Five stories which illustrate the single standard that looks like a double one: Links post 1, March 11, 2021

1. Another commenter misunderstands the dialectic negation of Western thought and culture and peoples for “a double standard”. Muslims praying in public in large groups is bad for Western society so it must be allowed and even encouraged and funded. Regular law abiding people gathering for any reason at all is good for society so it must be stopped.

2. This is an interesting tweet. Perhaps someone knows more about it.

3. Computing Forever: The Great Reset and the Plantation of the Mind

(Computing Forever, like most people, make the false assumption that the recording of history will continue with the same metric we are familiar with. One that uses Greek thought and empirical results as a means of determining the efficacy of a process, and human suffering and deaths as a means of determining the goodness or evil of a process. Had the Nazis won the war, their programs of extermination would have been recorded as wonderful things, or possibly not recorded at all. In communist nations, history is so warped there aren’t enough meds in the Pilgrim Psyche centre to make sense of it.)

4. Netherlands: Groningen cop stabbed in face in curfew conflict

A police officer was seriously injured in the city of Groningen on Thursday evening. He was stabbed in the face when he approached two young men in connection with the curfew.

The stabbing happened on Van Houtenlaan at around 10:00 p.m. – an hour after the start of curfew. The officer was almost immediately attacked and stabbed in the face, a police spokesperson said to NOS. The two perpetrators fled on foot.

Another cop was at the scene. She was not injured and provided first aid to her partner while emergency services responded. The police officer was taken to hospital for treatment.

(So two police approached a couple of people in the Netherlands to presumably arrest or otherwise intimidate them for being outside after a curfew imposed due to a disease outbreak who’s numbers do not justify any unusual measures at all. I wonder how Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would have written this story up?)

5. COVID-19: Blood clot reports in Europe prompt investigation into Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

Austria and Italy have stopped using a batch of the jab, while Denmark, Iceland and Norway have halted use of the vaccine.

European countries – including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Iceland – have suspended use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after reports of blood clots in vaccinated people.

The European Medicines Agency is now launching an investigation but at present there is no firm evidence to suggest the two are linked and incidents of clotting have not been reported in the UK.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland have suspended the rollout of the vaccine, while Italy and Austria have stopped using a certain batch as a precaution.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority said the rollout out of the jab would be paused for at least 14 days while investigations are carried out. They did not say how many reports of blood clots there had been.

(My understanding from anecdotal evidence, is that at least in Canada, doctors are discouraged from diagnosing a vaccine side effect as such, and doubly discouraged from reporting them on up the chain. It is very unlikely we will get real data, positive or negative on this or any other injectable therapy.)

Thank you M., ML., Gates of Vienna, Miss Piggy, Hellequin GB., Tama, MarcusZ1967, EW., Michelle, C., Kalloi, and MANY more who manage to balance today’s reality with the philosophy that created our civilization enough to report on it.


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    • Part 1 opens with a highly competent nurse ‘getting Bell’s palsy from the vaccine’.

      O.K. this is a good place to start looking for validation…

      “While developing a temporary neuromuscular condition during a vaccine trial may sound concerning, it is best to put this finding into perspective. The annual incidence rate for Bell’s palsy within the general population is around 23 cases per 100,000 people or 15-20 per 100,000 people, according to some population studies. Translating that to the trial’s four cases out of 38,000 trial participants, it computes to 11 cases per 100,000 people.”

      “It is unclear why the four participants developed Bell’s palsy and little is known about what exactly causes the condition. One prevailing theory is that herpes simplex virus may be the culprit.”

      “It is HSV-1 that may be hiding away deep within facial nerves in a deactivated form, activating only when its human host comes under stress.”

      “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 48% of the U.S. population has HSV-1 per 2015-2016 data.”

      “Approximately 80% to 90% of patients recover fully within six weeks to three months. Recurrence for Bell’s palsy is estimated at 5% to 15%”

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  2. 2/ A common riff in countries expanding relations with Israel: India, UAE, Bahrain, India, Singapore.

