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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. The most incredible story at The Gateway Pundit about the Judge ordering a full audit of 2.1 million ballots cast and voting machines. After months of stalling, someone gave an illegal order to transfer the ballots to a chicken farm warehouse by truck.

    No sooner were they stored illegally on shelves, did the barn go up in flames killing 165,000 hens in the process.

    Story is here with photos and a video:

  2. Dear Vlad,

    I don’t know if it was you asking for alternative names for fauci but I have rustled up a couple:

    Dr Fauxstus

    Dr Mengelci

    Yours, Cassandra

  3. Rouhani: Iran ready to take steps when US lifts sanctions

    “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday his country was prepared to take steps to live up to measures in the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers as soon as the United States lifts economic sanctions on Iran.

    In a meeting with Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney, Rouhani said: “Iran is ready to immediately take compensatory measures based on the nuclear deal and fulfill its commitments just after the U.S. illegal sanctions are lifted and it abandons its policy of threats and pressure.”

    Rouhani criticized the European signatories of the historic nuclear deal for what he said was their inaction on their commitments to the agreement. He said Iran is the only country that kept its side of the bargain…”

  4. Afghan policewoman hurt, husband dies in targeted attack

    “The former head of women police in a southern Afghanistan province was seriously wounded and her husband — also a police officer — was killed Sunday in an attack by unidentified gunmen, provincial officials said.

    Omer Zwak, spokesman for Helmand’s provincial governor, said unidentified gunmen opened fire on the couple in the provincial capital Lashkar Gah. The attack came amid a surge in violence in the war-weary country.

    An officer in the Helmand police chief’s office who wasn’t authorized to speak with media, said the attack targeted the female officer, whom he identified only as Malala. She formerly supervised all female police in the province.

    Malala was seriously wounded and her husband Abdul Qayum, also a police officer at Helmand police headquarters, was killed in the attack, he said.

    Mohammad Zaman Hamdard, a spokesman for the Helmand police chief, said Malala served for 14 years and was working in a Helmand police section that deals with family domestic problems.

    No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Zwak said that an investigation is going on into the attack…”

    • Yes it is interesting, the thing people need to remember is that the Globalists have tightly integrated the worlds economy. This means that when on major nation goes down because of the fiat currency and Marxist economics the entire world will go down. This is what the doom mongers on the left never consider, a world wide crash that takes everyone down. This is going to get scary, real scary.

  5. Gunmen ambush Pakistan Navy vehicle, killing 1, wounding 2

    “Gunmen ambushed a vehicle transporting security forces killing a sailor and wounding two others in the coastal town of Jewni in southwest Pakistan, officials said Sunday.

    The Pakistan Navy vehicle came under attack Saturday evening while traveling from Jewni to the Ganz area, said Zahoor Buledi, a Baluchistan provincial minister.

    The insurgent group Baluchistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Two intelligence officials confirmed the minister’s account, saying unidentified attackers opened fire with automatic weapons on the vehicle, which was also carrying Quick Response Force troops.

    The attack came a day after five laborers were killed and five others, including two security personnel, were wounded when a roadside bomb went off between the towns of Sibi and Harnai in the same province.

    Intelligence officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity under policy, said a sailor was fatally shot while a barber and another sailor were critically wounded during an exchange of fire with the attackers…”

  6. For those who are expecting it, someone has tried to describe it, although not exactly as we see it now but then with Iran entering the field , who know?
    La Jetee:

    Sorry about the source but trying to obtain a fluent English subtitle gave me no choice as my French is no longer up to it.

  7. Far-Left Extremist Takes Credit for Attempted Arson Attack on French Newspaper

    “Earlier this week, an unknown individual attempted to light several vehicles of a French newspaper on fire. A claim of responsibility for the attempted arson has been made on a well-known far-left anarchist web platform.

    The attempted attack took place over the night of March 3rd to March 4th and saw the unidentified perpetrator break into the premises of French newspaper La Dépêche du Midi in Toulouse.

    According to a report from broadcaster France Info, the suspect was able to evade security guards at the newspaper’s headquarters and tried to set fire to three delivery vehicles before fleeing as employees noticed what was transpiring and put out the flames.

    A claim of responsibility was later posted on the anarchist far-left Antifa web platform Indymedia, with the suspect stating: “I broke into the enclosure of La Dépêche du Midi, and I lit four delivery trucks. I left too quickly to see if it worked. We’ll see in the next few days.”

    According to the far-left extremist suspect, the action was done in response to a squat’s eviction in the city of Toulouse.

    “It is in this context that I wanted to paralyze for a time part of their means of propaganda and above all to show them that evicting people from their homes will not go unpunished,” the suspect said.

    The author also noted their support for the Berlin Antifa stronghold known as Rigaer94, a major security issue in Germany over recent years. Last year, police were called to the far-left squat over 700 times over violence and vandalism reports.

