OBEY: Canada post suspends mail to Toronto apartment buildings cause some residents had no masks

Canada Post suspends mail delivery to 2 Toronto highrises after some residents seen without masks

Canada Post has suspended mail delivery to two highrise buildings in Toronto because it says some residents who live there are not wearing masks in common areas that postal workers must use to drop off mail.

In an email to CBC Toronto on Sunday, the Crown corporation said mail delivery has been suspended at 100 and 150 Graydon Hall, near Don Mills Road and Highway 401. Residents must now pick up their mail at a Canada Post depot at 70 Wynford Dr., roughly an eight-minute drive or 27-minute bus ride away.

“It’s very frustrating,” May Aboayda, one resident, said on Sunday. “I’m going to move from this building. It’s too much.”

Aboayda said residents are following the rules. “Everyone is wearing a mask. We don’t have any cases in the building. So many people are waiting for their documents. I hope they will solve this problem soon,” she said.

Canada Post said the service suspension is due to safety concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“Within the areas of the buildings delivery employees must access to deliver mail, some individuals are not wearing masks,” Valérie Chartrand, spokesperson for Canada Post, said in an email on Sunday.

(There is more at the CBC link above, for those that want the freshest and most complete propaganda from the Politburo.)

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2 Replies to “OBEY: Canada post suspends mail to Toronto apartment buildings cause some residents had no masks”

  1. They act as if the coronavirus is ebola or pneumatic plague or smallpox and has the tendency to kill ordinary people on contact instead of a flu bug that’s only dangerous to a tiny at-risk segment of the population who are near death already. These postal workers are acting as if they’re taking their lives into their hands as they deliver the mail but all they are risking is the possibility of being under the weather for a few weeks. The school teachers are doing the same thing. They call themselves “front-line workers” as if they’re manning the barricades at the Battle of Stalingrad, bravely risking their lives on a daily basis with their heroic bravery, when they’re just risking getting a bit sick and then getting better a week or so later.

    It’s always been a little-known fact that an ordinary flu can occasionally kill a young healthy person, but the typical healthy 35-year-old nurse or teacher has little to fear from COVID-19 so I’d ask them to please stop pretending they are the 300 at Thermopylae…

  2. I live right across the street from Graydon Hall. Everyone I see is wearing a mask. In my building the only ones not wearing masks are young black males who appear to be visiting or delivering.

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