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3 Replies to “Rotterdam riots over lockdown measures”

    • Twitter just locked/suspended my account. Someone reported a violation. That, I really don’t understand because I am never out of line, vulgar, threatening, or anything else. So, I figure it is because I am a Trump supporter.

      It comes at a bad time as I no longer have T.V. cable.

      Anybody can report a violation for no reason whatsoever and you must go through the vetting process which can take days.

      Twitter also added an additional tool to its kit: The Twitter Birdie that checks everything everybody writes.

      I’m really feeling the suppression of any opinion or agreement with a polite opinion is going full Commie. This is political.

      As a side note, Twitter dropped – once again – some 300 followers from my Twitter numbers. This is the third time. All in a sudden move.

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