Sky News on US military communist thought and its consequences to global security

This is a good Sky News piece on the reality of global geopolitics under an essentially communist US administration. For those that do not already know, “Woke”, Progressive”, “Socialist”, “Diverse”, and “Politically Correct” are all lubricant terms for communism.

The only point we take issue with in this video, is the phrase, “Get Woke Go Broke”. That is only true in a free market. Woke companies are googleplexiares thanks to the total destruction of the free market under the corporate-government alliance that decides what may and may not exist.


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  1. With the majority of the enlisted on the list of possible extremists the left has to be worried about how they will react if/when a civil war starts. The left as a whole tends to think of the enlisted ranks as biological robots but that isn’t true, they are intelligent beings who are taught to think for themselves. The motto of infantry is (the entire infantry not just one specific unit) is “Adapt, Improvise and Overcome” robots can’t adapt and improvise.

    Also the modern weapons systems require intelligent thinking people to operate them, the old idea of cannon fodder is long obsolete.

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