    The attempted arsonist also expressed solidarity with far-left Greek terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, whose supporters in Greece have vandalised and stormed multiple government offices in recent weeks, and firebombed an office of Greece’s governing New Democracy party.”

  8. Muslim Migrant Threatens to Kill Daughters Who Do Not Wear Islamic Veil

    “A Muslim migrant from Algeria living in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec is said to have repeatedly threatened to kill his daughters if they refused to wear the Islamic veil.

    The 47-year-old, who lived with his family in Montreal, was convicted of threats and violent acts toward his four daughters, with the incidents taking place between 2016 and 2018.

    “They were forced to wear the veil, and he regularly threatened to kill them if he saw them ‘like Quebec women,’” Judge Josée Bélanger said, Canadian newspaper Le Journal de Montreal reports.

    According to the newspaper, the crimes began in 2016, shortly after the man and his family moved to Canada from Algeria, with the girls being beaten when they refused to obey their father.

    The father’s abuse of the girls came to the attention of the teacher of one of the girls, who reported the 47-year-old to police.

    During the trial, the Algerian migrant claimed that he was the victim of a conspiracy. He will remain in custody until he is scheduled to be sentenced. The man’s wife has also separated from him, and the man is said to have lost custody of his daughters.

    Cases of “honour” violence have been seen in several Western countries in recent years, such as Sweden, where a man is said to have beaten his daughter with a kebab spit and forced two of his children to wear the Islamic veil.

    According to the two girls, their father, an asylum seeker from Iraq, labelled them “whores” if they refused to wear the veil. The Iraqi migrant was sentenced to two years in prison for his actions last year.

    In Italy, meanwhile, a 14-year-old girl living in Bologna had her head shaved by her own mother because she refused to wear an Islamic headscarf when she left the house. The parents of the girl, both originally from Bangledesh, were brought up on charges of abuse.”

  9. Five Eyes Spied on Middle East Via ‘Strategic’ Red Sea Fibre Optic Cables, Report Says

    “The Five Eyes alliance was established in 1941 after the American and British intelligence communities agreed to cooperate a year before. After the end of World War II, the alliance mainly dealt with matters pertaining to the then-Soviet Union, China, and members of the Warsaw Pact.

    Western intelligence agencies managed to get unprecedented access to the Middle East’s data and communications traffic due to the region’s expanding fibre optic cable networks, according to independent journalist Paul Cochrane.

    In an article published by the London-based news outlet Middle East Eye, the author refers to the Five Eyes, an intelligence alliance consisting of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that has been snooping on the region for decades via “strategic” Red Sea cables.

    The key players in the alliance are America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which Cochrane says use both known and secret facilities in the region to collect data.

    The journalist mentioned “vast volumes of data” intercepted by the Five Eyes pertaining to phone calls, the content of emails, web browsing history, and metadata, as well as financial, military, and government information.

    He quoted Alan Mauldin, research director at telecommunications research firm TeleGeography in Washington, as saying that ordinary people are in the dark about the tapping-related importance of fibre optic cables.

    “They think smartphones are wireless and it goes through the air but they don’t realise it is through cables”, Mauldin said.
    Cochrane, in turn, described Egypt as a major chokepoint in terms of fibre optic cable crossings, claiming “the 15 cables that cross Egypt between the Mediterranean and Red Seas handle between 17 percent to 30 percent of the world population’s internet traffic, or the data of 1.3 billion to 2.3 billion people”.

    Even so, the US has more information-sharing arrangements with some European countries, Japan, and South Korea than with Egypt to intercept data from Russia and China, according to him.

    The journalist did not rule out the Five Eyes being able to use cables in Egypt or its territorial waters, pointing to documents leaked by former NSA agent Edward Snowden in 2013. The documents specifically referred to DancingOasis, a secret NSA base in the Middle East.

    “It is extremely secret. Significantly it was built without [the host] government knowing, which is an immense risk to the Americans”, Cochrane cited investigative journalist Duncan Campbell as saying.

    He added that the location of the base is “pure guesswork”, singling out Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Oman where the base could be situated.

    Established in the post-World War II period, the Five Eyes alliance envisages cooperation in signals intelligence (SIGINT) related to gathering intelligence from terrestrial communications systems, as well as radars and other electronic systems.

    Snowden painted the alliance as a “super national intelligence organisation” that operates far beyond the laws of member countries.”

    • Middle East Eye.
      Qatar’s Other Covert Media Arm

      …Al Jazeera English is more familiar to many in Europe and the United States, but it would be wrong to assume the content between the two channels is equivalent. The English-language Al Jazeera launders the image of its Arabic sibling. Al Jazeera English, for example, dedicates far greater time to minorities, social issues, and women…

      If Al Jazeera English isn’t Qatar’s main means to influence the Western media environment beyond serving to obfuscate the truth about Al Jazeera, then, what is? Here, Middle East Eye – an increasingly prominent web portal – often obscures its finances, but it increasingly fills the gap as Qatar’s chief agent of influence.

      Groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International incorporate MEE stories, as do newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

      Delving into the details of MEE, however, show that it acts far less as a traditional journalistic outlet and far more as an English-language front for Qatari-supported groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.…

      [Quotes] from Muslim Brotherhood theologian Yusuf Qaradawi encouraging followers to utilize “violence against those who deserve it.”

      Over the years, the MEE has bolstered its content with “exclusive” access to Hamas, seemingly acting as the terrorist group’s preferred outlet to the English-speaking world. Hearst has penned editorials praising and defending the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam.

      Long ago, political radicals and terrorists discovered that – so long as they called themselves human rights activists – journalists, other human rights activists, and even diplomats would accept their polemics at face value. It seems that the Qatari government and its Hamas and MB networks have discovered the same principle applies to news outlets and portals…

      • The MSM go berserk over Balkan racism(as they call it) in football matches but it is invariably muslims who are targeted (black, brown or white) as they still hurt over what was done for 500+ years to all of them. Vlad II obtained his little trick of impalement from these same Turks who rather liked dishing it out but were not too keen upon receiving it back. In WW2 when the Bosnian muslim SS were running amok in the then Yugoslavia, they brought it back for Christians as entertainment (no Jews left by then). Needless to say vs the red Army they were military trash. Tito went gunning for them post war but most survivors fled to Turkey and Egypt etc.

  10. Migrants desperate to work occupy Brussels church

    “Sixteen-year-old Mohammed Amine has been sleeping inside St. John the Baptist Church at the Béguinage, in the center of Brussels, for almost a month.

    Amine, originally from Morocco, isn’t homeless — he’s one of up to 200 undocumented migrants who have occupied the 17th-century church since the end of January. The migrants are hoping to raise awareness about their lack of rights in Belgium, and are calling on the government to grant them legal status. Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Sammy Mahdi has described their actions as “blackmail.”

    On the door of the church hangs a makeshift sign: “Liberté, égalité, dignité,” or “Freedom, equality, dignity.” Inside the church, handmade banners read: “Je ne suis pas un esclave,” or “I am not a slave,” and “Travailler sans avoir peur de la police,” or “To work without fear of the police.”

    Mattresses with blankets piled on top are spread out across the church floor, but Amine said it’s often bitterly cold inside. “Since there are no heaters inside it is way too cold. It is, all the time, colder inside than outside the church,” he said.

    Amine came to Belgium two years ago with his mother. The teenager said they were forced to leave as his father had become physically abusive. Amine’s parents were already divorced but he said his father continued to attack his mother and demand money from her. Neighbors didn’t intervene and Amine said his mother’s family refused to help because they were ashamed of her divorce.

    “The neighbors couldn’t help her and my mother’s family couldn’t help her, since they could not accept the idea of a divorced woman in their family.”

    Occupying a church in such large numbers is hardly ideal during a pandemic.

    Karen Naessens, coordinator of the House of Compassion, a Catholic organization that works with the béguinage church to raise awareness of issues of injustice, worries about coronavirus contagion. But she said for many of the migrants, COVID-19 is the least of their concerns.

    “They say, ‘We’re at the end of our tether, we already feel dead inside.’ They say, ‘We cannot have the coronavirus but we cannot continue like this either.'”

    There is no official data on the exact number of undocumented migrants in Belgium, but estimates range from anywhere between 120,000 and 200,000 people, said Ellen Desmet, assistant professor of migration law at Ghent University. Being undocumented means having very few rights in Belgium, Desmet said.

    “The only rights you have as a migrant without papers in Belgium is that you have access to urgent medical care and you can have some material support. But for instance, you do not have the right to work in a legal way.” Desmet said the lack of labor rights leaves many undocumented migrants open to abuse by employers.

    Amine’s mother works as a cleaner in restaurants and in other people’s homes. Most of the migrants occupying the church say they desperately want to work. The pandemic has made things a whole lot worse because many of the black-market jobs have also dried up.

    Some migrants, like 19-year-old Nada, who declined to share her last name, visit the church during the day to join the protest but return home at night. Nada, also from Morocco, has been living in Belgium with her mother for the past five years. She said not having any legal status leaves her feeling trapped.

    “You cannot do anything that you want. You cannot move, you cannot work. I want to continue my study in university, but I cannot. You feel like you are in a cage.”

    The Brussels church has been the location of a number of major protests in the past, including in 1998, 2008, and 2009. Over the last 20 years, the building has experienced almost six years of occupation in total.

    The migrants have reason to believe their demonstration might work. After some of the sit-ins, the government did grant temporary residency permits. But some of those protests also ended in a hunger strike.

    Naessens said there has been mention of a hunger strike this time, too. “I really hope it won’t happen, but I feel and see the desperation they have,” she said.

    Immigration has been a thorny issue for the Belgian government. The previous coalition collapsed following a walkout by the Flemish nationalist party, the NVA, over migration policy.

