FACEBOOK removes and disallows interview with 45th president, Donald Trump!


Facebook removed an interview conducted by daughter-in-law Lara Trump that featured former President Trump, citing rules:

“Content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed.”

Truly despicable.

Gateway Pundit has the story here.

Facebook in the meantime earns real contempt. Let us hope President Trump’s new social media application guts Facebook membership.

Here is a 3Speak instance of the video now for when Youtube also disallows it.

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11 Replies to “FACEBOOK removes and disallows interview with 45th president, Donald Trump!”

  1. Can you imagine if back in the days, NBC, CBS, and ABC decided that they hated John Kennedy’s guts and banned him from any of their news outlets? No interviews, no speeches, no campaigning, no nothing – just sheer hatred and lies, and never anything good about JFK. Imagine the uproar there would be. Imagine how fast Congress would come down on them like a ton of lead bricks for not fulfilling their mandate…

    Why are Facebook and YouTube and all being allowed to ban the President of the effing United States from talking? It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve seen in ages. Talk about “election tampering”. To quote Greta, “How dare they?”… They’re treating the President like a rowdy customer who needs to be thrown out of the bar for being too drunk and starting fights – like some a-hole who’s beneath them and deserves to be “dealt with”. I’ve never seen such disrespect…

    • It’s a psy-op. They do all they can for us to become dispirited.

      I hope people don’t fall for any future “rally” trap. If they do, it will be their own damn fault, if they get hunted down just for attending, and Trump does nothing. This time, they should know better.

      • Gates, Fauci, O, Bezos, Dear Leader, Merkle, Schwab, and on and on…clearly all closet Jews. Talk about specious scapegoating. What’s more, if you take this position, Dapto, you let all these guys off the hook once we straighten this mess out.

        • Hi Jonnhu, I have no idea what “closet Jews” are.

          I have seen the children of all manner of priests, and it is not a pleasant sight.

          For the corruption within religious liars, with their fake Cloaks of Righteousness, and Collectivist-Gods, sets up all manners of disturbed behavior from seeking an authentication and validation that they could not find in their homes.

          The mantle of Elijah passing to Elisha, never happened.
          There are no miracle-workers – such as these – who can raise the dead anymore.

          Sexologists, Alternative Healing Therapists and all the other power-hungry positions to play god, are the troubled souls from parents who do not know what they do. The Symbols of their Faith on walls and mantleplaces.

          And these angels they brought into the world that fell.

            • “Gates, Fauci, O, Bezos, Dear Leader, Merkle, Schwab, and on and on…clearly all closet Jews.”

              I do not have any knowledge or judgement to call these individuals as “closet Jews,” “that for any one of these individuals “…it’s the Jews doing the persecuting…”.

              Do you see that you have argued for NAZIs? That for Good or Bad Jew, they are all the same?

              These are individuals, would probably would despise some of each other. There’s no closet Jew hiding there. In their own fields they are disciplined, competent, mutually-beneficial and well-respected people.

              Their philanthropic intentions on the other hand, fostered on the world without asking, are for “Good.” I think otherwise. That their businesses have done far more good, and that they themselves may do more harm. For you will save up to purchase a new computer; and beg for a handout.

              Africa does not have a child-suffering problem but a f*cking-around problem. Child suffering is made by Africans. In drought, don’t screw. Their animals don’t.

              Bringing them money, has just caused more suffering because they never changed their consciousness.

              If they really were Jews, they would teach them to be Jews. Obviously, they did not, because Africa would have now beaten China at everything.

              So it’s not a Jewish Problem in any way great or small, at all.

              All I can write about is a rebellion and conformity, aggression and submission.

              Refering to anyone’s mother’s bloodline is a joke, as I am always interested in their Father.

              Bucks, cucks and sucks clenching their Jannahs in a cookie jar.

              It is what it is.

    • What’s happening Yucki?… Oh, time zones.

      “Whats amazing is the Jews were persecuted in WW2 and now its the Jews doing the persecuting.”

      Remember, the Left are dominant right brain (Obama was left handed), and the Far Left are solely right brained (Anti-Father), and the Far Far Left recreate a left brain into their own image from scraps of paper (islam).

      Here, we now have to work out which Socialist they are.

      Put Dapto’s statement into it’s full clarity:

      ‘Whats amazing is All Jews were persecuted in WW2 and now its All Jews doing the persecuting.’

      The first statement is true and the second is not.

      A husband can wake his wife out of it, pointing out the obvious that ‘not all black people are Blacks.’

      But the Collectivist has a left brain ‘that shall not be entered,’ (due to the same feeling from their first violation from an authority figure), igniting into an emotion that says ‘they are black so they must all be Blacks’ Because individual-agency, any independent action, is blank to them. Everyone is a puppet of their identity

      And then The Nationalist, with their ‘Right’ construction of Order and Blasphemy – for all time: ‘blacks are the Children of Ham.’ For them, there is no joyous evolution of Sapians mixing with Neanderthals to allow for a hardier human stock to survive the colds of Europe. It’s Racial Purity.

      Now a child knows this for they see the disconnected mind. But those who know how to hypnotize people will walk in the open, naked and unseen.

      This is one of them.

      • It’s too bad.

        These days more and more of them strut naked and go public with statements like this.

        Left and right, they find common cause in the classic scapegoat. They don’t even have to be far-far left-or-right. Mild, moderate center, they converge on this.

        This is a VERY bad sign for the rest of society. A pattern over a couple thousand years is unlikely to be a coincidence.

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