Watch out for “tourists” and the origins of the Wuhan Flu: Links 1, March 24, 2021

1. Tourists? Did they have visas? Did they enter legally? Where they staying at a hotel they were paying for? I think this is a new code word.

2. Booklet: How the Communists took control in Canada. 

This is full of fascinating titbits like, Pierre Trudeau went to the London School of Economics. The LSE was started by the FABIAN Society as a way to spread socialism. Download and print!

3. Joe Rogan: The Origins of Covid19 and the censorship of the facts

4. LISTEN to the Liberal party/Government of Canada’s answer to a Conservative MP’s question about ending lockdowns!!!!


5. The main concerns of Liberal MPs


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4 Replies to “Watch out for “tourists” and the origins of the Wuhan Flu: Links 1, March 24, 2021”

  1. To all of it……..


    (the Banners of the King of Hell advance – from Dante’s Inferno)

  2. 1. “CBS Miami reported: Collier and Taylor met the 24-year-old woman who was visiting from Pennsylvania at a restaurant. As they walked on Ocean Drive, one of the men reportedly gave her a green pill. It’s not clear if they slipped it to her secretly or if she took it willingly, according to the arrest report.

    At the woman’s hotel, both men had sex with her and Taylor forced himself on her as she appeared to be unconscious.

    The men then reportedly stole the woman’s credit cards and cell phone and left.”

    Black Lives Matter
    Whom could a woman, such ask?
    “Please take home
    Because I’m alone”
    Which fe-men would rush to the task?

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