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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Saudi-led Coalition Destroys Houthi Ballistic Missile Launched Towards Jizan, Reports Say (sputniknews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “Earlier, the Houthi movement had announced that it now controls most of Marib, a key city in Yemen.

    According to reports, the Saudi-led coalition destroyed a ballistic missile launched towards Jizan in the south of the kingdom.

    Earlier, Yemen’s Houthi rebels said that had fired a missile at a Saudi Aramco facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea.

    “The missile forces managed today to strike [a facility] of the Saudi Aramco company in Jeddah with a Quds 2 cruise missile. The strike was precise,” Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea said.

    There has been no instant confirmation from Saudi Arabia…”

  2. Protest Rally in Syria Crushed by Militants, Russian Reconciliation Centre Says (sputniknews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “About 150 people attended a protest rally in Syria’s al-Bab with calls for the withdrawal of pro-Turkish units, the rally was brutally suppressed by militants, five local residents were wounded, Rear Adm. Alexander Karpov, deputy head of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria, said…”

  3. ‘Undesirable’: Denmark Dismisses UN Calls to Repatriate Jihadists (sputniknews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “While the Danish government emphasised that its citizens remain in internment camps in Syria for the sake of the country’s security, several assessments pointed out that the risk of radicalisation grows the longer they stay in the camps, which have been deemed “radicalising environments” themselves.

    Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, has unleashed harsh criticism on the Danish government over the handling of its citizens in internment camps in northeastern Syria.

    “Denmark has always been an advocate for tolerance, human rights and the letter of the law. But you can not just preach it, you must live by it – even when it is difficult politically,” Ní Aoláin said in an interview with Danish Radio, calling on the country to repatriate its citizens, including former jihadists, Daesh* brides and their children, from the Kurdish-controlled prison camps in northeastern Syria.

    At least two men, seven women and 19 children affiliated with Denmark currently live in the camps. Of the 19 children, nine were born in Denmark, while ten were born in the conflict zone. The Scandinavian country has been put on the UN’s “list of shame”, which features 57 countries that have failed to repatriate their citizens.

    “Here we have a state like Denmark pretend to support the Convention on the Rights of the Child, pretend to have a human rights starting point for how it treats its citizens, advocate for separating children, who have already been traumatised beyond belief, from their mothers”, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin said, emphasising that the life-long trauma will make it much less likely for the children to ever reintegrate into society.

    Ní Aoláin also emphasised the poor conditions at al-Hol and al-Roj internment camps in northeastern Syria, comparing them to “torture”.

    A Principled Decision

    However, the Danish government made a principled decision that people who had left Denmark to join the terrorists’s cause should not receive help in returning home. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that Denmark will only take back children whose parents “explicitly agree” to separation.

    “The children are in a terrible situation, and I am sure that the conditions in the camps are not suitable for children to be there. But in our view, this does not mean that the people who have turned their backs on Denmark must return. Foreign fighters [how jihadists are often called in Danish official parlance] are undesirable in Denmark, regardless of whether they are mothers or fathers. It hurts because it’s about the children. Parents must take responsibility for this,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen explained the government’s stance, as quoted by Danish Radio.

    According to a letter by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, which Danish Radio has come in possession of, Danish citizens remain in the internment camps for the sake of the country’s security.

    “This government sees it as one of its most important tasks to maintain Denmark’s security. We must take care of Denmark and the Danes,” Frederiksen wrote to lawyer Bjørn Elmquist, who represents a Daesh mother and two children stuck in al-Hol camp.
    Radicalising Environments

    Elmquist himself called the letter “an expression for the lack of humanity and humanism”, which “permeates the attitudes of the government toward foreigners”.

    Maja Touzari Greenwood at the Danish Institute for International Studies underscored that the camps are in themselves “radicalising environments”.

    “After all, it is the Daesh camps they are in. And as the children get older, that process becomes more and more cemented,” Greenwood told Danish Radio.

    According to the latest threat assessment by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) adults who voluntarily chose to travel to the terrorist “caliphate” remain a “threat to Denmark”. The same assessment found that young children do not necessarily pose an immediate threat, but the risk of radicalisation increases with age and the longer they stay in prison camps.

    Denmark’s neighbour country Sweden repatriated several children fathered by avowed jihadists, yet still came under fire from Fionnuala Ní Aoláin for not acting promptly enough…”

  4. Ten Police Test Positive for Coronavirus on Migrant Hotspot Island (breitbart, Mar 4, 2021)

    “Policemen on the migrant hotspot island of Lampedusa have complained they are not getting enough protection after ten officers tested positive for the Wuhan virus.

    Currently, 500 migrants live on the island, a hotspot for illegal aliens arriving mainly from Tunisia and Libya, with 60 migrants testing positive for the coronavirus in recent weeks.

    As a result, local police unions have expressed anger over a lack of protection for officers from the spread of infection, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

    Valter Mazzetti, secretary-general of the Fsp Polizia di Stato union, said of the situation: “The officers on duty in Lampedusa pay for someone’s indifference and superficiality, and it is time for them to find out who, and for this someone to pay.”

    “You can’t play with the health of cops like that,” Mazzetti continued, claiming the union had been working since last August to improve conditions and noted that the migrant structure on the island has capacity for just under 200 people but often hosts over a thousand migrants at a time.

    Mazzetti went on to add that many of the migrants at the centre do not wear masks. Officers also must remain inside the centre with the illegal aliens to prevent riots, but lamented that ten officers could not stop a thousand migrants from rioting if such an event were to occur.

    This year, Italy has seen a surge of asylum seekers arriving compared to the first months of 2020, with Lampedusa seeing nearly double the number of new landings…”

  5. Afghan offical says gunmen kill 7 workers, bomb kills doctor (abcnews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “At least seven Afghan civilians were shot and killed by unknown gunmen overnight in the country’s east, a provincial security official said Thursday.

    Gen. Juma Gul Hemat, provincial police chief in Nangarhar province said the victims of the brutal attack were workers at a plaster factory in the Sorkh Rod district. Police arrested four suspects, he added.

    In a separate attack in Jalalabad, a female doctor was killed when a sticky bomb attacked to a rickshaw she was traveling in exploded, the provincial governor’s office said. The doctor was working for the maternity ward of the provincial hospital and was on her way to work.

