Some interesting political theatre in Canada, with an angry critic: Links 2, March 31, 2021

1. A testimony from the firearms banning hearings in favour of people being allowed to be armed.

2. US orders diplomats out of Burma as unrest grows.

3. Interesting Indian news bit comparing Australia and Canada’s response to Chinese aggression

4. Interesting political theatre on the streets of a Canadian city. I think Vancouver. Stay with it. He encounters a critic.

5. Undercover video at UK Covid test facility where contamination is common, ignored, and leads to reports of more false positives.

The PCR test, Polymerase Chain Reaction test, finds basically a few molecules of a virus, and amplifies it by doubling it with each cycle. As in Canada we run it at 40 cycles, the results lead to a lot of false positives and consequent policy disasters. In the video above. it appears that samples are contaminating each other a lot. Which means that after 40 cycles of PCR, formerly negative samples will show as positive due to cross contamination.

Thank you M., Richard, Pym Purnell, C., Coram Deo, Corny Conny, EB., Johnny U. and everyone who has managed to maintain a baseline of reality with which to understand the nature of the crap now falling from the sky all day like rain.

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5 Replies to “Some interesting political theatre in Canada, with an angry critic: Links 2, March 31, 2021”

  1. 1 – To quote Machiavelli “Only tyrants and Oligarchs fear an armed citizenry.” We all know where the modern gun controllers fit.

    2 – Burma is heading into a new Civil war, they won’t be the last to do this, almost all of the anglophone nations are headed into one with most of Western Europe joining them.

    • A Government that doesn’t trust it’s Citizens to be armed is a Government that itself is not to be trusted.
      Only armed Citizens cannot be turned into Subjects.
      And that is what we’ve seen all over History, the Moment they come for your Weapons is the Moment Tyrannies are established and the formerly Free become Slaves.
      Only a Fool confuses Patriotism with Government, and unfortunately of those Fools we have plenty.

      • Your right, that is why the left is trying to demonize the law abiding gun owners and the patriotic organizations that are opposing them. There are several thi9ngs any society has to have if they are to remain free, 2 of them are an armed citizenry and a healthily distrust of big government.

        The US Government was set up to have limited power with the rest of the power residing in the State Government and in the Individuals. The left opposes this “Federalism” because it gives us the right to make our own decisions and limits what the Central Government can do. Over the 20th Century the left has slowly been taking power from the People and the States. Now some of the states are starting to stand up and take their power back, DeSantis the Governor of Florida is one of the leaders of this movement. There are other Governors who are resisting but he is the one that is receiving the most publicity.

  2. 4. The British should be made to bend the knee for bringing humor into the world. It’s racist when no one understands it.

    #gofundme for the cyclist.

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