Do mask mandates work?


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  1. Neanderthal thinking is probably the one thing that Biden was never capable of doing. Their graves show evidence of flowers and objects and are the oldest to show evidence of a post mortem religious belief systems. They are probably part of the reason as to why the west became dominant (Africans have NO Neanderthal DNA) and why creativity in the west was so high (once) before mass schooling removed so many of those with specific genius by forcing them to learn irrelevant(to them) material. Beethoven and Einstein would both NOT have achieved their heights if born now.

    • Just the other day I was discussing the Neanderthals with my daughter. Very interesting, and yes, zero N DNA in Africans. Larger brains. My central European father had his genome done and it shows significant N markers.

  2. The “fragile” puppets, who have not got a clue what M-103, Build Back Better, the Crusades, the Muslim Brotherhood hoods are happy to wear their masks.

    The Justine feckless followers, “And if you want another kind of love, I’ll wear a mask for you.”

  3. Quebec has brutal and repetitive Covid ads designed to demoralize and divide not only the people but couples also.

    The first ad for the mask in mid-2020 was a young woman talking to herself, looking at photos of herself while describing each photo and her being alone with nobody in the photo.

    The most recent and ongoing ad will hurt couples. During the evening, it’s repeated every ten minutes or so on the radio. It’s the voice of a guy telling his female partner that tonight, he will be making supper for her because all last week he spied on her, took her phone away, looked at her messages, insulted her, screamed at her, hit her… all stuff like that. And this coming week, he will spy on her, take her phone away, look at her messages…

    This story below occurred last night. I am certain it is the result of the brutal ad. The guy killed himself and his dog.

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