidal Farrakhan supporters.

    After the Atlanta massage parlor shootings, the racial-guilt industry went into overdrive. The shooter was routinely described as a white male who had targeted Asian women. (Aside: Very few Bulgarian dwarfs work at massage parlors.)

    The man who confessed to the killings denied that he was motivated by race. He claimed he was suffering from sex addiction and wanted to get temptation out of the way. Insane, vile — but not necessarily racist.

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