    The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for similar attacks, but many others have gone unclaimed. The government blames most on the Taliban, who deny any role and in turn blame the government.

    Meanwhile in western Herat province, 39 people, both military and civilians, were wounded when security forces launched an operation to arrest a local militia commander, sparking a firefight, the govornor’s office said. The wounded, including three children, are being treated.”

  6. UN: 20 migrants die after thrown overboard en route to Yemen (abcnews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “The International Organization for Migration says at least 20 migrants are dead after smugglers threw 80 overboard during a voyage from Djibouti in East Africa to Yemen.

    A statement says “smugglers started shouting there were too many on board” after the boat with 200 migrants, including children under 18, set off on Wednesday.

    The IOM says five bodies have been recovered, and survivors are being treated in Djibouti.

    This has happened before as thousands of migrants continue to try to make their way from the Horn of Africa to Yemen and then on to rich Gulf countries.

    The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting closed borders have slowed but not stopped the flow of migrants. The IOM said about 138,000 people made the journey in 2019 but just 37,500 in 2020.

    It is not immediately clear what countries the migrants in this latest journey were from, but many make the voyage from Ethiopia and Somalia.

    In October, at least eight migrants drowned after smugglers forced them off a boat near Djibouti.

    In 2017, up to 50 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia were “deliberately drowned” when a smuggler forced them into the sea off Yemen’s coast. And in 2018, at least 30 migrants and refugees died when a boat capsized off Yemen, with survivors reporting gunfire.”

  7. Press Identify Suspected Terrorist Axe Attacker as Afghan Migrant, Three in ‘Life-Threatening’ Condition (breitbart, Mar 4, 2021)

    “Hospital officials say three people wounded in an assault by a man using an axe in southern Sweden are in life-threatening condition and police have reduced the overall number of victims to seven.

    The suspected assailant, a man in his twenties, was shot, arrested and is being treated in a hospital, police said. A press conference was expected later Thursday on the attack.

    The other victims of Wednesday’s assault in the small town of Vetlanda, 190 kilometres (118 miles) south-east of Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden’s second-largest city, include two seriously injured people, two with moderate injuries, and one who is slightly injured, the Jonkoping region said in a statement late Wednesday.

    The attack took place in the afternoon and police say there are five crime scenes in Vetlanda, a town of 13,000. The man’s motive was not immediately known.

    Police said the man, who they would not identify in line with Swedish policy, is known to them for petty crimes. Overnight, officers raided an apartment where he was reportedly staying. The Expressen tabloid said the suspect was a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan…”

    • Axe-Wielding Attacker in Sweden of Afghan Origin, Reports Say

      – The man accused of stabbing people in the Swedish municipality of Vetlanda is of Afghan origin, media reported on Thursday.

      Late on Wednesday, a man attacked people with an axe in Vetlanda, leaving eight injured. Three of them sustained serious life-threatening injuries. The victims were hospitalized and the attacker was arrested.

      According to the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper, the Afghan-born 22-year-old man arrived in Sweden in 2018 and has since lived in Vetlanda.

      Swedish police are currently studying whether the stabbing attack had terrorist motives. The attacker is now being monitored by law enforcement authorities, as the crimes he committed were minor.

      Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has denounced the attack, saying that the country will respond to “these terrifying actions with the collective power of society.”

      reuters – Swedish police raid apartment after knife attack

  8. ZERO Illegal Boat Migrants Deported Since Brexit Despite Record Arrivals: Report (breitbart, Mar 4, 2021)

    “Priti Patel’s Home Office has reportedly failed to launch a single deportation flight for illegal migrants since the United Kingdom officially left the European Union’s institutions at the beginning of the year.

    So far this year, a record 587 boat migrants have been brought ashore by the authorities, with 66 illegals landing on Tuesday. This is over double the number that landed during the same time period last year, which stood at 246, according to the BBC.

    Following Brexit, the United Kingdom amended its immigration laws, meaning that migrants can no longer claim asylum if they were either intercepted at sea or are found to have passed through a safe third country prior to coming to Britain.

    Despite this, the Home Office under the leadership of Priti Patel has yet to carry out any flights to deport the hundreds of migrants that have landed this year, The Telegraph reports…”

  9. LITHIUM BATTERIES: How do you Extinguish a Lithium Battery Fire?

    A few weeks ago I asked a fire fighter friend how they extinguish electric vehicle battery fires.

    He said “Oh you mean like a Tesla or something? The answer is you can’t. You cordon off the area, and spray a fine mist of water on the fire to try to keep the temperature down until it finishes burning. Takes a few days until it is safe”.

    The problem is, besides being highly flammable, lithium is literally the lightest metal. At atomic number 3, it is the first element in the periodic table which is a solid. The two previous elements, hydrogen and helium, are both gasses.

    Lithium is so light, it floats on water (lithium density 0.543, half the density of water). Lithium is entirely happy to blaze away while sitting on the surface of a puddle of water.

    So if you try to smother a lithium fire with sand, the sand sinks to the bottom, and the lithium floats on top.

    Lithium melts at 180C / 356F, and burns at 2000C / 3632F – almost hot enough to melt steel, more than hot enough to destroy most composites and metals like aluminium.

    The fumes from a burning lithium fire are highly toxic, capable of causing death or long term dementia like brain injuries – so you need to keep members of the public at a safe distance. Fire fighters need to wear respirators if they approach the flame.

    There are chemical extinguishers, but my fire station friend didn’t seem to think much of them, at least not for large lithium fires.

    I guess you might be able to smother a large lithium fire by dropping a Chernobyl style sarcophagus made of steel on top of it, or possibly made of some other material which could handle the heat. Then you could fill the sarcophagus with an inert gas like Argon, or just wait for the oxygen to run out. But equipping fire departments with a sarcophagus device large enough to smother an EV fire, and the equipment required to deploy it, would be an expensive exercise.

    What does your fire department do when they have to extinguish a large lithium fire? I’d love to know, so I can tell Australian fire departments. Cordon off the area and spray a mist of water at the fire for a few days would be a serious inconvenience or worse, if the burning vehicle was say blocking an important road junction, on the high street, or in someone’s residential or workplace garage or workshop.

