Leftist call for a curfew on all men, and 2 indicators that the current mRNA injections may be imprudent: Links 2, March 14, 2021

1. The vigil for a missing woman turned into a PR disaster for the London Metropolitan Police

I believe that this event for which the vigil was held, is what led to a serious suggestion by a leftist politician that all men be subject to a permanent curfew. Undoubtedly a leftist politician that is in favour of mass Islamic migration to the UK that is responsible for a wildly disproportionate amount of rape and murder of women. Not to mention genital excision of female children.

2. PJ Watson on the suggestion to stereotype all men and place a curfew on them

3. People arrested in Montreal for protesting the police state they now live in

4. Australian security guard tests positive for Covid 19 after getting the Pfizer mRNA gene therapy.

5. Another professional vaccine expert who worked for the Gates Foundation offers an opinion on the current course of action

Thank you all who contributed to the functioning of this site in any way, and to all and each of us, our betterment.

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8 Replies to “Leftist call for a curfew on all men, and 2 indicators that the current mRNA injections may be imprudent: Links 2, March 14, 2021”

  1. Looked at many vids online
    Looked more like over 50 thousand or more
    Good for the French
    Generally more outspoken than the anal ontarians
    Every province should be on the streets till these fascists
    Fuck off
    Like the crackpot so called top health tam who gave citizens
    Permission to meet in yards in next while
    What a delusional cunt
    She should be put along with Trudeau and every premier
    Into one of Justin’s lockdown trailers for a month
    Meanwhile the country gets back to work school and life

    Saw a sociopathic creep who recovered from Covid flu
    Engaged in fear mongering propaganda about after effects
    Of the flu

    Oh ya and by the way
    Proof now coming out that Assad did not gas his own people
    Oh well
    The massive mobs in most countries jackbooting to the fake news
    That he did and condoning the bombing of Seria

    We should not allow these emergency measures to continue
    We should never concede to some form of passport to travel

    Flu is NOT fatal to 99.5 percent of people PERIOD
    Hear me.?

    • Re Assad: Intelligent people know Assad didn’t gas his own people.
      Why? He had nothing to gain from it, only worldwide condemnation.

      When seeing bad things happen, always ask yourself the same question. Who benefits and who loses?

      • This site published videos that Al-Qaeda or whatever that MB affiliate was called at the time, made showing them making poison gas and shells and testing them on rabbits. Killing them of course. We covered that whole shit show where muslim terrorists staged chemical attacks on people and somehow, i think it was Obama, managed to turn it into a casus Beli to wage war on Assad and ally with the Brotherhood.

        I think I still have all those videos on one hard drive or another.

  2. ITEM 5 – I read the letter.

    If I understood correctly, the injection (I don’t dare call it a vaccine) is what we all know: the weakening of our immune system, thus rendering the injected citizenry open to all foreign bacteria and viruses. If the immune system can’t recognize it, it won’t fight it.

    Herd immunity and once again, the Conspiracy People were right in their assertions.

      • My take is different. The gene therapy injections give just enough protection to make the virus seek other hosts through mutations, thereby enabling it to impact demographics (such as children) it did not naturally affect initially. In other words the gene therapies are not good enough to stop the pandemic therefore inadvertently will make the virus into into an opportunistic monster.

  3. 2.
    The curfew for men
    Is only a joke
    Like, advice from Sweden’s
    Islamic grapple n’ poke.

    Curfews for women
    Dress like a bloke
    Well, how do you like it then
    When no morals are spoke?

    Allah, State, Femen
    Death till they croak
    Rainbowed as Saved Again
    Then found stealing for broke.

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