    It took 16 months for a new administration to take shape. The current coalition is made up of seven political parties, which makes it challenging to reach an agreement on any new immigration laws.

    Professor Desmet said there was some optimism initially when the new secretary of state for asylum and migration, Mahdi, was appointed. Mahdi is the son of an Iraqi refugee who came to Belgium in 1970. But that hope is now fading, Desmet said.

    “I think especially in the beginning, civil society organizations were quite hopeful. But now, already with a few months gone, the stance the secretary of state has taken is that he does not want to enter into negotiations with the migrants, as he considers it blackmail, in his own terms.”

    Just days after the church protest began, Mahdi tweeted that occupying churches and demanding regularization (legalization) was blackmail. “There will be no collective regularization,” he tweeted in Dutch.

    Activist Joachim Debelder with Migrations Libres, a support group that works with undocumented migrants and refugees, said the fact that Mahdi responded so quickly was actually seen as a positive sign by some occupying the church. It showed the government was aware of their demands, and it brought more public attention to their plight.

    But Debelder said Mahdi has also vowed to increase deportations and that a proposal by the previous government to create additional detention centers is still on track.

    “There was a massive plan to build new detention centers, designed by the last coalition,” Debelder said. “They are keeping with this plan, you know. They say that they will make a big effort to increase deportations.”

    Naessens, coordinator with the House of Compassion, said the migration minister has agreed to hold a meeting with the migrants but a date has not yet been set.

    Nada said she cannot imagine what will happen if the minister doesn’t listen to their demands. “He has to change his mind, he has to,” she insisted.

    Amine said mass legalization of all undocumented migrants is the only solution. His mother hired a lawyer to help them apply for legal papers, but the lawyer put forward a poor case, leaving out much of the detail, he said. Their application failed. No matter what happens though, Amine said he cannot go back to Morocco. He is terrified of what his father might do.

    “It’s not just about my life, it’s about my mother’s life, too. He could imprison her in the house or worse,” Amine said.

    The teenager said he also worries that his mother could take her own life if they are deported back to Morocco, and he would be left completely alone.

    Amine knows some of the protests in the past have lasted for months and even years, but he said now he cannot see any other option but to continue the occupation.

    “I actually don’t care how long it will continue — we just want to have a result out of this.””

  11. From the Facebook page of the Muslim, Canadian leader of Hibz ut-Tharir, terror group, Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the ungrateful man from Iraq, living in London, Ontario – -the Islamist who says Muslims owe Canada nothing, Canadian soldiers are war criminals and Muslims should not wear poppies.

    The Hidden Pandemic—The virus of capitalism

    The Devine Cure
    The Hijri year marks 100 years since the destruction of the Khilafah on the 28th Rajab1342.

    In the absence of the Khilafah, the current world order under the virus of secularism and capitalism has wreaked havoc upon humanity. A new era, a new beginning, a new direction and a new vision is needed for the world.

    The return of Islam on the world stage under the Khilafah is the cure for humanity.

    Or as the Muslim Brotherhood hoods say migrate, Muruna —“flexibility” or temporary suspension of Sharee’ah to make Muslim migrants appear (moderate) and blend in until Muslim numerically are strong enough to enforce Sharee’ah, dominate and annihilate.

    Follow the Holy Qur’an:

    5:33. Crucify or amputate the hands and feet of those who make war against Allah and Mohammad.

    7:166. Jews are apes.

    9:31. Fight and subjugate Jews and Christians.

    8:39. Fight the unbelievers until Islam reigns supreme.

    8:12 Allah will terrorize unbelievers, Muslims should behead them.

    So we have Islam, the WHO/ China, Gates/ gene therapy, the New World Order, the Pope, Justine Trudeau, Merle, and the mail-in guy.

  12. Eritrean bloodbath in Rotterdam, the Netherlands:

    Violent stabbing in Rotterdam; witness calls it ‘a bloodbath’
    A man was seriously injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a bizarre stabbing on the Middellandstraat in Rotterdam, national newspaper AD reports. According to witness Jeroen (53), a man with a large knife stabbed the victim like a madman. The witness managed to save the victim by beating the suspect with a club, he says. “It was a bloodbath.”

    The stabbing took place on the street in Rotterdam-West. For the time being, the police only know that a quarrel between the two men preceded the incident. Witness Jeroen reports that he saw from his van that a man was lying on the street and someone was sitting on him. “I saw that they were small men and thought: I have to do something and wanted to tear them apart. But when I got closer, I saw that one man with a knife of I think 30 centimeters stabbed the other. On his face, neck, arms, legs, and stomach. It was a bloodbath, “Jeroen describes.

    As fast as he could, he took a steel brush from his car and hit the perpetrator hard on the back of his head. “He looked around for a moment and then continued stabbing the victim. I only heard them screaming and shouting in Tigrinya (Eritrean). Then I took a bat from my car and gave that man an incredible blow to the back of the head.”

