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3 Replies to “Despicable act of tyranny by state thugs”

  1. I did another act of rebellion today. Alone…

    I entered the drugstore with my gloves on. Intent was to hand over a prescription for Tetanus that they have to order. It was an ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’. Hand over the paper, I had spoken with the pharmacist on the phone, he knew I was coming.

    So, I passed the doorway, put on the mask while holding open from the mouth down for exhaling, and suddenly a senior screamed at me from behind for not sterilizing my hands.

    I replied ‘I am keeping my gloves on. What’s the point?’

    He went into a robot-style hand-wash speech. I raised my voice and told him he is in no position to lecture me. Shame on you! Gestapo!

    So, a clerk came around and told me in a gentle voice they have no choice.

    So, I explain to her that it’s in In and Out situation, only to hand over a paper and leave. No gloves removed.

    I saw her distress in her eyes as she understood the situation and the older man was intent on winning the battle.

    So, to please everybody, I said out loud ‘OK, I will dip the tip of my tiny finger in the bottom leftover aseptic soap’. Everybody happy?

    Then, I put back on my glove and handed over the germ-laden prescription to the pharmacist. Prescription: I’ve had it since last week on my kitchen table.

    The true problem was the Jr Senior man, the customer.

    CRAZY WORLD. STAND UP against these people.

  2. Most restaurants are taking precautions. Tables far apart, wear mask while not sitting at table, all workers wear masks, sanitizer at door, in bathrooms. There is no proof that restaurants are hotzones; no, it’s the home where a family member spreads it to other family members. Health experts/marxists don’t’ care. They got a job. These capricious and phony bans are destroying businesses without justification. Sickening.

  3. Marxism! Destroy the Middle Class by destroying their livelihood…..This hoax has gone far enough…….It’s time for the people to take their country back……one neighbourhood at a time….

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