    • This should be printed on all ads for vehicles using lithium batteries. Big black box, poison synbol. Scrawl along the bottom of every promotional video.

    • Elbit Wins $300 Million Contract in Asia for Hermes ?????

      Israel’s Elbit Systems announced on Monday that it has been awarded a contract worth about $300 million to supply Hermes 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems to an unnamed country in Asia. The contract will be fulfilled over five years.

      In a press release, Elbit said it will supply its Asian client with Hermes 900 UAS and associated systems, and will also provide maintenance and support services.

      The Hermes 900 UAS has so far been sold to 12 countries – a testament to its competitive edge and technological sophistication, the defense contractor said.

      Elbit Systems President and CEO Bezhalel Machlis said, “There is a continuous demand for integrating unmanned systems to cope with a growing variety of operational needs. Our operational portfolio of autonomous capabilities, in all domains of operation, positions us competitively to address these needs.”
      Ok, this time it’s Singapore.
      MASSIVE increase in purchases over the last year.

  10. Germany’s domestic security agency has placed the far-right AfD under surveillance for posing a threat to democracy, parliamentary sources said Wednesday, dealing a blow to the anti-immigration party in a big election year.

    The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has classified the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as a “suspected case” of having ties to right-wing extremism, the sources told AFP.

    The decision, made late last week according to a report in Der Spiegel weekly, will allow intelligence agents to shadow the party, tap its communications and possibly use undercover informants.

  11. VICE – Osama bin Laden’s Son Is a Painter. America Is His Muse.

    We spoke to Omar bin Laden about his traumatic youth, and his artistic fascination with the Wild West.

    When Omar bin Laden feels depressed, he watches Unforgiven, that classic American Western film about a reformed outlaw, played by Clint Eastwood, who gives up the serenity of farming life for one last foray into his violent past. Otherwise he paints. Landscapes, mostly: desert scenes of the Nile by moonlight or the untamed American West; dead trees and cattle skulls and high, bald mesas.

    The fourth-eldest son and heir apparent of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is the spitting image of his father. Even down the barrel of a smartphone camera, it’s easy to see that Omar inherited his dad’s powerful nose and his bold, swarthy eyes. But his artistic bent? That he got from his mother.

    “Some of my mum’s side of the family are very artistic,” Omar explains over WhatsApp. “My mum loves painting, and so does one of my sisters. My uncle was also a very good artist. So the need to draw and paint runs in my blood.”

    Over the past 12 months he has painted more than a dozen original works, all of them completed in the style of art naif, with vibrant colours and flat, expressionistic brushstrokes. In one painting, he recreates the spiny mountains of Tora Bora, where his father went to hide in the wake of September 11, 2001. The peaks are jagged, like the teeth of a saw, and rendered in shades of furious red. In another, Omar’s favourite painting, he depicts the Arizona desert—some seven and a half thousand miles from his father’s mountaintop hideout—where a rustic cottage and stands of pale green cactus gather under a star-pinned sky.

    All of his paintings carry a childlike simplicity, and perhaps unsurprisingly so. Speaking to Omar, one gets the impression that his work is a way to tap into the long lost tranquility of his distant youth, to go back to the beginning, before all the violence and bloodshed.

    “I miss the fun times I had, the times when I was too young to know and too innocent to see the world around me,” he says, tellingly. “I miss the vast stretches of desert dunes and rolling seas. I miss the peace of childhood.”

    The desert dunes and rolling seas of Omar’s childhood are to be found in Jeddah, a port city studding Saudi Arabia’s western coast. As a boy, he spent his early years ricocheting between a tiny apartment in the city’s centre and the wide-open country of the bin Laden family farm, where his father kept horses, goats, and gazelles. It was from a young age that he demonstrated a penchant for painting.

    Omar remembers that when he was 7 he would draw “beautiful pictures” of Osama’s horses, and holds on to one particularly cherished memory of the time his school decided to hang one of his pictures on the wall of the classroom—what he describes as “the only happy moment” he can recall.

    But the nostalgia belongs to just a wrinkle in time. Within two years, Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, and Osama, convinced that he would need to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iraqi forces, had converted the family farm into a military base. Within three years, after falling out with the Saudis themselves, the bin Laden family had migrated to Sudan.

    It was in the spider-webbing crossfire of geopolitical conflict that Omar grew into adolescence, spending his early teenage years shadowing his father around the Sudanese city of Khartoum and his later teenage years shadowing his father through the valleys, foothills, and war zones of Afghanistan. Omar was 15 when he was taken to al Qaeda’s training camps near Tora Bora to prepare for battle against the infidel armies of the West; 16 when he was taken to the bullet-riddled front lines of the Afghan civil war.

    He admits, and not without a pang of sadness, that he was never particularly close to his father. Far from a paragon of parenthood, Osama was an austere patriarch who deprived his sons of toys, beat them regularly, and would later try to persuade them to volunteer for suicide missions. His troops subjected the children’s pets to fatal poison gas experiments, and if Omar or any of his siblings complained about symptoms of asthma, they’d be told to suck on a piece of honeycomb or an onion. But it was in the fiery crucible of his adolescence that Omar’s steadfast support of his father truly began to yield.

    He remembers a pivotal turning point, during the civil war, when he was pinned down by sniper fire on a mountain trail in Afghanistan. Territorial skirmishes between the Taliban and the country’s Northern Alliance had become messy and confused, and each side had at different turns fired on their own ranks when their soldiers failed to distinguish between friend and foe. There seemed to be no clearly discernible difference—and at one point, a friendly soldier told Omar over the radio that if he saw him on the disputed land, he would not hesitate to follow orders and gun him down. It was there, on that mountain trail, with the sniper’s bullets smacking into the hillside around him, that Omar realised the folly of war.

    He was 18 when he finally decided to abandon the al Qaeda mission and travel with his mother to Syria. The last time he saw Osama was at his compound in Afghanistan in 2001. Omar was 20 and living back in Saudi Arabia when two passenger airliners crashed into the North and South towers of New York City’s World Trade Center. And shortly after the events of the September 11 attacks, Osama fled to his military base in the cave-sieved mountains of Tora Bora—those same rugged peaks that his son would daub onto a piece of canvas, in blood-red acrylic, almost two decades later.

