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2 Replies to “The guy who INVENTED Ivermectin therapy for Covid 19/Wuhan Flu”

  1. I have ivermectin in 6 mg tablets. What would you recommend taking? Would I also need to take zinc and/or any other supplements?

    • I am not a doctor and cannot and will not offer direct medical advice. But there are videos on this site by and of doctors which indicate what dose of ivermectin is effective as a treatment for Covid 19 apparently.

      Secondly, as I understand it, Zinc prevents the virus from reproducing in your cells. So the reason people take zinc is to stop the disease’s progression. Ok so far so good. But the trick is getting the zinc into the cells for it to do that. For that you need, sayeth the theory, a “zinc ionopher (sp). Hydroxychloroquine is a powerful agent for getting zinc into cells. So that is why it is recommended as part of a triple threat treatment with Zinc and an antibiotic to deal with opportunistic infections that cause pneumonia.

      I *THINK* that Ivermectin has a different action than that of a zinc ionophor. So while its still a good idea to take Zinc as a way of staving off the sickness that comes with a Wuhan Flu infection, it isnt necessary to make ivermectin effective.

      There is an over the counter supplement called Quercetin which is another zinc ionophor which is not as effective as HCQ but you can get it at Costco. Look up contraindications though. Quercetin actually attenuates a lot of medications, so don’t buy it and try it. Look it up first. But if you are not taking any other common meds or meds that interfere with it, then Quercetin and Zinc is a great prophylaxis in theory.

      Here are some posts that deal with Ivermectin. But I am not a medical professional, and this site is not a medical site. Just one which asks questions of narratives that seem questionable.

      So watch and consider who is speaking and make your own decisions.

      Also listen to Dennis Prager’s amazing talk radio program. He deals with this subject pretty much EVERY DAY and has doctors on that are very clear and specific about how much to take, for how long and when. Prager is good listening anyway, but the doctors he has on are amazing on this subject.



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