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5 Replies to “Testimony that Ivermectin is an actual perfect prophylaxis for Covid”

    • I’m infected with Malaria, and over 20 years ago a Doctor told me to take Vitamin D, I’m taking for my bodyweight 4000 IU per day and I haven’t had a Malaria attack since.
      It also helps that I don’t live in a Malaria Area anymore.

  1. If Ivermectin is a cure for Covid-19 why does the doctor say it should be used together with a Frankenvax? A cure is a cure, no vax needed. Could it be he says this so he doesn’t upset big pharma? Say it twice and get wacked? I’m just joking, but it’s all quite strange.

  2. So all this time they could have been giving this stuff to at-risk individuals en masse while staying in close touch with those people and giving them hydroxychloroquine at the first sign of flu-like symptoms and, or, a positive coronavirus test. That’s what I would have done, and I’m not even a doctor. Is what I just said too difficult for Dr. Fauci to understand? Right…

    I hope somebody, someday gets that these people have murdered many thousands of their fellow human beings over money or politics or whatever made them slander and even outlaw the only drugs that actually work against COVID-19. They are murderers and they belong in prison for the rest of their miserable lives…

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