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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson update: Nashville truck bomb and whodunnit”

  1. The idea of deliberately recruiting suicide bomber types to be the dead fall guy never occurred to me, this is a new addition to the left wing terrorism. I stopped looking at these actions decades ago so my information is not complete.

    • I remember Brad talking about it in the context of “lone-wolf”, “radicalized-online” jihadis.

      Antifa intersects with jihadis. Sure, why not? Red Brigade terrorists of the late ’60s merged with Palestinian terrorists in the 70’s. Both were nurtured by the Soviet Union.

      We haven’t had a functioning Justice Dept in a long time. The FBI purged “islamophobic” content from their training materials. We’ve got empty suits denying the fact of leftist terrorism.

      This will end in tears.

      • 3Speak has a problem, always: You have to stay with in in full silence for some ten seconds before audio starts. Needs to be fixed. Was before, never changed. Only now, at times, it’s 30 seconds.

  2. Absolute best description of the motivation behind the bombing , which will NEVER be mentioned in any of the media. Compliments to Brad.

  3. OKAY. Suicide bomber had recently told his ex-girlfriend that he had cancer. A story not confirmed by doctors.

    Little clues such as his coagulated right ear lobe where an ear-ring most certainly was hooked in.

    Looking at AndyNgo’s posts of arrests, he fits the Antifa physical profile to perfection for a guy his age.

    Not one word about the guy, if he was working, no nothing. No word how he acquired his house.

    All in all, a lone quiet leftover guy from the hippie-revolution. Perfect Antifa target.

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