Now that the FBI and maybe DHS are involved, we might never know what happened in Nashville

Long time readers of this site, and more importantly, Gates of Vienna, may remember this very interesting story that both sites followed very closely in 2014 and 2015 and posted many links as the story progressed.

In summary, a building blew up that housed Islamic centres and related businesses and residences, and instead of investigating as the local PD said they would do, the feds came in and literally swept up all the evidence after inventing a lie to explain the explosion that the local gas company invited the media in to their offices to disprove.

Of course, since this story was first published entire video hosting platforms have come and gone, and we were one of the first to be Winston Smithed from Youtube a couple of years ago now. So the videos were removed.

So what we can know is, in true Orwellian fashion, investigative agencies hide evidence and invent causes.

Here are the videos I have been able to restore so far:

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11 Replies to “Now that the FBI and maybe DHS are involved, we might never know what happened in Nashville”

      • Who is suppose to be complaining/worried about how the 5G wireless net is going to spy on us. I have heard this second hand so don’t know for sure, I will post this info when I find it on a reliable site.

        As you guys are saying this is Deja Vu of the Vegas shooting.

        In a lot of ways Brad Johnson’s “Proof of Concept” motive for the attack fits both, the Vegas shooting. The Vegas shooting took place in 2017 and was a warning/example of what the left (antifa by what ever name you want to call them) can do. This would be a warning to the politicians of what would happen if they crossed antifa instead of caving.

        Look at the similarities, both attacks were well planned and financed, both took great care to ensure that all of the material for a successful attack was on hand.

        Both have a White Male in his early 60s as the fall guy giving the left plausible deniability.

        Both have the FBI and the ATF stepping in and taking over the investigation.

        Both have the Propaganda Media tripping over their own feet in the rush to blame the far right.

        Both have or will give the left an excuse to crack down on law abiding gun owners.

      • Was it you that ask why no one has taken credit for this attack? If it was I don’t remember if I answered or not so here is the answer.

        As long as the radical left terrorists don’t put out press releases claiming the attack or get caught making an attack the Propaganda Media can keep spinning that it is the Far Right making the terror attacks.

        In the 1960s and 1970s through the 1980s the Red Brigades were running wild in Italy ( ) committing terror attacks and kidnapping people for fun and profit. For the first year of so of their terror attacks they never took credit for what they had done and the Media all blamed the “Fascist” in Italy for the crimes. this left the Red Brigades a lot of room to surveil the next target and acquire the supplies needed. It wasn’t until one famous left wing Professor blew himself up setting charges to bring down the high power electric lines that people realized all of the attacks had been left wing attacks.

        Antifa is following the policy of not claiming the attacks to make the next attack easier.

    • Probably a test run to see if they could stop large scale meetings/parties/festivals the attack didn’t stop anything so they went back to the drawing board and we have a Pandemic that is very useful for breaking down society and preventing people from meeting and planning.

  1. Now, wait for this one: 63-year old suspect didn’t want 5G in his area. Rumor mill. This makes no sense as he didn’t leave any note behind or made a fuss about it.

    However, he sold his house one month ago to a niece or whatever from California.

    As if things couldn’t get weirder, the house of Anthony Quinn Warner, Nashville bombing suspect, where neighbors saw the RV parked for years was sold exactly 1 month prior to the bombing to Michelle Swing, listed address -Los Angeles, CA.
    The sale price, $0.00.

    Also, read his follow-up tweet after this one:

    • Thank You my source didn’t say that she got the info from Twitter.

      He gave away his house (possibility because he wasn’t planning on living much longer or expected to be in jail) This info does make the idea of a suicide bombing look more reasonable but as you pointed out the shots were heard but no video has surfaced of someone leaving the RV to shoot at cops.

      • Another Mandalay, except this time, it’s worse.
        Nothing left of him except contaminated body fragments.

        So, he gave away his house. This is a very important clue.

        Would be interesting to see his credit rating. If the house was paid for. Was it in danger of repossess?

        No mention of his acquaintances, no nothing. He could have sold his house (location is everything re $$). So many issues at play.

        Too much sophisticated work went into this. It’s ANTIFA.

        Another case of nothingness re FBI and ATF.

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