Nashville explosion: Huge blast rocks major US city – ‘Glass and steel everywhere’ (VBID)


The cause of the blast was a vehicle explosion, in what poice described as an “intentional act”. Fire officials said three people have been taken to hospital, but none of them were critically injured. The incident took place at 166 2nd Avenue North at 6.45am local time.

Don Aaron, Nashville police spokesman said: “The explosion was significant, as you can see the police department, its federal partners – the FBI and ATF – are conducting a large-scale investigation to this point. 

“We do believe that the explosion was an intentional act.”

When the car first exploded, there was some confusion about what was the cause of the blast. 

Nashville Police Presser


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  1. Those who are interested can google for the details of the terror campaigns in the US and Europe in the 1960s and 1970s, This bombing is out of the same instruction manual, first you give the warning before the explosion then after the explosion you send letters of demands to the media. After a few bombings if you don’t get want you want you sent more messages to the Media, and all Levels of Government laying out a your demands and say that if your demands aren’t met you will be forced to start killing people.. If nothing is done about the list you start killing people all the while sending out letters blaming the Government for the killings, saying that if the Government had just listened to your demands and given you want you want the murder victims would still be alive. Some of the dead will be random murders but most will be targeted like the Patriot Prayer murder victim in Portland.The potential targets of the non random murders include but aren’t limited to Public Officials they will claim are being unjust. Rich business people who aren’t publicly supporting the terror movement with words and cash. Elected officials who are opposed tothe goals of the terror movement. Political operatives that are opposing the terror campaign. Individuals who are public about their opposition to the goals of the terror group. Get up on you tube and search for the Portland murder video, they carried out a very well planned murder, they had a large hit squad and I wonder if the may that ended up confusing and war killed is the actual murder?

    What we have to hope for now is that this attack scares enough members of Congress that they will agree that the election was crooked and choose Donald Trump as President.

    If people cave and give in to the terrorists the terrorists will become the American Stasi, if we don’t cave and give in to the terrorists they will carry out a long term asymmetric civil war and terror campaign.

  2. Nashville Democrat Mayor John Cooper is already taking heat for joking about the incident. Cooper told the media that authorities were on the scene to “make sure this is the only explosion that’s gonna happen in Nashville today,” and then laughed that the gushing water mains lend a dramatic flair to the scene.

    PLUS: Apparently, the RV had no license plates. The warning was broadcast for some 30 minutes and police didn’t investigate the RV plate numbers.

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