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5 Replies to “Dr. Andrew Bostom: The facts on masks, mRNA injections and Covid measures so far”

  1. The damned chemical soap that destroys the skin of the hands: I figured a way to laugh at them while incapacitating them.

    I have a problem with one store only. I always only dip the tip of my pinky nail in the chemical and never a problem.

    The other day, the female staffer targeted me at the entrance. She was angry, everybody was listening. I had to cover my hands with the chemical. I explained to her that my fingers are rough from the chemical, she replied “Wear gloves, like we do”. There is talk of making me ‘persona non grata’ in that store.

    Fine. They want gloves, they’ll get gloves.

    I dug out of my closet a pair of old and useless winter gloves. They’re clean-looking. Made of polyester and a woolly look, thick, and of ivory color, I’ll put the gloves on when I enter the store and fully slather them with the chemical sanitizer, a lot of it.

    Next step for that store: I’m figuring out a type of head/neck hood with eye slits. There will be a mask inside. I’ll take a photo. Story to follow. I’m in no mood for unreasonable compliance.

    • When I go into a store I wear a mask. I then move the mask below my nose. So far no one has said anything. But I am ready. In my pocketbook I carry a clothespin. If anyone complains about my mask I will pull out the clothespin and place it on my nose. How’s that? Does that work for you? I expect a shock reaction. Then I will remove the clothespin and continue shopping.

      • I see people with the nose hang all the time. I am always happy to see these sign of resistance, but also sad that we have arrived at this very Soviet like place where people have to play along with political theatre knowing full well its stupid and authoritarian but they will be banned from all Costco’s if they dare show any independent thought on the matter.

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