    Omar, now 39, has repeatedly condemned the September 11 attacks over the past 20 years—expressing a terrible sorrow for the thousands of victims who lost their lives and denouncing Al Qaeda for the wanton slaughter of innocent civilians. He rejects his father’s violent ideologies, and though he has never shied away from his family name, he has long since sought to distance himself from its savage implications.

    “A lot of people think Arabs—especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama—are all terrorists,” Omar told The Associated Press in 2008. “This is not the truth.”

    He wanted to become an “ambassador for peace”, he added, and try to make up for what he called his father’s “big mistake”. A colossal undertaking, to be sure. But even though he may never fully rid himself of Osama bin Laden’s blood-soaked legacy—even as he wrestles with PTSS, bipolar disorder and the psychological scars of his upbringing—Omar now claims to have finally achieved some semblance of peace within himself.

    A peace that comes, in no small part, from painting.

    “I want the world to learn that I have grown; that I am comfortable within myself for the first time in my life; that the past is the past and one must learn to live with what has gone by,” he says. “One must forgive if not forget, so that one may be at peace with one’s emotions.”

    Omar lives in Normandy now, where the French countryside fringes the English Channel, with his wife Zaina Mohamed Al-Sabah and a small team of horses. These are his loves: his wife, his steeds and his newly-discovered artistic streak.

    Zaina too has a passion for art. Omar recalls that shortly after they met in 2006, the two of them would spend hours drawing and playing around with Photoshop, creating images on the computer. Such hobbies gradually fell by the wayside as other things took priority in their lives. But when COVID-19 plunged Europe into state-sanctioned lockdown, Zaina staved off boredom in the same way as countless others around the world: by reengaging her creative side. She started drawing buildings and houses to pass the time and, eventually, she suggested that Omar should try painting.

    “We trawled art shops for supplies and, although sparse because of isolation, we managed to find all I needed,” he recalls. “From that day I sat in my art studio and painted from my heart.”

    Omar bin Laden’s artistic inspiration is drawn from his surroundings: his wife and friends; the peace he feels when riding on horseback or watching the river as it sidles past his home. It’s clear from his work that Omar has an abiding appreciation for nature. But while the pastoral country scenes apparently remind him of “the beautiful place” where he now lives, others invoke something less bucolic.

    When asked about the melancholia on display in some of his paintings, 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 and where that comes from, Omar says “I am sad at the way the world has changed since I was a child; I see the sadness in the eyes of others; I feel the pain that they feel … I see the loneliness and distress caused by famine and war; I see and feel the hurt caused by violence.”

    This is the dual function of Omar’s art: a way for him to crystallise the serenity of his childhood in Saudi Arabia and his new life in France, while at the same time grappling with the trauma of everything that happened in between. Notably, this struggle is often backdropped against the scenery of the American West—an ironic flourish, given Osama’s acrimony towards that particular part of the world.

    Omar has never been to the United States of America, and growing up his perception of that distant country must have undoubtedly been shaped by his father, who once described America as “the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind”. Seeing Omar’s paintings and hearing him talk, though, it’s clear that his understanding has also been informed by other things: the romantic warblings of country and western music, for example, which he first heard as a teenager in Afghanistan while scanning the radio for sounds of the outside world; or the fanciful imaginings of his favourite Hollywood movies.

    “I like old Western films,” he says, and then elaborates: “I respect cowboys. I love cowboy dignity.”

    The myth of the cowboy is a quintessentially American one, although it must surely resonate with the son of Osama bin Laden—the story of the “noble” renegade who takes what he wants and uses violence as a means to accomplish his own ends. There is no better archetype for it than Omar’s beloved Clint Eastwood. But Unforgiven, one of his favourite Western films, is also a subversion of that myth: a film that sets out to delegitimize “cowboy dignity” and challenge the stories we tell ourselves about the glory of violence and war.

    As film critic Brian Eggert points out: “everything about Unforgiven’s plot … reflects a reverse image of classical Western tropes … Rugged gunslingers are exposed as cowards and weaklings and liars, while others find they have outlived any desire to take another man’s life … Our self-reflecting protagonist resists his once violent ways only to become a cold-blooded killer again, suggesting that a Western hero is not necessarily ‘the good guy’, rather just the one who survived.”

    The same could be said of Omar: the one who survived; the horse-loving cowboy who strives against the tides of history to be the “good guy”; the retired gunslinger who keeps returning, obsessively, to the transient dream of a wild American west, where men have dignity and are free to carve out their own destinies. Or it could be said of Osama: the cold-blooded killer with whom Omar’s actual destiny is irrevocably entangled.

    Omar will always be his father’s son. The past is the past, as he put it, and one must learn to live with what has gone by. Art has helped him do that. Painting, he says, helps him gain peace within and transports him into “the world of dreams and imagination”. It offers not only a means of escape—to the innocence of his childhood; to the wide American plains of his dreams—but also a process for healing.

    In one artwork, titled ‘The Light’, he has painted a black highway that plunges off toward an illuminated horizon. The median lines draw the eye towards that horizon, over the hill where the road disappears and a radiant white light emanates from an unseen source. It is perhaps Omar’s darkest work. It is also his most symbolic.

    “I think I’m trying to find some light at the end of this dark road,” he says, ponderously. “I hope painting will open the light in my life again.”

    + PICS on the page :

    • Wonder how much Vice got paid for this puff piece?

      And remember that woman claiming to be his neice, such a sweet, sympathetic creature…

      curious and curiouser….

      • Yes even the halo looked over-polished. More taqiyya for the sycophantic MSM who just love to lick it up from the muslim derriere.
        He probably tore muscles ROFL when he read it, boggling at just how credulous are these fools.

  12. Sweden: Vetlanda residents in “shock” after stabbing attack leaves 7 injured

    The small Swedish town of Vetlanda was left shaken on Thursday, after seven people were injured in a stabbing attack on Wednesday afternoon.

    At a press conference organised by the local government, Magnus Farjhage, Director of The Municipality of Vetlanda said that what took place was “something like his isn’t supposed to happen in Vetlanda, there is shock and we feel for the ones who were hurt and their families.”