    But then the perpetrator went after Jeroen and jumped into his bus. “I then opened the door on the other side and gave him another hard blow with the bat.” “Then the suspect fell to the ground, and the police were on the scene. The ambulance service arranged for the victim to be taken by emergency transport to the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. The suspect also had to go there because he was also injured.”

    Both men will be arrested, a police spokeswoman said. She confirms that the witness assisted the victim and that the suspect was injured in the process.

    In Dutch (with photo):

  13. More anti-lockdown violence in the Netherlands:

    Two people arrested for social media post, plan to ‘set fire’ to corona test site
    The police arrested two people who allegedly called on social media to “set fire” to the municipal coronavirus test site in Eindhoven (Noord-Brabant). It concerns a 57-year-old woman from Andel (Noord-Brabant) and a 37-year-old man from Gilze (Noord-Brabant). The police suspect them of posting messages that may incite violence.

    On Friday, the police said they received various signals about the incident. Police warn that not only posting but also sharing messages that may incite violence is a criminal offense.

    Corona test sites have been targeted in recent times. On Wednesday, there was an explosion at the test site in Bovenkarspel (Noord-Holland). At the end of January, flammable goods were found at a test location in Hilversum (Noord-Holland), and in Urk the municipal test site was set on fire on 23 January.

  14. Another explosion of peace in the Netherlands. Given all the countermeasures that banks implemented, robbers moved on from ATMs to shops. No prizes for guessing the demographic behind this. It’s worrying that these guys have access to professional explosives:

    Heavy explosives used to break in to jeweler; two arrests made
    An explosion at the Punte jewelry store at around 4 a.m. on Friday caused massive damage to the store itself, and the surrounding buildings on the Choorstraat in the center of Utrecht.

    The three suspects reportedly fled on a scooter. Two of them, a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old from Utrecht, have since been arrested, the police report. Their accomplice was still on the run Friday afternoon.

    At least four stores were badly damaged in the event. The steel shutter of the jewelry store flew through the window and shattered glass covered the pavement in front.

    “Broken windows usually mean a lot of damage to jewelry and watches. I think the damage will be immense. This is a considerable loss, especially in this day and age”, owner of the store, Ruud Reijers, says to RTV Utrecht.

    It was not immediately clear if the thieves were able to get away with any valuables, although Reijers says it is likely. Four times in the past one and a half year Reijers claims robbers have tried to break in to his shop, twice successfully.

    “This is so bitter”, Reijers says to the AD. “We had just opened. Sometimes your courage just evaporates. I am angry and sad.”

    Many owners of other stores in the street came to show their support. Bridal store owner, Alexandra Covers, is outraged about the crime. “How dare they”, she says, “These teenage boys.”

    Stores in the shopping street will stay closed until police have gathered more evidence and secured the area. The Choorstraat has been largely blocked until further notice. The residents of the neighboring houses have to leave their homes temporarily until experts can determine if any explosives remain.

    The burglary suspects reportedly wore black clothing at the time of the crime and fled on a black and grey scooter.

  15. Remember when Justine Trudeau appointed a committee to study the pros and cons of migrants. The committee’s study found it better to leave the people in their own countries, housed on the borders, rather then totally displace them elsewhere. The cost factor of leaving them in their own country, with the hopes of them returning to their regions as opposed to bringing them to Canada was 12 to 1. The committee unanimously supported them staying, Justine brought them in — a vote is a vote, is a vote.

    • I love reading reports – studies

      Woman’s Ass Size Study
      10 % think their ass is too skinny.
      30 % think their ass is too fat.
      60 % say they don’t care, they love him, he is a good man, and they would not trade him for the world!

      Keep on the sunny side.

  16. Honor violence in Samsun, Turkey. Warning, graphic violence:

    March 7 2021 Turkey: man kicks and hits his wife–man-kicks-and-hits-his-wife.BJxBQb4MQu.html
    In Turkey, an amateur video sparked a debate about violence against women: The recording shows a man brutally mistreating his ex-wife – in front of their child, on the street.
    In Turkey, a video of a man who brutally kicks and beats his ex-wife on the street and in front of their daughter’s eyes caused horror.
    The state news agency Anadolu reported that an arrest warrant was issued against the man on Sunday.
    According to Anadolu, the act occurred on Saturday evening in the northern Turkish city of Samsun.
    A video recorded from the window of surrounding houses shows the woman lying lifeless on the floor.
    The man kicks the woman’s head and body several times, hits her in the face, lifts her head and heaves it on the floor.
    Arrest that evening
    The five-year-old daughter stands by and screams.
    Local residents called an ambulance, according to Anadolu.
    According to official information, the woman is not in mortal danger.
    The alleged perpetrator was arrested that evening.

    • The video was shared widely on social media and caused dismayed reactions.
      The communications director of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, Fahrettin Altun, described the act on Twitter as “brutality” that is angry.
      The case will be followed closely.
      The organization “We will stop the murder of women” called for the implementation of existing rules for the protection of women.
      According to the organization, at least 300 women were killed by men in Turkey last year.
      In half of the cases, the partner was the perpetrator.
      A rally is planned in Istanbul on Monday to mark International Women’s Day.

