German MSM magazine: “Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist”

German main stream magazine, Stern December 23

Link to magazine:

Laszlo offers these titbits from the cover:

The main title on the cover: 
“Ein akt der Nächstenliebe
Was Sie jetzt wissen müssen”
“An Act of Brotherly Love / Charity
What you have to know now”
One title on the cover:
Freiheit ohne Verantwortung kann es nicht mehr geben – Ökonom und Mediziner Stefan Brunnhuber über unsere Zukunft”
Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist – Economist and physician Stefan Brunnhuber on our future”

Thank you Laszlo and Gates of Vienna

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According to Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa, Spain will create a registry of people who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

“What will be done is a registry […] of those people who have been offered it and simply rejected it,” Illa said on Spanish television.

Maria Jesus Lamas, head of Spain’s Medicines Agency, also said on a radio program that the registry would be used “to understand the causes behind declining the vaccination” and that they would keep the names of individuals anonymous.

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Despite the claims that Spain will neither make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory nor publicize the registry, the potential problems of keeping a list in the first place are legion. Even some healthcare professionals in Spain are expressing their concerns.

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2 Replies to “German MSM magazine: “Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist””

  1. Why outright refuse the vaccine. There are many ways NOT to be available to get the vaccine.

    Think of the possibilities of fraud – how do you even know you are getting real vaccine? It could be saline.

  2. Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist?
    My responsibility is to make sure that my family and I are safe from Tyrants that want to take our Freedoms away, Freedoms that countless Generations fought and died for to achieve.

    This type of “Freedom” this guy is advocating for is NOT FREEDOM, it’s Serfdom of the worst kind.
    He, Stefan Brunnhuber, is an ENEMY of Freedom and Humanity of the worst kind,
    He disguises himself as a “Humanitarian”.

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