    The attacker was shot and apprehended by the police, while the suspect as well as his seven victims are all being treated for their injuries in local hospitals, with three of the victims reportedly suffering from life treating injuries.

    The incident was initially suspected of having a terrorist motive but prosecutors have now reportedly said that there is currently no indication of terrorism, with the suspect so far only being under investigation for several counts of attempted murder.

    • Sweden: Investigators treat Vetlanda stabbings as attempted murder, terrorism not ruled out – police

      Investigators haven’t ruled out a possible terrorism link to the stabbing attack in Vetlanda that left seven injured on Wednesday, said a police officer in the small Swedish town on Thursday.

      “We’re working on it now as seven attempts of murder, and since it was such a specific happening, we have to look in many directions, and one of them is a possible terrorist attack,” said Deputy Regional Police Chief of Police Region East Carina Lennquist, adding that “we haven’t closed that, we are working on it but we are handling it now as attempted murder.”

      Lennquist explained that the suspect was 22 years old and originally from Afghanistan but had been living in the area for ‘some years,’ adding that it doesn’t appear that he knew any of the people he attacked.

      “What we suspect right now I can’t really tell you, but we have cooperation with Europe, with the Swedish National Police, so we are having every door open, and we have lots of good contacts to see if there are any other clues or connections,” she emphasised.

      Seven people were injured, three critically in the attack which took place in the town centre in the early afternoon on Wednesday, which was brought to a halt after police shot the suspect in the leg and arrested him.

      SOT, Carina Lennquist, Deputy Regional Police Chief of Police Region East: “We had a very severe crime here yesterday, there were seven persons that got attacked, randomly, as we know now, we got quite quickly on place and the police could shoot the person that made this, so we have him now in custody, an the investigation in going forward right now, and all the seven people were in the centre of Vetlanda.”

      SOT, Carina Lennquist, Deputy Regional Police Chief of Police Region East: “The suspect that we have in custody right now is 22 years old, and he lives here in Vetlanda, he is originally from Afghanistan and he’s been living here for some years, what we know, and what we know right now is that he doesn’t know any of the people that got attacked, but we are in the beginning of the investigation at the moment.”

      SOT, Carina Lennquist, Deputy Regional Police Chief of Police Region East: “We’re working on it now as seven attempts of murder, and since it was such a specific happening, we have to look in many directions, and one of them is a possible terrorist attack, so we haven’t closed that, we are working on it but we are handling it now as attempted murder seven times.”

      SOT, Carina Lennquist, Deputy Regional Police Chief of Police Region East: “What we suspect right now I can’t really tell you, but we have cooperation with Europe, with the Swedish National Police, so we are having every door open, and we have lots of good contacts to see if there are any other clues or connections.”

    • They really hate us.
      Flag size like the one on my father’s coffin – That offends some anti-American, enemy TOOL?

      No compromising, no appeasing.
      You don’t agree to split the difference with people who want you DEAD.

  13. CBC – The science behind delaying the 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccines

    Federal government scientists have put their support behind delayed second doses of COVID-19 vaccines — which several provinces were already doing — and ongoing research shows some of the benefits of the adapted strategy.

    • CBC – Mandatory COVID-19 testing begins at 11 more land borders

      Non-essential travellers crossing into Canada at 11 more border crossings — including Windor’s Ambassador Bridge — will be required to take a COVID-19 test on site starting Thursday. The program began at five other crossings a week ago.

    • CBC -How businesses and schools use rapid COVID-19 tests

      Many businesses and schools across Canada are utilizing rapid COVID-19 tests and onsite testing technology to help catch asymptomatic cases and prevent spread of the virus.

    • RMC PRAVDA – Soignants refusant le vaccin: “En cas de procès, s’ils sont condamnés, ça sera bien fait pour eux !”

    • Imam Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour discusses vaccination

      Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour, Imam at Bath Islamic Society, talks about why he will be getting the Covid-19 vaccination when it is offered to him – and why he thinks it is a religious obligation and a communal responsibility people for others in the Muslim community to do the same.

    • SOUTH KOREA – Three more people die after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine in S. Korea

      While no direct link is found, three more post-vaccination deaths reported, all of them AstraZeneca’s.

      Three more AstraZeneca vaccine recipients died on Thursday, two were in their 50s and one was in their 20s.

      Both of those in their 50s were patients at nursing hospitals in Jeollabuk-do Province and had underlying conditions…. cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

      While the first patient died two days after getting the shot, the second person died just one day after.

      The person in their 20s, who suffered from epilepsy, died at a nursing hospital in the city of Daejeon… two days after being given the vaccine.

      There is no reason to be particularly concerned.

      “The government will thoroughly investigate the deaths and openly share the results. So please believe in the government and get your vaccine shots.”

    • Retired Minnesota couple encourages others to get vaccine

      Joel and Harmony Kaplan from Edina, Minnesota, are taking to TikTok to encourage others to get a vaccine, wear a mask and wash their hands.

    • global news – CDC fears easing of restrictions could fuel another COVID-19 surge

      Governors in Texas and Mississippi have rolled back COVID-19 restrictions and ended mask mandates, despite concerns about a third wave, and other states are considering following suit.

      U.S. President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has sharply criticized the decision to lift restrictions, calling it “Neanderthal thinking.”

      As Jackson Proskow reports, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims that new coronavirus variants pose a risk that could result in the U.S. losing “hard-earned ground.”

    • CBC – Advisory committee recommends up to 4-month gap between COVID-19 vaccine doses

      Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization gives the green light to stretching the interval between two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine to four months.

      Co-chair of Canada’s Immunity Task Force, Dr. David Naylor, says this concept is ‘completely defensible,’ to get more people vaccinated and prevent fatalities.

    • Stanford Medecine – COVID-19 vaccine: Bringing us together

      The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

      When it’s your turn, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

      Remember that it is essential for everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, to help stop the spread of infection by washing hands, keeping your distance, and following local mask guidelines.

      • What horrible propaganda, trying to manipulate our emotions so we will be happy to be human guinea pigs for a gene therapy that won’t even keep us from catching or giving a virus to others! While making big Pharma and billionaire oligarchs even richer! They are causing great suffering to humanity and for this, they themselves will suffer.

