Watch this then run to Youtube for the comments

Gotta click through for the comments. Canadians are far less ignorant about Islam than they were in the 90s. Ill put a screen grab here as its a dead cert Youtube or the uploader will close comments soon. Either that or they are going to use the truth in the comments for evidence of the need for the removal of freedom of speech to protect islam.

(Mohammad was almost certainly a total psychopath. I like that comment.)

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    • You may convert to Islam but you may not leave. Death sentence for leaving.

      Women at the YMCA wear their ghost outfits in the pool on ladies day.

      Women wear the hijab to cover their hair – hair turns men on, so if you show your hair and get raped, you will deserve it, so say that the Imams.

      Men may beat their wives (4)

      Men may temporarily marry a 9 year old girl, have sex with her and hours later get a divorce.

      I would advise anyone thinking about converting to Islam to read Dr. Bill Warner , Jihadwatch with Robert Spencer and Dr. David Wood. They will tell you the truth about Islam.

    • Taqiyya – – – -Tactical deceit for the purpose of spreading Islam – – – – LIE FOR ALLAH

      Taqiyya – – – – Tactical deceit for the purpose of spreading Islam – – – – LIE FOR ALLAH

      Taqiyya – – – – Tactical deceit for the purpose of spreading Islam – – – – LIE FOR ALLAH

  1. Let’s not forget that it’s not just a matter of “opinion”. We’re right and they’re wrong. Islam is not a religion of peace and “islamophobia” is a ridiculous propaganda word-construct that makes no sense whatsoever and was invented by our enemies. Islam really is both predatory and genocidal in nature…

    There’s one thing that we’ve got going for us no matter what and that is the fact that once you have become red-pilled and begin to see what’s going on there’s no going back. It’s a one-way process and we’re steadily gaining numbers while not really losing any. Like, it’s entirely possible that Leonardo DeCaprio might wake up one day and decide that he doesn’t want to lose all his rights and suddenly wake the heck up, but no conservative is going to suddenly decide they want to convert to Islam or lose their right to speak freely…

  2. The smile on the face of that woman was typical of that on the faces of those women who came up with their knives to finish off painfully the Jewish and Christian wounded. Traditionally the women followed the men into battle with knives and bags. The former for the infidel wounded , the latter for the loot.
    Woman as torturers have always exceeded orders and shown more sadism in those societies that allowed such,

  3. Feminists are equal
    To the lowest of males
    And Socialist Pride
    Live as Cuckual fails
    But islam is greatist
    For this ugliness fit
    By comparing their roses
    To standing in sh*t.

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