Mail in voting, kick out protesting, raping grafting Covid cop, police find way to stop streaming odious behaviour: Links 1, February 28, 2021

1. Sadiq Khan Demands Mail-in Voting for London Mayoral Election

(By looking at who does and does not want mail in voting, and ignoring the various rhetorical scams used to justify it, you can know with total certainty that mail in voting is a device used exclusively for an by the left to gain power where it otherwise in a normal voting situation would not happen. Its even more evident when the same people who want it for some elections, refuse to allow it in elections where their own interests are threatened, like Bezos at Amazon for example.)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for the expansion of postal voting in the upcoming local elections, claiming that the “disproportionate” effect of the Chinese coronavirus on ethnic minorities and the elderly will reduce voter turnout.

Mr Khan has been serving as the unelected Mayor of London for nearly a whole extra year after the regular elections were cancelled in March of 2020 during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to Constitution Minister Chloe Smith, Khan demanded that the government fund the distribution of postal voting forms to every household in the areas having elections this May.

“I am still concerned at the potential for low voter turnout, given the circumstances under which the elections will be held,” the mayor wrote, per The Independent.

“We know that the virus disproportionately affects Bame people, as well as older and vulnerable people, and we must ensure that they are similarly not disproportionately affected when it comes to being able to cast their vote.

“I welcome the government’s move to make it easier to vote by proxy and the publication of the Election Delivery Plan, but I urge you to go further.

2. A scene from Airstrip One:

3. Police getting ready to destroy the right of peaceful protest for the Dutch in the Netherlands. The right to riot however, for leftists and muslims remains intact. (Live at this time. Some is in English)

4. Ontario COVID-19 quarantine screening officer charged with extortion, sexual assault

TORONTO — A quarantine screening officer who allegedly demanded cash from a woman before sexually assaulting her at her home faces related charges, police said on Wednesday.

The accused had been trained by the Public Health Agency of Canada as a designated screening officer under the Quarantine Act, Halton regional police said.

According to a police statement, the accused was doing a quarantine compliance check at a home in Oakville, Ont., on Feb. 18.

“The accused informed the victim that they were in violation of the quarantine order and demanded that a fine be paid in cash,” police alleged. “When the victim declined to pay, she was sexually assaulted by the accused.”

Police said they arrested a man they identified only as Hemant, 27, of Hamilton, on Tuesday. He has been charged with sexual assault and extortion.

Police also said he worked for one of four private security firms hired to help enforce isolation orders.

The article continues on to not give the name of the security company, but they do reveal the “accused” goes by only one name.

(It is very important that we never know the name of the accused in case in some way it calls affirmative action hires into question. Reality is the enemy of the state as the truth is the enemy of the state since the truth will stand in the way of socialist utopian policies every time. So the truth must be quelled. The media must become narrative sellers and not seekers and exposers of truth. Truth, is hate speech. Consensus will be followed, and ultimately believed.)

5. ATTN: All of you who plan to video encounters with police which increasingly are illegal, unfair, and often even thuggish and brutal against legal protest while submissive and cooperative with far left extremism. The police now have a trick to make it hard to share. So read this article and film it anyway and start using other platforms. Let the copyright holders sue the police as THAT is where the blame should go, not against a person demanding transparency in his transactions with police.

Cops Using Music to Try to Stop Being Filmed Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Someone tries to livestream their encounters with the police, only to find that the police started playing music. In the case of a February 5 meeting between an activist and the Beverly Hills Police Department, the song of choice was Sublime’s “Santeria.” The police may not got no crystal ball, but they do seem to have an unusually strong knowledge about copyright filters.

The timing of music being played when a cop saw he was being filmed was not lost on people. It seemed likely that the goal was to trigger Instagram’s over-zealous copyright filter, which would shut down the stream based on the background music and not the actual content. It’s not an unfamiliar tactic, and it’s unfortunately one based on the reality of how copyright filters work.

Copyright filters are generally more sensitive to audio content than audiovisual content. That sensitivity causes real problems for people performing, discussing, or reviewing music online. It’s a problem of mechanics. It is easier for filters to find a match just on a piece of audio material compared to a full audiovisual clip. And then there is the likelihood that a filter is merely checking to see if a few seconds of a video file seems to contain a few seconds of an audio file.

(Read the rest at site. But the solution of course is to record, not livestream, or do both if possible, and then post at a platform that doesn’t have those filters.)

Thank you M., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, Michelle, MarcusZ1967, ET., EB., Johnny U., PC., Malevolent Pixie, Sassy and all who contribute to this effort in one or more of many ways.

Below, a tribute to the Huffington Post of a sort:


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    • The silence of a tree falling when no one can hear, is the same as when The Left complain about The Far Left, or when the Dhimmi crys before the burden of Sharia Law. Parrots cannot challenge owners’ voices. No one is listening.

      “….the murder of George Floyd…” Virtue Signalling. When there has been no trial.

      For in their worlds, the living are not innocent until proven guilty; and the guilty are not innocent when they die. They drag the people along the streets; and dead bodies along the streets.

      “The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously approved paying six social media influencers to spread city-approved messaging and updates throughout the upcoming murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in George Floyd’s death. On Friday, the council approved $1,181,500 for communication with the community during the trial, CBS Minnesota reports.

      The city says social media partners will help dispel potential misinformation, and that the influencers will intentionally target Black, Native American, Somali, Hmong and Latinx communities with their messaging. Each influencer will be paid $2,000.”

      The judgemental are already informed.

  1. About the cops: an issue that hasn’t been considered, that of them knowing they are being filmed by ‘someone somewhere’ as of the moment they show up or start talking to somebody. Are they really, all of them, that bad?

    Knowing the incident will be on Instagram or whatever platform, they have no choice than follow the directives or else a reprimand or suspension might ensue. All because of Big Tech platforms.

  2. “Think twice before you cut off your dog’s balls” – This is more or less what I say with pro-abortion females, post three months of pregnancy.

    Would they abort their pregnant cat’s babies? The answer is always NO. But they don’t hesitate in chopping up their heart-beating and moving babies.

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