A few items to start the day on December 29, 2020

1. Video with Tennessee governor about the Christmas Bombing

(Please stand by for interesting Brad Johnson update on the WHO and the WHY of the bombing)

2. Gotta love Candice Owens

Candace Owens re Corona from Oz-Rita on Vimeo.

3. “Someone must be giving them a script” an expert speaks to Covid policy and the lies being fed to the public about viral infections. Antibodies are NOT important. T cells are. If you get the disease and recover, you will never get it again.

THERE ARE NOT EXCESS DEATHS, therefore, no raging pandemic.

I cant find the embed code or how to download this video. But here is the link to watch at source.

4. Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD – Media

5. Trudeau literally said Verbatim: The books balance themselves” when he campaigned in 2016. And now…

Thank you all who sent in materials so far this week. In Ontario the lockdowns are worse than last time. This is really the stuff revolutions should be made of.

As 2020 draws to a close, this add expresses many of our feelings quite well

What a shame 2021 will probably make us wish for things as they have been this year.


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10 Replies to “A few items to start the day on December 29, 2020”

  1. The Satan Commercial like the TV show Lucifer and the comic book it was spun off from are attempts to mainstream Satanism and further destroy the moral foundations of Western Civilization.

  2. I believe that the most serious issue we face at present is the “Ladder Crisis”. Ask any ER doc and they will tell you that every single day tens of thousands of people face permanent injury, terrible pain, and even death under the lash of the dreaded ladder. And don’t you be listening to the deniers because they are all receiving checks from Big Ladder and can be relied upon to clap in unison like so many trained seals. Imagine an entire city the size of North Bend Idaho with every single person weeping in pain and groaning as they die from the terrible harvest of the mighty rungmeister. Ban the ladder now! It’s five-minutes-to-midnight and the wolf is tearing down the door…!!!

    Please support the “United Nations Supreme Council on the Terribleness of Ladders.”
    …or any daffy left-wing political party will do…

  3. 4. Additional Information – Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD – Media

    Yesterday I posted Video #5 via YT because I was unable to play the video on Dr. Palevsky’s website.

    “Live w/ Dr. Palevsky (Covid-19 Q&A)”
    Jason Shurka – November 19, 2020

    7:16… 8:27… but this thing… 9:15… this illness did not cause a typical illness… 9:45… the two defining features…. people were losing O2…
    11:11… this is not a virus… 12:14… this was a blood disorder…. 12:30… this could be something else… 12:50… what is different about this thing?… 12:54… leads us to remember that Dr. Anthony Fauci supported Gain-of-Function Research on the corona virus… 14:35… what other things in nature could do this kind of illness?… 14:43… The scientist and the medical community failed the public in trying to do the differential diagnosis, in other words, what else can do this?… 14:58… are there any gases or metals in the air? Are there any parasites that we can be exposed to? Are there any bacteria that can do this? Are there any electromagnetic radiation pulsing that can do this?…

    *** 15:16… you see people using drugs to treat parasites, not drugs that treat viruses. You see drugs that treat parasites like HCQ and Ivermectin and those two drugs if used early enough, within the first 24 to 48 hours of symptoms make people get better…
    16:06… this isn’t like a regular flu illness… 17:23… I happen to know that there are people who turned off their wifi during their illnesses actually got better… 21:22 PCR test… 28:18… This thing that we’re exposed to is a big unknown… there’s much more to it that we are not investigating. And we are being told not to investigate it and that should raise eyebrows… 33:12… we have not proven that this is a virus…
    37:00… we’re having this huge second wave… everyone has covid…

    39:52… I don’t think we know what this really is… we have not identified what this really is… The problem is if you really step back and try to identify what this really is, you might see that there is something more nefarious going on then just a simple virus…
    41:00 Vaccine…

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