The Age of Rahm Emanuel. Use every crisis to its maximum advantage: Links 2, March 24, 2021

1. Ventilators actually did have a use after all. From now on, they shall be known as “Graft machines”.

2. Comment from reader in Hungary related to following 2 links:

Vaccine Wars – Pharma Lobby Wants To Punish Countries Pushing For Low Cost Vaccines

In Hungary now we have 7-8 kinds of vaccines available including some 2-3 Chinese ones and 1-2 Russian, plus we are building our own factory that will produce locally developed ‘Corona vaccines’. So I think the Gates mafia is now jealous and angry because their vaccines (Pfizer, Oxford, J&J, Astra etc.) are losing ‘market’ here. But this does not mean that Hungary remains free: we went full Commie as well, for example the fascist “vaccine passport” is being introduced here too. However we have fierce debates with Brussels if our ‘green passport’ would be accepted in other countries of the EU that prefer Pfizer and its mRNA brothers.

My take on the story: even the Great Reset globalists seem to be divided. It is probably the US Deep State coalition vs. the China-Russia axis. And Hungary has always been balancing between major geopolitical power fields because of its intermedial location. 

3. Australian ABC employee cancelled for not having the narrative opinion on Covid:

4. Let’s make sure we stay ahead of the inevitable lies that will follow the Boulder mass murderer jihadi.

5. Another huge bonus of Covid regs. It makes sure imncumbants can stay in office as well as leftist challengers. We know the latter from mail in ballots, good for all except Amazon, and now we see how people running against the Mayor of London UK are getting threatened by police for breaking Covid regs even though they have “no evidence”.

6. Anyone can propose a bill just like anyone can sue anyone for anything. But, the nature of the bills being proposed might be a paving stone for the direction of bills being passed. In fact I would say they are given new legislation in the US and Canada. So I would take this one seriously.

One wonders how they will expand this to any Trump supporter, and ultimately to any Republican, or non-leftist. Its not much of a stretch from here.

Thank you all, who sent in materials and links for our mutual education. For the moment, you know who you are.



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  1. 2- Cute. We can’t sue big pharma if their squirt kills us, but they’ll sue whole countries for trying to avert their monopolistic pricing schemes.

    • The politically reliable Generals are worried about the lack of Progressive thought among the troops and about the prevalence of conservative thought.

      https://dailycaller.coPentagon Brass Is Worried Troops Hold Mainstream Views On BLM And Capitol Hill Riotingm/2021/03/19/troops-say-all-riots-equally-bad/

  2. Pamela A Everett-Goodman

    Dear friends, there is nothing that can bring our son back. Jeff, Natasha, Carson and I cannot let the truth of what happened to Ben pass with any of you thinking he had some type of underlying health problems that caused his death. He didn’t. Ben just celebrated his 32nd birthday, was working full time, golfing, travelling, and living the best life he could in NYC. Ben knew our family history with vaccines. He knew. But everyone has been pushing the experimental travel pass and so many things we know and many others do not.

    It is best just to give you the facts and I pray that maybe you can connect the dots. Saturday, March 13th, 2021, Ben went to a pop up Walgreens and got injected with the experimental Non FDA approved Johnson and Johnson vaccine in Chelsea, NYC. He texted Jeff and we were devastated. He then had a headache. He was feeling ill, and went to sleep and woke up to severe fever and chills at 1am. His finance was awoken to Ben having seizures at 4 am. Ben went into cardiac arrest minutes later. 911 tried to revive him at his apartment on the Upper West Side and they tried to revive him at Mt. Sinai until he was declared dead at 6:05 am Sunday morning, less than 24 hours from receiving the vaccine.

    We are very aware and respect every persons choices and medical freedom. This is what happened to our son. Nothing can bring him back.

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