    • Coronavirus pandemic: EU to propose vaccine ‘green pass’

      The European Commission will propose rules for an EU #vaccine? “green #pass?” this month, as the bloc prepares to ramp up immunisation drives, commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said Monday.

    • EU, Italy stop AstraZeneca vaccine exports to Australia

      A shipment of a quarter million AstraZeneca? vaccines destined for Australia? has been blocked from leaving the European Union? in the first use of an export control system instituted by the bloc to make sure big pharma companies would respect their contracts.

    • St. Louis Archdiocese says Johnson & Johnson vaccine is “morally compromised”

      They encouraged Catholics to avoid the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

    • Misinformation about COVID vaccines is putting Australia’s diverse communities at risk

      Getting the right message out about COVID vaccines is critical for a return to normal life. But the internet is full of conspiracy theories.

    • city news Toronto – Extending wait time for second COVID-19 vaccine dose

      More provinces are delaying giving Canadians a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine despite instructions by manufacturers.

      But health experts say it’s worth the risk.

    • The Smithsonian’s Great Americans Medal | Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Seventh Recipient, March 2, 2021

      On March 2, 2021, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History awarded its signature honor—the Great Americans Medal—to Dr. Anthony S. Fauci for his extraordinary leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and lifetime devotion to the treatment and eradication of infectious diseases.

      The Great Americans Medal is awarded for lifetime contributions embodying American ideas and ideals, and honors individuals who have not only made a lasting impact in their fields, but whose philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors set them apart.

    • twitter @disclosetv

      Guardian suggests Covid-like shutdowns every 2 years to meet Paris climate goals, then changed the title of a story after online backlash.

      twitter @breaking911

      Washington Post: The anti-vaccine movement is comparable to domestic terrorism, and must be treated that way

    • CBC -Doctor says spacing out vaccine doses ‘makes a lot of sense’

      Provinces are updating vaccination plans after the National Advisory Panel on Immunization approved delaying the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines up to four months.

      Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Anna Banerji says this method could ‘theoretically vaccinate double the population.’

  14. global news – FBI warning of possible threat against US Capitol

    Thousands of National Guard and Capitol Police members remain on high alert outside the U.S. Capitol Thursday amid concerns and a warning from the FBI that domestic groups have discussed taking control of the Capitol and removing Democratic lawmakers on or around March 4.

    There is also a belief by some QAnon followers that Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president on Thursday.

    The possible threat is being taken seriously and has resulted in the U.S. House of Representatives deciding not to hold any business in the building and staff have been asked to use underground tunnels to move around, and suggestions for some to also work from home.

    Jackson Proskow details more on the potential threat and what is being done in response.

  15. House suspended session, hightailed it out of DC after Capitol police warned of militia attack today

    EFE News Services | Mar 4, 2021 | News | 4
    House suspended session, hightailed it out of DC after Capitol police warned of militia attack today

    (EFE).- The US House of Representatives on Wednesday suspended the legislative session it had scheduled for Thursday after authorities warned of a potential plan by a rightist militia group to mount another attack on Congress.

    The lower house was scheduled to debate a police reform bill on Thursday, but the Democrats, who hold a majority in the chamber, moved that vote up to Wednesday evening, along with other business.

    The House had been planning to conclude its work for the week on Thursday, and thus – with those sessions having been advanced into Wednesday – lawmakers will be able to leave Washington and return to their home states after the evening session concludes.

    In making the decision, Democrats elected not to put themselves, their staffers or other congressional personnel at risk after Capitol Police warned of a potential attack on Congress.

    (Richard: As JE Dyer said in yesterdays article ( ) this report makes no sense. Given the number of Guard Troops that are in DC and the number of Police in DC it would take a combined arms assault of several thousand troops to reach the Capital. If they reached the Capital what would they do then? The Members of the House have already bugged out so what good would taking the Capital do?)

  16. French Court Waives Trial for Antisemitic Murderer Because He Took ‘Delusional Puff’ of Weed (breitbart, Mar 4, 2021)

    “The highest court in France on Wednesday began deliberations on whether to overrule a lower court’s decision not to put the alleged antisemitic murderer of a Jewish woman on criminal trial because his excessive consumption of marijuana triggered a “delirious episode” that made him not responsible for his actions.

    The actions included brutally beating his 65-year-old neighbor before throwing her out of the window of her third-floor apartment to her death while screaming Allah Akbar.

    The Court of Cassation (apellate’s) has launched the hearing on Paris Court of Appeal’s Dec. 2019 decision to excuse 27-year-old Kobili Traore from standing trial on the basis that his heavy consumption of cannabis before the death compromised his “discernment.”

    The court maintained Traore’s “delusional puff” negated any criminal responsibility for the April 2017 death, sparking an outcry from France’s Jewish community, The Algemeiner reported.

    The judge did, however, concede the Traore was an antisemite. While he was beating Halimi up, Traore screamed Islamist and anti-Semitic slogans.

    However, despite the high court’s deliberations, the report cited France’s Advocate-General as saying “will rule in favor of confirming the criminal irresponsibility of the perpetrator of the murder.”

    If that happens, Traore would not receive any jailtime but instead will be held in a mental health institution until doctors deem him fit to be released back into society. At that point, the only penalty he would face is being barred from contacting Halimi’s family for 20 years.

    Muriel Ouaknine Melki — a lawyer representing the Halimi family — argued that French law is more likely to call for further penalization for people who commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    “I want to recall that for several offenses, for example the crime of rape, taking narcotics is an aggravating circumstance. In willful violence, it is also an aggravating circumstance,” she said.

    She added that the case, should it not go to trial, would mark a watershed moment for French citizens as a whole because it would mean that “the consumption of narcotics can be a cause for exonerating from penal responsibility in criminal matters.””

  17. Nancy’s Election-Rigging Bill

    Betsy McCaughey | Mar 4, 2021 | Commentary | 3
    Nancy’s Election-Rigging Bill

    File – (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Nancy Pelosi’s top priority is to turn America into a one-party nation ruled by Democrats. Her bill HR 1, voted on this week and passed by the House, trashes the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to rig the system and make it virtually impossible to elect a Republican president or Congress again. It’s a power grab.