    • Standard muslim male way of settling domestic arguments and happens everywhere where there are muslims. His mistake was to do so in front of a lens. Only doctors and nurses who are women see the scars and bruises from this “normal” treatment. Pieces of scalp torn off are not uncommon as are fractures. I once had compassion for them but not now.

      • This behavior is legal in some muslim countries. It was legal in Syria about 10 years ago.
        Your daughter is seen to talking to a stanger, so you bury her alive.. no harm, no foul.


    Are they trying to divert our attention away from the first-degree murder charge by replacing it with the J-walking charge? Who gives a rat’s behind if Cuomo made eyes at an assistant or patted her precious butt compared to committing Adolf Eichmann/Pol Pot-sized genocidal atrocities against nursing home patients in New York for no other reason than political posturing and personal hatred of the President? Cuomo should spend the rest of his life in Pelican Bay Supermax solitary confinement (for his own protection) with no tv, no books, and lights on 24/7 in deafening silence… just sitting on his concrete bench staring at the white wall forever and contemplating what an evil soul-less bastard he is. They’re trying to lump him in with Bill O’Reilly and the rest who might or might not have committed “sexual harassment” – no big deal. But Cuomo is a lot worse than that and deserves to burn in hell…

    • MARCH 04 – twitter @breaking911

      New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says Governor Cuomo shouldn’t resign unless a fourth accuser comes forward

      MARCH 06 – twitter @breaking911

      A fourth woman has accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment -WSJ

      MARCH 06 – twitter @breaking911

      A fifth woman has accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment -Daily Mail

    • Cuomo: ‘There is no way I resign’

      Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said again Sunday that he has no plans to resign—this after two more accusers came forward over the weekend–bringing the total number to five.

      Cuomo, in a conference call with reporters, said Attorney General Letitia James should complete her investigation into the accusations of sexual misconduct.

      “I’m not going to resign because of allegations,” the Governor said.

      “The premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic,” he said. “And we’ve always done the exact opposite. You know, the system is based on due process and the credibility of the allegation. Anybody has the ability to make an allegation in democracy, and that’s great, but it’s in the credibility of the allegation.”

      “Let the attorney general do her job,” he said. “She’s very good. She’s very competent. And that will be due process and then we’ll have the facts.”

      “There is no way I resign. Let’s do the attorney general investigation. Let’s do the findings and then we go from there. But I’m not going to be distracted by this either. We have to get a budget done in three weeks. We have a lot of work to do, a lot of work to do for this state. This is not about me and accusations about me. The attorney general can handle that. This is about doing the people’s business and this next six months I believe will determine the future trajectory for New York state.”

      Cuomo said people calling for his resignation “don’t override the people’s will.”

      “They don’t get to hear an allegation and make a determination on the allegation,” the governor said. “The people elected me, not the politicians. And the politicians want to play politics, that’s what they do.”

    • Are they trying to divert our attention away from the first-degree murder charge by replacing it with the J-walking charge?

      Yes. That’s it exactly.
      He’s not the only governor who got KILLER kick-backs.

  18. ICE director under Obama refutes Biden admin’s claims of ‘compassion’ at border – Liberty Unyielding
    Rusty Weiss
    4-5 minutes

    ICE director under Obama refutes Biden admin’s claims of ‘compassion’ at border

    Thomas Homan (Image: C-SPAN)

    Former ICE Director Tom Homan blasted DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for statements claiming the department is working to “replace the cruelty” of the Trump administration at the border with “an orderly humane and safe immigration process.” Mayorkas was referring to the family separation policies of the previous administration as “the most powerful example of cruelty.”

    And he urged patience in trying to shift gears. “It takes time to build out of the depths of cruelty that the administration before us established,” he said.

    Homan fired back in an interview with Fox News, “Don’t tell me this is compassion! Putting your children in the hands of criminal cartels is inhumane, is dangerous, and it’s just bad,” he countered. “So, I’ve seen it and I just, I can’t believe that statement was even made.”

    Al Jazeera previously reported that cartels in Mexico “recruit children to smuggle people” into the United States.

  19. Congress approves ‘COVID relief’ package that harms America’s future economic well-being – Liberty Unyielding
    Hans Bader
    5-6 minutes

    Congress approves ‘COVID relief’ package that harms America’s future economic well-being

    Congress has approved $1.9 trillion more in federal spending, in a so-called “COVID relief” package. As a result, our national debt is going to be far bigger than our economy. Our country is already deep in debt — as indebted as the European countries that had to be bailed out during the European debt crisis. Those countries’ national debts were almost 130% of their economy (GDP). But unlike those countries, which were small, our country is too big to bail out. So we could experience a devastating financial crisis as a result.

