Cancel Culture, and the Pentagon “Smites” Tucker Carlson: Links 1, March 14, 2021

1. Piers Morgan is one of the very few famous people who had the guts not to submit

2. Muslim Gang Lures Men via Grindr, Robs and Urinates On Them for Being White

A gang in Birmingham, England, has been convicted for luring homosexuals to a public park using the Grindr app, where they were robbed, urinated on, and in one case told they deserved to be victimised for being a “white man responsible for attacks on Muslims in New Zealand.”

Mohammed Khan, of George Road, Hay Mills, Mohammed Umar, of Denville Crescent, Bordesley Green, and Qaasim Ahmad, of Heather Road, Small Heath, all 18-years-old, were convicted of conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to burgle, and conspiracy to falsely imprison, according to a BirminghamLive report.

(Official homosexual groups will of course call you racist and islamophobic for pointing this factual story out like many other similar ones. Some years ago, Pink News actually did do advocacy for gay rights and reported on these kinds of attacks with proper attribution. But gay groups like black groups and jewish groups for the most part are now false fronts for communist revolutionary groups. Has anyone seen anything like this in that influential magazine for the past few years?)

3. Ontario lockdown ‘not supported by strong science,’ says former chief medical officer of health

The province’s top doctor for most of the ’90s says the Ford government’s COVID-19 response is ‘misguided’

A former chief medical officer of health in Ontario sent an open letter to Doug Ford on Monday, criticizing the province’s lockdown strategy and backing up ousted MPP Roman Baber. 

Dr. Richard Schabas held the senior position from 1987 to 1997 and served as chief of staff at York Central Hospital during the 2003 SARS crisis. 

“Lockdown was never part of our planned pandemic response nor is it supported by strong science,” Schabas wrote. 

Schabas says that the COVID-19 modelling the province is working with is faulty and that fatality rates have declined as doctors and scientists have learned more about the disease. 

(So why is Ontario Premiere Ford doing this? And all rumours point towards an even more draconian and unnecessary lockdown/stay-at-home order coming this spring for some reason. Maybe the answer is below. Maybe related to what the last 2 Chairmans of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had in common.)

4. Tucker Carlson segment on the Pentagon, and why the Pentagon decided to “Smite” his show for criticism of how Biden is structuring the US military.

5. Naomi Wolf tweet:

Thank you Richard, PC., Johnny U., EB., Sassy, Michelle, ET., Babs,

Arrests being made at a silent vigil in London UK. You have to scroll pretty close to the end. Fun starts after dark. Also, one can’t help but wonder why its OK for police to lower their masks to yell at people. I mean, don’t those nasty spiked spheres travel in droplets of spit? And doesn’t yelling kinda add force and volume to that spit? A good actor knows never to lower the mask. Skip ahead to about 3 hours and 2 minutes.

There were many many coordinated marches against the new tyranny across Germany today. We will place some of those videos in another post.

For Canadians:

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