    Related Story: House Passes Radical HR1 Election Bill

    The bill eviscerates state voting laws and forces all the states to conform to a set of rules that includes automatic voter registration. Anyone who goes to a DMV or applies for food stamps, Medicaid or other social services, or attends a public college will be automatically enrolled to vote. Noncitizens are obligated to identify themselves and opt out, but there are no criminal penalties if they don’t. From California to New York, Dems are already pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. They see this as their roadmap to a future permanent majority

    HR 1’s bag of tricks also includes banning state voter ID requirements. Anyone can show up on Election Day to vote, registered or not, and simply sign a statement that they’re a legal voter. HR 1 is being sold as a reform to make voting easier. In truth, it makes cheating easier.

  18. Democrats propose creation of monument for Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Capitol Hill

    United Press International | Mar 4, 2021 | News | 7
    Democrats propose creation of monument for Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Capitol Hill

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    Democrats on Tuesday introduced legislation proposing the construction of a monument honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Capitol Hill.

    Bills were introduced in both the House and Senate calling for a monument “in a place of prominence within the U.S. Capitol Complex” to honor Ginsburg, who died last September after serving 27 years on the Supreme Court.

    The legislation also requires that the Joint Committee of Congress on the Library consider selecting an artist from “underrepresented demographic groups” to create the monument.

    The House bill was sponsored by co-chairs of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, Reps. Jackie Speier, D-Calif.; Lois Frankel, D-Fla.; and Brenda Lawrence, D-Mich., as well as Reps. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas and Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill.

  19. House Democrats Unsuccessfully Push to Lower Voting Age to 16

    Human Events Staff | Mar 4, 2021 | Fresh Ink | 38
    House Democrats Unsuccessfully Push to Lower Voting Age to 16

    Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Note: Pressley is bald because of Alopecia.

    As part of the H.R. 1 voting rights package, Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives unsuccessfully pushed an amendment seeking to lower the federal voting age from 18 to 16.

    The vote was 125-302, with majority of democrats voting in favor, 125-93, Fox News reports.

    “A sixteen-year-old in 2021 possesses a wisdom and a maturity that comes from 2021 challenges, 2021 hardships, and 2021 threats,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, one of the progressives behind the amendment, said in a statement Monday. “Now is the time for us to demonstrate the courage that matches the challenges of the modern-day sixteen and seventeen-year-old.”

    Reps. Pressley, Grace Meng (D-NY) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) reintroduced the amendment Monday.

    Pressley said in February that she was “shocked” that lowering the voting age to 16 is a “polarizing” subject in Congress.

  20. FBI Goes Totally Comeytose – Frontpagemag
    Lloyd Billingsley
    6-7 minutes

    Christopher Wray will spearhead Dems’ offensive against Trump supporters in the wake of January 6.

    “We have not to date seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribed to Antifa in connection with the sixth. That doesn’t mean we’re not looking, and we’ll continue to look, but at the moment we have not seen that.”

    That was FBI boss Christopher Wray testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Wray claimed the FBI doesn’t care about ideology, but he left more than a reasonable doubt about how hard the FBI had been looking.

    According to a January 13 FBI affidavit, self-proclaimed racial justice advocate Earle Sullivan, aka John Sullivan, “did knowingly enter or remain in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, or did knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct.”

  21. New York Public School Urges Parents to be ‘White Traitors’ – Frontpagemag
    Sara Dogan
    4-5 minutes

    To learn more about the Freedom Center’s campaign to halt indoctrination in K-12 schools, please visit our website, To read the K-12 Code of Ethics CLICK HERE. To order the Freedom Center’s new pamphlet, “Leftist Indoctrination in Our K-12 Public Schools,” CLICK HERE. To donate to our campaign to stop K-12 Indoctrination CLICK HERE.

    A public school in New York City has provoked a firestorm of outrage by asking parents to become “white traitors” and promote “white abolition” in an effort to allegedly fight racism.

    The controversial letter was sent by Mark Federman, principal of the East Side Community School in New York City. It included an “ethnography of whiteness” written by Northwestern University associate professor Barnor Hesse who ranks all whites on a color-coded scale of “The 8 White Identities” which range from “White Supremacist” to “White Abolitionist.”

  22. Biden Unveils Policy Honoring Osama bin Laden’s Old Friend – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    7-8 minutes

    Jamal Khashoggi hated America and Jews. That’s why Biden loves him.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken began his confirmation hearing by reciting a family history of antisemitism. A month later he unveiled a ban named in the memory of an antisemite.

    “Jamal Khashoggi paid with his life to express his beliefs,” Blinken claimed.

    Those beliefs that Khashoggi gave his life for included his contention that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were real, and that Jews were deceivers with no connection to Israel. It also included the Muslim Brotherhood member’s support for the Hamas war against Israel.

  23. The US Armed Forces Is Becoming a Woke Institution – Patriot Outlook
    by Patriot Outlook about 2 hours ago
    14-17 minutes

    This is an editorial from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that the great risk of the US military being subverted from within through cultural Marxist personnel policies. It is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. Their cause is righteous, and generous donations are welcome at the links at the end. Note: I am on the PAC’s board of directors in the capacity of Director of Congressional and Public Relations. The editorial begins:

    The United States is defined by values, not by race, or ethnicity – and those values apply in spades to the US military!

    The priorities of the Biden-Harris Administration are similar to those of the Obama-Biden Administration, especially in regards to the US military. Unlike the President Bush and President Trump’s “War on Terror,” which pursued radical Islamic terrorists like Al-Qaida, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hezbollah, etc., Biden and Harris’s new “War on Terror” is aimed at homegrown “extremists” – especially among veterans and members of the US military.

    Yet, Biden and Harris have no interest whatsoever in apprehending and jailing known ultra-violent revolutionary Marxist domestic terrorists like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who spent much of 2020 leading violent riots, perpetrating arson, creating $2 billion in destruction, looting businesses, putting over 2000 police officers in hospitals, torching thousands of police cruisers, and killing hundreds of residents in 200+ Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.