    Our national debt was 127% of the size of our economy in 2020, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. It was 136%, according to another source.

    The COVID-relief package will increase the debt by at least another 9% of GDP. Even before it passed, the budget deficit was already 15% of the economy. So the national debt may be 50% bigger than our economy by the end of 2021.

    • How much of it is to help rebuild the cities the democrats allowed antifa/blm to burn down and will it also cover what they threaten do in the future?

      • I don’t know the full details but from what I have been reading very little will be spent to repair the riot damage, and very little will be spent to prevent more riots. Remember the true purpose of the riots (from the far left point of view) was to help create enough chaos to allow the far left to seize total control. They don’t have total control and must still semi work inside the law, they still have to create the situation where they can suspend the Constitution and US Code. Once it reaches that stage they will never peacefully return to the rule of law and follow the Constitution.

    • The Dems have purged the entertainment industry, they are purging the military, purging the financial and business sectors is next on their list.

    • Iran: Tehran threatens to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa following Gantz comments

      Iranian Defence Minister threatened Iran “will level Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground” if Israel “makes further mistakes,” in Tehran, on Sunday.

      His remarks come in response to Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz comments saying Israel is working on potential plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites if the world does not stop Iran’s ‘nuclear escalation’.

      Speaking to press Hatami said, “The Zionist regime is not our main enemy, it is not at all the worth and size of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It knows, and if it does not know, it should know that if it makes further mistakes, we will level Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground.”

      “I advise and emphasise that they do not make these many mistakes, even by words,” he added.

      The comments come as US President Joe Biden’s administration seeks to rejoin the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.


      SOT, Amir Hatami, Iranian Defence Minister (Farsi): “The Zionist regime is not our main enemy, it is not at all the worth and size of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It knows, and if it does not know, it should know that if it makes further mistake, we will level Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground. The command of the commander of all the forces has been carefully executed. If it commits further mistakes, it knows, and if it does not know, it should know that this command is turned into a plan, will be executed with a gesture of the commander. I advise and emphasise that they do not make these many mistakes, even by words.”

    • I wish we could convince my Russki’s son and his family to shake Kiev’s dust off their feet and split.
      My Russki has to go there, talk turkey (so to speak). Maybe get his other son who lives in Israel to back him up.

      Whenever travel reumes.

  20. USA – Nearly 2 Million Airport Workers May Pose Security Threat as U.S. Studies Cost of Screening Them

    Nearly 2 million workers with unescorted access to security restricted areas at airports throughout the U.S. could pose an “insider threat,” according to a new federal audit, yet the government is still studying how to effectively curb the risk.

    Congress has tasked the famously inefficient Transportation Security Administration (TSA), created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to protect the nation’s transportation system, with submitting a plan examining the cost and feasibility of enhanced worker screening measures at American airports, but it seems that the agency cannot handle the task.

    The assignment was embedded in a 2018 law, TSA Modernization Act, that aims to improve the agency’s screening technologies, streamline its passenger screening process and mandate more rigorous background checks of airport workers, among other things.

    • Having a demented puppet with corporate money men, who have objectives unrelated to world safety and peace, pulling the strings is an absolutely certain disaster recipe as neither are capable of sensible strategic diplomacy in time of peace nor strategy in time of war. I had missed this point. Thank you Richard.

  21. Myanmar coup: 54 casualties, days of unrest and massive protests continue to rock Myanmar
    •Mar 7, 2021

  22. VACCINE – Adverse Incident Reports Show 966 Deaths Following Vaccination for COVID-19

    Between Dec. 14 and Feb. 19, 19,769 reports were made to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following immunizations with either the Moderna or Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccines (the only two vaccines given during the time period assessed). At this time, VAERS data is not available after Feb. 19.

    The 966 deaths represent 5 percent of the total number of adverse events reports. Of those who died, 86, (8.9 percent) died on the same day they got the shot. An additional 129, (13.4 percent) died within one day. An additional 97 died within 2 days, and 61 within 3 days.

    A total of 514 (53.2 percent) died within a week. 173 died within 7-13 days. 106 within 14-20 days.

    85 percent of deaths occurred in individuals over 60; below 60 there were five deaths among those aged 20-29; 8 aged 30-39; 20 aged 40-49; and 57 aged 50-59.

    For detailed information drawn from the VAERS reports, see charts provided at the link at the end of this article.

    • Paraguay: Clashes as anti-govt protests over COVID response enter second night

      Protesters and security forces clashed in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion on the night from Saturday to Sunday as the unrest over the government’s poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic continued.

      Protesters waved flags and rallied outside the residency of the President for the resignation of President Mario Abdo Benitez, complaining about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. They demanded improvement in the health system infrastructure, indicating the lack of hospital beds and vaccines.

      “The population has been demanding this since last night in a framework of a strong government crisis, institutional crisis, political crisis,” one of the protesters said.

      In response to the violent protests, Benitez has now asked all his ministers to step down.

