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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the UK NHS policy of DNR for the retired”

  1. If the UK the NHS was privatised, their financial motivation would be to keep their patients alive for as long as possible. Relatives would have to beg them to murder to inherit what was left of their estates.

    Socialism equals democide.

  2. Biden is putting Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel in some position in his administration, Zeke a Doctor says that everyone should die by 75 to keep them from being a drain on the system. Another reason to pray that Trump is elected.

  3. They’ve done something similar here in South Africa.
    I spoke a few weeks ago with someone that came with Covid into Hospital, he’s in his late seventies, and he told me that they also wanted to give him Morphine, but he declined.
    He told me, everyone in the ICU-Ward that took the Morphine Offer didn’t survive.
    I really do wonder how many elderly have been murdered by the Authorities in the last 10 Month alone?
    Vlad, do you remember the Italian Nurse Video we subtitled a couple of month back?
    The Murder of the Elderly is perpetrated everywhere.

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