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  1. They were not telling the whole story.

    When Proxima Centauri became publicly known, scientists spoke only of the fact the signal had passed their filters. This was exciting, indeed. Not many SETI signals had managed such a feat, and none a mere 4.2 light-years away.

    BLC-1 clocked in at 982 megahertz. While many of those in the world’s radio astronomy community had tuned in with popcorn and soda pop in hand, a more unlikely observer had taken an active interest.

    On Christmas Day, 2020, President Donald Trump turned to his wife, Melania, and said, “I can’t believe what they’re telling me, sweetheart.”

    For the President, despite the incredible disappointments served him by people so close over the last four years, the intelligence was pristine. Not only this, but it also made sense in the greater context.

    The code cracker was no less extraordinary. A mere boy of seventeen, his greatest weakness mathematics but who, in his own particular Aspergers manner, was able to see patterns in numbers. He solved the problem of the meaning of the signal that the whole of the scientific community could not. After finding a 30-second recording on-line and seeing a digitized translation, it became obvious to him. Unsurprisingly to neurotypicals familiar with people who are of the Aspergers type–whatever this is–the clarity of thought could be breathtaking. The President, ever wary, ordered the boy only known as John Smith be brought to him so he could assess him, personally. Within five minutes of casual conversation President Trump ordered the boy and his family be placed immediately into a witness protection program of a level never before seen.

    The script the President had been so sure of was now cast aside, or rather, had another chapter added. That the Covide-19 pandemic was used as a tool for a fascist globalist takeover was only partially true. There was another, more important and sinister function for the virus than mere world domination. When the President came to understand this function he was forced to sit because it made him feel weak.

    There were so few who had proven themselves trustworthy, he thought. Regardless, the race was on. The meaning of the looping radio signal found by SETI was originally brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s office near Destin, Florida by John Smith, himself. Yes, of all places, a place with the name Destin. Fact really was stranger than fiction. Destin was up in the panhandle. And it was only by luck or divine intervention that Sheriff La Montagne, who heard the boy speak alone in his office, was a patriot, a strong supporter of the President, and religious. He would not divulge the boy’s secret until he was certain it would not fall into the hands of The Swamp.

    Covid-19 was being used by the forces of darkness to help isolate and separate humanity from itself. You see, the radio signal carried with it a singular and simple message from deep space.

    On the wings of a lyrical static John Smith had heard a name. The name. Beamed to our planet by an unknown source, but also with the most certain and solid of mathematical proofs that the name was that of a man who currently walked our Earth. Mystery of mysteries, one person among almost eight billion singled out of the human mass, and he of a divine order equating to nothing less than the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    The forces of darkness did not knowl the whole name and the significance of the man. Somehow, though, their mathematicians had deduced some letters of a first name.

    The President understood the contest was now on between good and evil to find this son of God on Earth, and that time was of the essence. Using the pandemic as an excuse to compel people to socially distance was an invention of the globalists to help them sort through. For the President it was the last piece of the puzzle. Yes, he thought, they were late to the game, but the fact they were now in the game and in a superior position, desperate as it was, gave him faith that good was destined to win.

    Even so, President Trump held no illusion what the dark forces’ intention was. Tyranny tolerates no god above it.

    Merry Christmas to all.


    • That name was “Santa.”

      Yet, it was not the voice the youth had heard though the snow of static. This boy, also dyslexic, had written it down. And the People of The Book had run with it. He had actually heard “Satan”. But who could resist the President and the gummy bears. The numbers added up equally for the Angel and The Beast anyway, as he munched.

      This message from Proxima Centauri was a soul search, an annual celebration with all united planetarians to go and find what triggered them into being upset,and face up to their Satan, the cause their enviousness of other being happy. Their deepest fears and resentments awakened by words that they deemed “Hate Crimes” and directed soley against them, and to seek and find that slave-master, the first bully who told them to be Good, and weep with the truth of pride that they took in return for willing slavery, and forgive, and then be set free. As they forgive, god forgives them. This was the Way, for Interplanetary Peace and Cooperation to exist, because of clear consciousness and not be ruled by imaginations of terror. The barren planets of international and national socialisms littered suns throughout the galaxy.

      “Go and find your satan.” was the actual joy. The message whispered by the Religious Advisor to the President was to find the Savior Santa. And even in this, Earth’s totalitarian religions had to extinguish all hope, real or not, of the life the One Individual who made it.

      For the President it was the last piece of the puzzle. Yes, he thought, they were late to the game, but the fact they were now in the game and in a superior position, desperate as it was, gave him faith that good was destined to win.

      From Proxima Centauri, they looked up, wondering if the Blue Planet would ever twinkle.

      Merry Christmas!

    • This is a fight between good and evil, a continuation of the fight that has been waged for all of time. Due to our feeling smug that evil couldn’t come close to winning in our nations we have lost the opening rounds of the fight. We must never give up in the fight to preserve freedom and Christianity in the world.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

      • I believe miracles happen.
        I don’t know if we merit one.

        The Maccabees were outnumbered and fought traitors within, but gave it their all, and by the grace of G-d triumphed. THEN they were blessed by the miracle of the oil, the enduring light.

        Jesus came into a world of decadence, want, and strife. He spoke to the soul, that which is unique and transcendent. His message has given hope and courage to individual believers who’ve built great and good societies.

        We’ve been smug. We called our laziness “tolerance”. We lost the luxury of time and advantage of position.

        The Judeo-Christian family of peoples gets careless, our adversaries seize the opportunity. Then we remember who we are and how we got here. We’ll work for a future we can leave to our children that doesn’t shame our ancestors.

        We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

        • We have fought at great odds before and won, we can win this fight if we just hang in and don’t give up. Trump is going to fight until January 20, lets follow his lead.

          If you look at it from the right angle the bombing is a sign that the Dems think that Trump is going to win. If they thought that he was going to lose they wouldn’t have set off the real big bomb, that was the act of people who think they are losing and that terror is all they have left. All of us have ancestors who faced terror attacks and refused to let the terrorist rule by fear, can we do less then our ancestors?

          As the song says, “We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again.”

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