    • Richard: Be sure and read the article, it explains what is happening in the US Military and how dangerous this change is. Biden’s actions are pushing the world into a major conflict, one that could have been avoided if he and his puppet masters had continued with the Trump policies and had left the US military alone. These actions have the potential of doing as much damage to the US and freedom as the Bill introduced in the House that would make vote fraud legal and lower the voting age to 16.

  24. Somalia: ‘1.6M people face acute food insecurity’ (aa, Mar 4, 2021)

    “The UN humanitarian agency Thursday warned that an estimated 1.6 million people across Somalia are experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity and are in need of support.

    In a statement, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the drivers of acute food insecurity include the compounding effects of poor and erratic rainfall, flooding, desert locusts’ infestation, the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 and conflicts.

    From April to June 2021, the food insecurity is expected to deteriorate for most population groups in the Horn of Africa country due to multiple risk factors, the OCHA warned.

    Over 839,000 children under the age of five are facing malnourishment, including nearly 143,000 likely to be severely malnourished, it added.

    Meanwhile, over 2,500 families displaced by clan fighting in Somalia’s central state of Galmudug are facing food insecurity, water shortage and homelessness, according to UN Radio Ergo on Thursday.

    At least 17,000 families are facing serious water shortage in Mudug after wells in five settlements in the region broke down, Galmudugs Ministry of Energy and Water estimated.

    A joint survey conducted between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3 by the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Aid and Disaster Management, Mudug regional administration and some aid agencies found that there was a humanitarian crisis caused by water shortage in Wargalo, Wisil, Bajela, Laso Adale and Dhar-dhar, according to the radio.

    Residents in the region told Anadolu Agency by phone on Thursday that the five wells were the main source of water for pastoralists. They called on the central government and aid agencies to rehabilitate their wells.

    In southern province of Gedo, several children and elderly have died from dehydration, according to local media.”

  25. Turkish Textbooks Increasingly Demonize Israel and Zionism, Refer to Jews as ‘Infidels,’ Says New Report (algemeiner, Mar 4, 2021)

    “A new report has found that the latest editions of Turkish school textbooks take a strongly negative view of Israel and now describe Jews as “infidels.”

    The report by IMPACT-se, which examines education materials on the basis of UNESCO standards related to peace, human rights, and tolerance, has found an increasing “Islamization” of the Turkish curriculum, in accordance with the Islamist AKP government led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    In the textbooks, three categories of human beings are posited: Muslim “believers;” Muslim “hypocrites” who try to tempt Muslims to sin; and “infidels,” consisting of all non-Muslims.

    The report notes that previous curricula have referred to Jews as “people of the book,” but Jews are now referred to solely as “infidels,” as are Christians.

    Marcus Sheff, the CEO of IMPACT-se, commented, “We have identified a marked deterioration in Turkish textbooks since our last review in 2016.”

    “School books have been weaponized in Erdogan’s attempts to Islamize Turkish society and to hark back to a nostalgic age of Turkish domination,” he said. “We note increased demonization of Israel and antisemitic aspersions that must make Turkish-Jewish school students feel unsafe.”

    The group’s report found that several incendiary attacks on Israel by Erdogan, such as those made after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2008, appear in the textbooks. The Palestinian cause is promoted throughout, and students are encouraged to support and take part in it.

    It also said the curriculum seeks to demonize Zionism, calling it “the Zionism Problem” and claiming it is an imperialist conspiracy to take over all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers — a common antisemitic conspiracy theory in the Muslim world.

    This is coupled with the false claim that Zionists are planning to take over parts of Turkey and annex them into a “Greater Israel.”

    The textbooks also falsely claim that the goal of Zionism is for the Jews to construct a Third Temple in place of the Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount.

    Major crises in the Middle East, including the Syrian and Yemeni civil wars, and the military coup in Egypt, are blamed on Zionism. Students are further asked to discuss the “destructive impact” of Zionism and Israel on the Middle East in general.

    However, the report notes, certain textbooks do show respect for Judaism itself and the Hebrew and Aramaic languages many of its sacred texts are written in.

    Some textbooks, moreover, do teach about the Holocaust, though the report refers to much of this curriculum as “underdeveloped.”

    IMPACT-se found that the textbooks are increasingly radicalized by the ideology of political Islam, promoting a combination of ethnic, nationalist, and religious imperialism involving concepts such as “Turkish World Domination” and a neo-Ottoman “Ideal of the World Order.”

    The report also noted material that was violently anti-American, anti-Armenian, and anti-Kurdish, and that omitted Turkish atrocities committed against Armenians and Greeks.”

  26. Saudi-Led Coalition Reportedly Destroys Ballistic Missile Launched Towards Jizan (sputniknews, Mar 4, 2021)

    “Earlier Thursday, the Saudi-led coalition intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. The earlier strike was targeting the Saudi port city of Jizan.

    The Saudi coalition recently revealed that it managed to destroy a second ballistic missile that was fired by Houthi militants toward Jizan.

    The latest strike came a few hours after reports first emerged that a missile was deployed to the same area. At the time, the Arab Coalition issued a statement indicating that the Royal Saudi Air Force had successfully managed to intercept the projectile.

    “The terrorist Houthi militia is purposely escalating the deliberate, hostile, terrorist targeting of civilians and civilian objects using ballistic missiles and bomb-laden drones. These terrorist acts amount to war crimes,” the statement read.
    “The coalition will continue to implement all necessary operational procedures to safeguard civilians and civilian objects in accordance with the international humanitarian law.”

    Even earlier, another attack was carried out toward the city of Khamis Mushait that involved two explosive-laden drones.

    Increased attacks in the region came as Yemen’s Houthis claimed control over the majority of Marib, a city that the militant forces have attempt to secure for more than a year. Hussein al-Ezzi, the Houthi deputy foreign minister, told CNN on Wednesday that rebels have managed to take control of 10 of the city’s 14 districts.

    However, the claim has been challenged by former Al-Masdar News journalist Ali Al-Sakani, who has stated Houthis have captured just five of the 14 districts.

    Marib houses one of Yemen’s largest oil infrastructures, and is considered to be a key strategic city.

    Since the start of the Yemen crisis, hundreds of thousands of people have died in the conflict as millions more face heightened risks of hunger and diseases such as cholera amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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