State agents boo’d out of Vancouver Restaurant, Greek Islanders speak truth to EU commies: Links 3, April 5, 2021

1. A greek Islander makes her case to a member of the EU Politburo who are busy transforming the island into a non-European socialist entity using muslim and African migrants. For a good explanation of this issue, please click through to this RAIR article.

2. Global News narrative report on the Alberta Church from which various civil servants where turned away as they attempted to fine and break up whatever was going on inside

Police visit, leave Calgary church that was allegedly not following COVID-19 restrictions

Calgary police said Sunday they responded to a religious gathering allegedly in contravention of the province’s COVID-19 restrictions the previous day.

An officer and representatives from Alberta Health Services and city bylaw went to Street Church, located at 4315 26 Ave. S.E.

In a video posted online by pastor Artur Pawlowski, authorities are seen leaving the church after the pastor yells at them to get out, calling them “Nazis” and “Gestapo.”

“The organizer of the gathering was uncooperative with the health inspector and repeatedly raised his voice asking all parties to leave the premises, which they did approximately one minute after entry and in a peaceful manner,” police said.

(Yeah. Because they were stood up to. We have seen enough videos of police being very un-peaceful across Canada and especially in Alberta, even tasing a teenager playing hockey outdoors. So they shouldn’t act like the victims here. Which is exactly what they are doing.)

3. Sky News reports on the devastation that muslim jihadis are doing to a town in Mozambique.

4.  To help keep them safe, they removed the doorknobs.

Courtice retirement home confined residents to rooms by removing door handles: regulator

A retirement home in Courtice failed to protect its residents from abuse and confined them in their suites by removing door handles, a provincial regulator has found.

The Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority has published the findings of its Feb. 4 inspection of White Cliffe Terrace Retirement Residence. The RHRA said they became aware of the situation at the home due to an anonymous whistleblower.

The RHRA said the inspection found the home “failed to comply with certain sections of the Retirement Homes Act related to protection against abuse and neglect of residents, as well as confinement.”

Last month, CP24 and CTV News Toronto obtained a copy of a letter from Verve Senior Living, the company that runs the home, informing families that “a small” number of door handles were removed.

“It was a violation of our protocols and practices. As soon as we became aware of the incident, all resident’s door handles were immediately reinstalled,” David Bird, president and CEO of Verve Senior Living, wrote in the letter dated Feb. 10.

5. So a couple of jihadis got caught going into the US across the Mexican border, and the news manages to avoid mentioning that they are muslims and waging Islamic jihad completely.

6. Civil servants boo’d out of Vancouver restaurant!

Listen to Global News editorialize this while trying to make it look like a news report. Which is after all, the new normal for news. Its all editorial, and all dialectic negation of Western culture and individual rights. The narrator shames the restaurant owner all the way through it, then interviews someone who makes the state thugs the victims of the event, even though they were trying to destroy a family business and the enjoyment of patrons who all knew the risks and all chose to be there:


(Even official sources all say that there is no measurable transmission of Covid via restaurants and bars.It is all in homes)

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2 Replies to “State agents boo’d out of Vancouver Restaurant, Greek Islanders speak truth to EU commies: Links 3, April 5, 2021”

  1. I can’t believe I ever watched “Global News” back when I used to have a TV. What a bunch of lying little fascists they are. They’re every bit as bad as the CBC any day of the week. Our Canadian media is up there with anyone when it comes to dishonest totalitarian ultra-biased left-wing reporting. I would be so happy if the bastards went to jail where they belong…

  2. Item 6 – look at the room of that nasty Vancouver Mayor: he has a Star Wars enforcer behind him on the wall: — childish, psychopathic narcissism and power hunger.

    These kind of people are now our ‘camp guards’ in the NWO… This is the nature of the New Normal. The solution? Expose and humiliate them like the good & free people did in the bar who chanted “get out”. Narcissism cannot stand humiliation. This is the weak point of TPTB!

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