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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson: The Biden and the Damage Done”

  1. The idea of a new political party is gaining traction. It’s much needed. For now, we have the UniParty.

    A new political party made up of serious and scandal-free candidates with experience in business or whatever, some with a military background, could go a long way in breaking up both Democrat and Republican electorate. Even independents will be attracted.

    Of course, Donald J. Trump must be at the helm of such a party. And, for now, both parties are terrified of such an idea. And that is why they are attempting a second impeachment of President Trump.

    Such a new party will have much power, even if not elected, during the House and Senate voting process.

  2. I posted an article about the first House Bill in the new Congress, it literally legalizes the methods the Dems use to steal elections and outlaws anyone trying to stop them.

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