Canada’s BC sees ANOTHER mass stabbing attack with no description of perp, UK Parliament asks for real numbers, NO Danger from variants: Links 2, March 29, 2021

1. ANOTHER mass stabbing attack, this time in Kelowna, British Colombia

RCMP say they have arrested a man after several people were stabbed early Sunday near Kelowna, B.C. 

Mounties received numerous 911 calls reporting a stabbing incident just before 2 a.m. Sunday at an outdoor gathering, RCMP said in a news release. 

Officers from West Kelowna RCMP and Kelowna RCMP detachments responded to the rural Postill Lake Road area, east of Kelowna Airport.  

“Officers flooded the area and located five victims suffering from stab wounds,” RCMP said. “Two male youths, and three adult men were transported to hospital for treatment.”

The RCMP is not disclosing the severity of the victims’ injuries and has not released a possible motive for the attack. 

Investigators say an adult male is under arrest and remains in custody.

Criminal charges have yet to be filed.  

(So little information, you would almost think this was from the Ministry of Truth in Canada, the CBC.)

2. UK Parliament: Actual numbers on Covid deaths and Vaccine deaths are demanded.

(If anyone ever gives a reason like this man did, for publishing data, you know its propaganda and not science. Science does not publish data to reassure the public. It publishes data because its relevant and informative. This will always work for and against various agendas. Data first, judge after. When you judge first, you cannot trust the data.)

3. Risk of Asymptomatic Spread Minimal. Variants Over-Hyped. Masks Pointless. An Interview With Professor Jay Bhattacharya

New variants are of no concern. There is no need to cancel summer holidays. Millions vaccinated, coupled with immunity from millions of prior infections means we can surf on the crest of the third wave, rather than being remotely concerned about it. In fact, the UK should open now. And vaccine passports, certificates, or whatever name they are being given, will do nothing to improve the health of the population – all headlines we have read and heard over the past week or so.

Except, we haven’t. We have heard and read the opposite. And we are instilled with fear from TV and radio adverts, complete with ‘that scary voice’ all too eager to give listeners nightmares, be it your impressionable primary-school-aged daughter, or a frail older lady now terrified into wearing a mask outside while waiting for a bus with no one within a 50-metre radius. But the reality is that the above headlines could have been written – and all based on science. Jayanta Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and one of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, the report that called for the focused protection of the vulnerable and no lockdowns, signed by almost 14,000 medical and public health scientists, nearly 42,000 medical practitioners and close to 765,000 concerned citizens.

I interviewed him by email and he remains a staunch lockdown sceptic.

Why have the media, politicians and many scientists sought to panic the populace about SARS-CoV-2 far beyond what the evidence would warrant? The incentives include financial motives, political goals, the desire to protect professional reputations and many other factors.

The virus is seasonal and late fall/winter is its season. It is very unlikely, given that this is the case, that the virus will spread very widely during the summer months. It is also the case that a large fraction of the UK population has already been infected or vaccinated and is immune, which will greatly reduce hospitalisation and mortality from the virus in coming months.

Thank you DL Alberta, Hellequin GB., Johnny U., EB., Kalloi and all who sent in materials and thoughts overnight.

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  1. Vlad, I think there is enough depth in the cesspool rot of the CBC to keep the name open and changing as new names occur.

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