Who was that masked stabber? The Rosetta Stone of understanding the Left, and Putin speaks: Links 1, March 29, 2021

1. The Vancouver mass stabber’s name has been announced. It is Yannick Bandaogo. A name typical of Burkina Faso. A Muslim country. Apparently he was yelling something but in one interview the CBC did with witnesses yesterday, it sure looked like they edited out what the witness said was being screamed. Oddly, no one else there seemed to have heard it.

2. I don’t know if Avi Yemeni really gets it or not, or if he is just exploiting the obvious hypocrisy from the point of view of the reasonable in terms of the Marxist use of language to achieve the revolution. It needs to be understood that the rosetta stone of understanding the bulk of events like this one, is simple.

ANY opposition to the revolution against classical thought, Western civilization, and Greek philosophical heritage, is to be condemned as racism and white supremacy. Any reason used to show the claims of Marxists who’s vector of attack is the scientism of climate, will be denounced as “hate speech” but one level of abstraction away. Terms like “Climate denier” etc. White people who are with the revolution are not white. But non-white people who accept reason, logic and the continuation of a merit based system etc. are white supremacists. It actually is very simple once you understand it.

The same tactics are being used against anyone with legitimate questions about Covid measures and this new experimental mRNA therapy as well. “Anti-vaxxer” is the slur, despite it having no relationship to the truth in most cases. So when watching this semi-comical clip with Avi at an Extinction Rebellion workshop, keep this in mind and it may feel that the curtain is down and a dwarf is pulling levers and shouting through a voice changer. Except this dwarf wont give you a brain for finding him out. Magic slippers though, those you will get.

3. President Putin: A War Is Coming That Will ‘End Our Civilization’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that a massive war is coming that will cause the “end of our civilization.”

Speaking at the World Economic Forum this week, Putin said that the elite’s crackdown on people’s civil liberties has exacerbated global tensions and warned that there is “every reason to believe that the tensions might be aggravated even further.”

Citing experts who have compared the current global crisis to the situation in the 1920’s and 30’s, Putin warned fellow world leaders that the world was heading down a dangerous path.

“In the 20th century, the failure and inability to centrally resolve such issues resulted in the catastrophic World War II,” Putin said.

“Of course, nowadays such a heated conflict is not possible, I hope that it’s not possible in principle, because it would mean the end of our civilization.”

(Putin also spoke about social media competing with states for power)

Thank you Miss Piggy, M., Hellequin GB. and all who watched the Earth overnight of EDT.


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2 Replies to “Who was that masked stabber? The Rosetta Stone of understanding the Left, and Putin speaks: Links 1, March 29, 2021”

  1. Vladimir Putin is saying now what most of us, that aren’t walking with Blinkers and Face-nappies through Life have been saying for years.
    I startet to listen more closely after I went through the Rwandan Genocide and lost many friends and colleagues, some with their entire Families.
    Nobody was listening then either, and everybody that spoke words of warning was ridiculed as a Nutter.
    There the Hate was also sponsored by Government Forces and Bureaucrats in the UN.
    Tutsi were labled as “Cockroaches” that carry diseases, etc.etc.etc….. (Sound Familiar?)
    Around 800,000 people paid that price for not Listening in BLOOD.

  2. As far as I can tell civilization is already dead, most people don’t realize it but it is dead. The war started several decades ago, all we are waiting for it the kinetic portion of the war to start.

    The left in the west has divided the Western Nations so they can use identity politics to seize and maintain power. This is driving the Entire World back to tribalism and in may cases the future hold a neo feudal society ruled by the self proclaimed political elite and the oligarchs with the two groups always jockeying to take some portion of power from the other group.

    The ordinary people will either raise up and seize power and rights for themselves or they will become serfs bound to their jobs and the land.

    The Dark Age I described will last a long time and will be more brutal then the last dark age, we are going to pay a very nasty price for our lack of vigilance of our political parties.

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