      SOT, Protester (Spanish): “The population is calling for the removal of the cabinet of President Abdo Benitez and the resignation of the president under the motto that everyone must leave. The population has been demanding this since last night in a framework of strong government crisis, institutional crisis, political crisis. We want the recomposition of the possibility of respecting the right of the population that begins with the collapse of the health system due to COVID-19.”

      SOT, Protester (Spanish): “If this is the Paraguay we deserve, I don’t know what we’re doing here because this country is at least 100 years behind and these guys have been in government for 101 years and this has no future.”

    • global news – Toronto ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines 24/7 as long as supply allows

      …Offering COVID-19 vaccines around the clock will be an important step to fighting the pandemic.

    • Queen cites progress in COVID fight in Commonwealth Day message

      Queen Elizabeth praised the “renewed sense of closeness” the coronavirus pandemic has brought to communities around the world in a video message released on Sunday to mark Commonwealth Day.

      She said “innovative technology” had allowed people to stay in touch – at a time of increased isolation – and brought “immediacy that transcends boundaries or division, helping any sense of distance to disappear.”

      During her address, she highlighted “the courage, commitment and selfless dedication to duty” made by medical staff and other public service workers fighting the pandemic.

      She also spoke about the achievements made in developing new vaccines and treatments against COVID-19.

      The Commonwealth Day service is held every year at Westminster Abbey in London but was cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

      It will be replaced by a special program – “A Celebration for Commonwealth Day” – which will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday.

    • China says ready to work with IOC to provide vaccines to Olympians

      As China and Japan will host the Olympics, the two sides will support each other and deepen cooperation, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

      Wang made the remarks at a press conference on the sidelines of the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature.

      China is ready to work with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to provide vaccines to Olympians, Wang noted.

    • Former CDC director: Lifting mask mandates is ‘very dangerous

      Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden argues against the cancellation of mask mandates. He tells ‘Fox News Sunday’ mask mandates are a way of ‘preserving our health and our economy.’

  23. “The Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Woke Actor Running for London Mayor: Exclusive with Laurence Fox” American Thought Leaders – March 6, 2021

  24. Combating Islamophobia in Canada through social media

    A Toronto couple is using their online platform to educate Canadians about Islam and the dangers of Islamophobia.

    Sana Saleh and her husband Will create educational videos for their more than two million followers across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

  25. Swiss People Vote for ‘Burqa Ban’ in National Referendum

    “Swiss voters narrowly approved on Sunday a proposal to ban face coverings, both the niqabs and burqas worn by a few Muslim women in the country and the ski masks and bandannas used by protesters.

    The measure will outlaw covering one’s face in public places like restaurants, sports stadiums, public transport or simply walking in the street. It foresees exceptions at religious sites and for security or health reasons, such as face masks people are wearing now to protect against COVID-19, as well as for traditional Carnival celebrations. Authorities have two years to draw up detailed legislation.

    Two Swiss cantons, or states, Ticino and St. Gallen, already have similar legislation that foresees fines for transgressions. National legislation will put Switzerland in line with countries such as Belgium and France that have already enacted similar measures.

    The Swiss government had opposed the measure as excessive, arguing that full-face coverings are a “marginal phenomenon.” It argued that the ban could harm tourism – most Muslim women who wear such veils in Switzerland are visitors from well-heeled Persian Gulf states, who are often drawn to Swiss lakeside cities.

    Experts estimate that at most a few dozen Muslim women wear full-face coverings in the country of 8.5 million people.

    Supporters of the proposal, which came to a vote five years after it was launched, argued that the full-face coverings symbolize the repression of women and said the measure is needed to uphold a basic principle that faces should be shown in a free society like Switzerland’s.

    In the end, 51.2 per cent of voters supported the plan. There were majorities against it in six of Switzerland’s 26 cantons – among them those that include the country’s three biggest cities, Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, and the capital, Bern. SRF public television reported that voters in several popular tourist destinations including Interlaken, Lucerne and Zermatt rejected it.

    Backers included the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, which is the strongest in parliament. The committee that launched the proposal is led by a lawmaker from the party, Walter Wobmann, and also initiated a ban on the construction of new minarets that voters approved in 2009.

    A coalition of left-leaning parties that opposes the proposal put up signs ahead of the referendum that read: “Absurd. Useless. Islamophobic.”

    Wobmann told SRF that the initiative addressed both “a symbol of a completely different system of values … extremely radical Islam” and security against “hooligans.” He said that “this has nothing to do with symbolic politics.”

    Voters had their say on two other issues Sunday. They clearly rejected a proposed voluntary “e-ID” to improve the security of online transactions – an idea that ran afoul of privacy advocates, as it would have been issued by private companies – and narrowly approved a free-trade deal with Indonesia.”

    • Yesterday I posted a video from India about Kamala being given crash courses on international relations so she can handle the job of President. The only other option is to let Obama make the calls and blow the lid off the entire scam.

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