Tucker Carson for March 11, 2021

Tucker Carlson deals with the trial of the officer who was attempting to save George Floyd by calling the ambulance and holding him still as a result of Floyd’s self-administered MASSIVE overdose of a synthetic opiate, probably from China. Both issues Donald Trump was working on fixing. Instead, his death, which was in reality most likely an accidental suicide by overdose, three times the lethal amount of memory serves, was transformed alchemically into a racist attack against all black people by police of various nationalities and ethnicities, but who had all been alchemically transformed into White Americans who murdered a black man for no reason other than his spot on the pantone chart.

There is also a segment on how the NYT DOXXES reporters they do not agree with. exposing their children to serious danger by violent left wing violent extremists, but gets hysterical if a reporter disagrees with the contents of one of their editorialist’s tweets.

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  1. The FLOYD trial: I feel terrible for Officer Chauvin who will never know peace. Regardless of the outcome, he’ll be hunted for a long time either behind bars or on the outside. His life is over, all because of the evil MSM that pushed only one side of the story.

    An honest verdict would be not guilty. It was up to Floyd, the thug, to mention all the drugs he had consumed and request an ambulance. He didn’t and that is what led to his death.

    To my knowledge, police officers have been using the knee on the neck for a long time and I don’t remember any ensuing deaths.

    My hope is that at least one Black juror is honest and brave enough that a hung jury will be the result.

    • Stress. Drugs. Disease.

      George Floyd was being restrained for his protection and theirs. Standard procedure.

      The Police Officers concentration was being hampered by the hecklers.

      Whether lack of due diligence and care can be applied to not knowing that a violent and psychotic person who could bite them was also verbally credible by the time they got him safely to the ground. This will now be discussed as false-accusation against credible-defence in a Court of Law, instead of a professional review first. The (now real) institutionally racist Police Service, just sacked them. Trial by Media. I hope when the truth gets out, they are sued.

      • The hecklers barely get mentioned but it’s actually against the law to interfere with the police during a police investigation and they were doing everything they could to make the cops screw up so they could say, “GOTCHA!”, which is what they always do in those situations.

        I’ve known since I was about six-years-old that screwing with and fighting with the police was a good way to get yourself in the hospital or the graveyard. Why don’t any of these black lawbreakers understand that? They don’t seem to get that the police officer isn’t just another guy coming up and hassling you. You can’t just say, “To hell with you, man” and walk away. Society has deemed that you have to do what they say when they are investigating. What guys like George Floyd are trying to do is to start another Chicago Riot and then slip away into the crowd when the chaos breaks out and order breaks down. George was making all those pitiful sounds in the hopes that the crowd would start rioting and he could vamoose…

  2. “Tucker Carlson: We Know Very Little About The Capitol Riot, Facts Bear No Resemblance To Story Left Is Telling”

    This too, has been my fruitless search on the internet for evidence for a violent clash exactly like AntiFa and Black Lives Matter perform with looting and shooting. Zip.

    Many Fact-Checking websites, point to what other people say happened that day, with no collaborative video evidence, but all confirming that January 6th was actually an Independence Day for America from an insurrection.

    The Military now patroling the Capitol. Like a Junta, as temporary as a Lockdown with an end date.

    Fact-Checkers – whom if were for real -would be in prison with Julian Assange or Persons of Interest.

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