How many will be sacrificed for the narrative? Islam as victims of their own murders, or resistance to disease and climate scientism: Links 1, March 4, 2021

1. Canada introduces new law that will allow a new enforcement branch to exist, to make sure no counter-revolutionary speech is permitted

Federal legislation expected to be tabled within weeks will see a new statutory definition of hate and could also see the reincarnation of a controversial hate speech law.

The new definition, part of legislation aimed at tackling online hate content, will be based on previous court decisions and how the Supreme Court has defined hate, said Arif Virani, parliamentary secretary to Justice Minister David Lametti.

But the government has also not ruled out introducing a form of a controversial hate speech law that was widely criticized over free speech rights. The law, Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, was repealed in 2013 after critics said it amounted to censorship. […] “Expanding the administrative state and creating new regulators and tribunals with large discretionary authority isn’t the right approach,” Van Geyn wrote in an email. The bill will include the creation of a new regulator who will be responsible for enforcing the new statutory definition of hate, including requiring online platforms to take down illegal content within 24 hours.

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said he expects to table the legislation in weeks.

The bill will set out a legal framework for “illegal content” covering five categories: hate speech, terrorist content, content that incites violence, child sexual exploitative content and non-consensual sharing of intimate content. The new regulator will then “develop the how” of putting that framework into practice, Guilbeault said.

(Like all similar legislation, it smacks of reasonable on the surface. But like Trudeau’s M-103, C-16, C-21, and his fiat blanket gun ban and newer legislation that would give a law abiding gun owner stiffer penalties than people who commit armed robberies with guns merely for improper storage, the reality will be a giant leap for totalitarianism and anti-individual rights by walking on a path of the reasonable seeming. “Hate Speech” as we already know, is used to mean any counter-revolutionary talk of pretty much any kind. If they can cancel Dr. Seuss, who was one of the most tireless and effective anti-racism activists of his day for “racism”, then you start to get a peek about what this is really about.)

2. Churches in the Fraser valley BC filed petitions before the Supreme Court in that province arguing that the closure of Churches goes beyond the mandate of health bureaucrats and emergency measures acts.

[…] Morley, who works for the legal services branch of the Attorney General Ministry, said it is agreed that the province is in the middle of a pandemic.

“And measures taken to protect public health, to protect lives, to protect people from serious illness, and to protect the ability of the health-care system itself to respond, that those are the sorts of measures that can limit charter rights, including freedom of religion.”

Henry has a duty under the Constitution to “proportionally and reasonably” limit freedoms by preventing the gathering of people to ensure their health and safety, Morley said.

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson asked who decides whether the limits are proportional or reasonable, adding that he wants to understand how the provincial health officer is making her decisions.

“Aren’t the churches entitled to know why if you go to the bar and watch a hockey game for an hour or two, you can’t sit in a church for an hour or two? It is a point I struggle with.”

Hinkson said he understands Henry has a difficult job, but she hasn’t explained why or how she is making the decisions.

“If she chooses not to share her thought process with the court, there’s no oversight,” he said.

3. Watch Swedes lament the lack of help for an Afghan muslim jihadi who stabbed 7 people while not uttering a single word of support for his victims. Couldn’t make a better vignette for socialism if I tried. It should be added this guy had been arrested something like 7 times before this for various violent crimes.

4. John Carpay of Canada’s rough equivalent of the ACLU when it was truly about constitutional law, discuss how government has turned the police against the people.

5. Tucker carlson from last night

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6 Replies to “How many will be sacrificed for the narrative? Islam as victims of their own murders, or resistance to disease and climate scientism: Links 1, March 4, 2021”

  1. 1. Canada introduces new law that will allow a new enforcement branch to exist, to make sure no counter-revolutionary speech is permitted

    There is no way to win against prejudice. If the people who are going to judge what is and is not illegal “hate speech” are prejudiced – which they definitely will be – they can find a reason to call anything, anything and if you don’t like it they can just call you a “right-wing bigot” and pay no attention to you. It, for instance, I say that the Vostock ice-core samples show that CO2 does not drive climate change, which is the truth, they can just claim that I’m trying to kill the planet and that I am guilty of “terrorism”. If I point out that Muhammad married Aisha when she was six, they can call that “hate speech” because it’s not a fact that Muslims like Infidels to talk about, even though it’s the truth. There’s no way to make it fair…

    There is hateful speech that I could do without but there is simply no way of regulating it when the creatures judging it are homo sapiens. Maybe if you can get some Martians to sit on the Tribunals they would work better…

    • From the photos I have seen of the surface of Mars, I would say that anyone who lived there was likely Muslim or communist.

      I forget who said it, but I love the quote:

      “Muslims are not the Children of the desert. They are the father of the desert.”

      Based on photos and stories from the Soviet Union I think you could say the same about communism.

      • So true WRT muslims. The North African strip was fertile, watered and the Roman road had olive orchards(?) on both sides in Roman times. BUT the muslim invaders brought their goat herds with them and they denuded the vegetation and you have what you have now. This has happened all over peri-Saharan Africa as the goat herds spread the desert. In Nigeria the Fulani tribesmen have managed to continue this as well as attacking Christians when Boko Harem is not around , while the famous “cedars” of Lebanon were NOT destroyed by the Romans but by the Arabs for their Raza ships. Muslims think that ecology is a joke as “allah” manages it for them and it is quite apparent how well he does it.
        We have been lied to about muslims for a very long time.

        • Isn’t it amazing how people can believe anything that is in stark contradiction of 1400 years REALITY?
          Who’s more to blame?
          The LIAR or the ones that have been swallowing the Lie for decades?
          Now those people that believed in the Lie are the ones that are paying the price, in Blood.
          And it will get worse with the Political System of “Democratic” Totalitarianism, since the LIARS are still sitting in the seat, and will continue to do so, since the vast majority is to complacent and cowardly to make changes for their own childrens future.

    • Well just wait until the politicians learn what a lot of hate filled politicians and Imams are saying in Canada, throw it in their faces and wait. They should tread lightly, people are tired of their constant lies and bullshit, oh pardon me I mean BS.

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