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6 Replies to “Chris Sky on Alex Jones”

  1. this whole thing is theater….never saw a cop and the cars at the end are not police….this man is a performance artist….if the police were really there to arrest him, yelling like that would not syop them!

  2. I just got this email from Kalloi:

    “From 8:35 Chris Sky tells the whole story about how he blocked the attempted fake arrest by the police that assaulted him in his car. Spoiler: several people summoned by the live video rushed to the scene to save Chris, and the police got DISPERSED. https://www.banned.video/watch?id=60550d1a3f377651c6b04c6d

    Chris Sky’s actions show that a part of the NWO Corona power grab is a fraud, a BIG BLUFF.”

  3. there was no just cause to arrest this individual, it was not a theatre ,you are incredibly ignorant ,cognitive dissonance is rampant in your statement BTW you spelled stop wrong which tells me everything I need to know to access your actual level of consciousness, dont remark on topic that you are out of your league

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