German vaccine maker gives ingredients and method for effective (non-mRNA) immunization for Covid 19

Please open this link in Google Chrome, which does a good job of translating this from the original german and settle back for a read. This is an article from Prof. Dr. Winfried Stöcker.

Dr. Stoker, who appears to be a bona fide maker of vaccines, details how previous vaccines work, and how one made via recombinant DNA which has been used for decades against Hep B and more, could have been easily and cheaply made for Covid 19 and one facility could easily make a million doses a day with no serious allergens like polyethylene Glycol, which is causing a lot of side effects and allergic reactions in a large number of recipients of the new mRNA therapy.

On a related note, readers of this site will note how Hydroxychloroquine as well as Ivermectin are considerably more difficult to get now than heroin or cocaine, at least for the treatment of the Wuhan Flu.

The thing about HCQ is, that its useless to treat Covid unless it is taken with a therapeutic dose of Zinc sulphate. The good news is, that an inexpensive over the counter substitute for Hydroxychloroquine is now available even at Costco, and that is Quercetin. It has a lot of contraindications however, meaning HCQ might be safer than this over the counter substance, but it is out there.

The bad news is that both HCQ and Quercetin are what are called, “Zinc ionophores” meaning that they allow zinc sulphate to enter the cell and the zinc is actually what stops the virus from reproducing and stops the disease and transmissibility of Kung Flu in days.

Ok terrific.

Now try and find Zinc Sulphate anywhere. The Zelenko protocol asks for:

So now we can substitute the prescription, (although very safe and previously widely prescribed medication for many things such as but not limited to, some forms of arthritis, and malaria prevention, for the possibly more dangerous (depending on what other medications you take) quercetin, but the common supplement Zinc Sulphate, other than for moss proofing rooftops, cannot be found. And the roof grade may not be a good idea to swallow.

What does all this add up to?

Either incompetence on a global scale that killed hundreds of thousands of people that could have been saved, or a malicious use of a crisis in order to implement changes and take away rights and freedoms by governments that have a great deal of certainty that they know what is best for them, and that none of us matter at all.

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  1. Lots of zinc everywhere. Best try bioavailable.
    But 220 mg seems pretty high… makes people sick higher than 100. (Maybe not as sick as covid.)

  2. And when you eat, red meat, shellfish(oysters), nuts(cashews) and seeds like pumpkin/sesame seeds contain more zinc than usual just in case you cannot obtain the 220 mg pharmaceutical kind

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