    The yardstick is the kippa – where it’s safe to wear one.
    Derived from canary in a coalmine: canaries are drooping in Europe, US universities are toxic. That serves as symptom of system-wide social ill-health.

    Sweden is the classic example. Reported decreases in antisemitic attacks is due to the exodus of Jews.

    Western ‘democracies’ preach tolerance and diversity. But WE’RE moving in that direction and YOU’RE moving away.

    Sure, it sounds self-congradulatory, and promotion is top down. But it’s meant to enhance patriotic self-esteem, encourage civilized attitudes. Aspirational.
    Just yesterday Singapore police stopped a tardish terrorist from mayhem at my brother’s synagogue. He lives half the year in Israel and the rest in Singapore.

    Highly unusual there. It’s getting so bad elsewhere, it’s barely reported.

  3. 1. “Another commenter misunderstands the dialectic negation of Western thought and culture and peoples for “a double standard”. Muslims praying in public in large groups is bad for Western society so it must be allowed and even encouraged and funded.”

    Reason, Logic and Excellence; replaced by Characteristics, Emotions, and Virtue.
    The Right vs The Left.

    Blame, Justification and Authority follow from sabotage. No crisis is wasted.


    I know what they’re doing here. They’re going to bury Cuomo with these unconfirmed sexual harassment allegations and get rid of him before anybody even looks at the much greater charges of mass-murder by political extremism and hatred of Donald Trump. Sure, he’s going to take a little hit, but let’s face it – everybody and his dog has been accused of sexual impropriety these days so he’ll just melt into the crowd along with O’Reilly and the others while the real charges just kind of drain away.

    Cuomo belongs in jail but he’s just going to end up sitting on his yacht on his personal marina in Southampton, suffering through another afternoon of having absolutely everything a person could ever want. Poor guy… What do you bet he’s worth about 150 million dollars from eating Kraft dinners and shoveling his own snow while shopping wisely, making his civil-servant paycheck stretch, and working oh-so-hard…

    If I was a DA I would like to make a murder case against both Cuomo and Fauci. I think that letting people die to satisfy your need for vengeance while advancing your career is the same as murder. That’s my opinion. And I also think that murder is one hell of a lot more serious than making an inappropriate pass at a woman…

  5. 3 Had Germany won (and quite honestly most people do not realize just how closely run was the result) Jews and Gypsies would have been exterminated world wide and both would have been relegated to mythology akin to Alberich and similar used to frighten young children. The mechanism of the removal would never see the light of day and after the last perpetrator died, it never happened.
    The ONLY reason that we know so much is because the collapse came too quickly leaving too many KLs intact as most of the pure extermination camps already had been almost all totally destroyed and hidden while most of the KL records were also captured intact but those of the extermination camps were not and the evidence there is indirect and patchy.
    No one really has a clue about the true numbers murdered by Lenin and Stalin but my guess is that it dwarfs Hitler by >>3x and they were mostly fellow citizens. It is clear that the current Left in the west would like very much to remove all of us similarly.

    • I can just see little AOC’s face looking stern and resolute as I am led off to the death camp. She looks like a little Pol Pot to me. I am not a psychologist but I think the term “narcissist” applies to such people in that they have a deep belief that whatever they happen to be thinking at the moment is a hundred times as important as what anybody else is thinking, so they believe that extreme and crazy ideas are OK because they came from them and they are the center of the universe.

      Imagine Vladimir Lenin deciding that a few million fellow Russians dead in a civil war was OK as long as it advanced whatever happened to be in Vladimir’s head. Narcissist… Or Adolf Hitler continuing to fight and condemning untold Germans to death after defeat became inevitable simply to save his own sorry ass from the grizzly end that was surely waiting for him. Hitler should have gotten plastic surgery and disappeared the day after D-Day or committed suicide like a good boy…

    • There were a lot of times when Hitler could have won the war but screwed up, in every case the General Staff recommended the correct path and Hitler ignored them. This arrogance allowed the allies to win.

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