For Canadians. Trudeau appears to be holding the economy’s head under water and making sure it drowns

Here are two videos. One from Johnny U. which starts for Canadians at just after 28 minutes. Its technical, and Johnny U. is working on a comment of explanation for us we are told.

Also Canadian journalist, Frank Vaughn, the man who had the courage to interview a Vancouver father who’s daughter was mutilated and sterilized by the state and was told he was not allowed to discuss it publicly. Frank gave him a platform along with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson when no one else would. In THIS video, he discusses Canadian debt, inflation and lockdowns. By the way, Brave Browser is very good. We have used it for years.

Screen grab: +456% money supply inflation




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  1. I bumped this comment up from Reader’s links.

    The thing is I can go and find another legitimate analyst who will tell us that we will first get a deflationary drop first, so nothing is known for sure. However, it is critical for people to know that we are on the precipice of economic issues which will come to the fore.

    Basically what he says is that the Canadian government has been printing money faster than any other country (M1 quantity of money goes up) while keeping its 10-year bond capped at a minimal rate of interest, which is an insanely inflationary combination. Take your own guesses if this is intentional or stupid, but Canadian bankers are not stupid, yet may be beholden to political masters who pay them to tow whatever line is asked of them.

    It then begs the question, if obvious questions are not quite yet a crime to ask, whether Dear Leader is so obsequious to his globalist masters that he has agreed to sacrifice his country on the alter of the Great Reset, as a great virtue signal, in order to spark an economic forest fire intended to kick off the great deleveraging of the trillions in global debt.

    It’s not conspiracy when then numbers are screaming in your face.

    Reply ?

    • I am not not Canadian and haven’t watched the video yet but what Johnnyu says in his comment is scary. If one nation that is closely tied into the global economy goes into a deflationary cycle there is a very good chance that they will start a chain reaction that brings down the entire world economy. If that happens it is vital that Trump be in the White House, Biden and his advisers are going to follow the same policies that Trudeau and his people will.

      • I’m not saying this is the case, but if there ever was the chance that nefarious forces were exploiting a pandemic for political gain, why not seed economic chaos for even more gain? It’s no longer beyond imagination.

        • Only the intelligent are here, and on other specialized websites.

          Although I did take Economics at University for a time, we forget. So, I looked up Deflation and its consequences. I now understand why Justin would allow 350K new migrants per year into Canada while in such a dire economic predicament. Most will be on universal income, although we don’t have the money to do so.

          So, how to stop a rebellion from the middle class – angry from restrictions and/or bankruptcies, aka the majority?

          Pay off lower class via universal income for some time while the middle class becomes lower class – everybody dependent on the State. No fighting strength left in anybody.

          Monetary currency is wiped out, only electronic transactions are available for daily needs of the populace. Everything is tracked.

          Religion is shut down but alcohol state stores are open.

          Meanwhile, the rich get richer while the middle class becomes poor. We’re left with two classes: rich and poor.

          People will die, not of C-19, but rather from depression et al. These are the people in their late fifties, early sixties.

          Civil service and police will get raises.

          I anticipate free censored Internet service to keep the masses distracted. Power shutdowns will be very convenient.

          CANADA is the ideal nation to try this experiment on because it’s a big land with few people whom most live by their iPhones.

          We end up living in a Police State.

          I could go on and we all know .

          • As soon as we pull ourselves together, Canada will be our first priority. Monroe Doctrine, northern iteration.

            The northeast tier of the USA is closely related to Canada. From Massachusetts to Michigan, our families straddle the border. Summer camp in the north, snowbird in Florida or Arizona.

            Holocaust refugees, Soviet refuseniks. Some came here first, but their relatives met too many delays and settled in Canada instead. We celebrated religious holidays together.

            We can’t have Cuba or Venezuela on that long border. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Ontario finance minister, Rod Philips, in charge of locking down individuals and small businesses, is caught breaking his own lockdown measures, by jetting off down south on a personal vacation.

  3. Speaking of economies, we are seeing considerable migrations of people and companies despite Covid-19 barriers to movement. Texas has been attracting many large operations because of its 0% personal tax rate:

    Charles Schwab, Tesla, and quite a few others are on the move. I believe this movement of money, commerce, manufacturing and industry may be a precursor to general migrations of people from Democratically destroyed states, like California, to capital-friendly jurisdictions. With economic hardship this trend may accelerate.

    • Its a growing trend, that will continue until someone manages to clean up the messes the Dems have made of what were prosperous states.

  4. The demise of Canada explained by two questions………That former Honorary Professor at Peking University….the late Canadian globalist The Honorable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC….who chaired the United Nations Rio Summit in 1993 asked this……
    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” My question is….Isn’t this exactly what Trudeau and his henchmen are doing?

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