Site problem, Assange tried to warn the USSD, Rand Paul on US election fraud and more: Links 2, December 16, 2020

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1. Recordings between the State Department and Julian Assange in 2011

Nash Montana adds the following:

James O’Keefe Today Posted a Conversation Between Julian Assange and the Hillary State Department In the new Project Veritas video, O’Keefe published a conversation between Julian Assange and the Hillary State Department.

He says that he has intelligence that one of his employers, Daniel Domscheidt-Berg, aka Daniel Schmitt, extracted 250,000 State Department Database Archive, diplomatic cables, including classified cables (Cable = Communications), and is possibly threatening to release it.

Assange goes on to say that he can do possible damage control by redacting the info being released. The documents, originally obtained by Assange and Wikileaks, were to be redacted before any release, but were stolen from Wikileaks.

Assange then assures the Hillary State Department that he and Wikileaks would not be the one to release these cables when the State Department asks ‘who’ would be releasing the cables.

He then goes on to say that the person who is threatening to release the cables is a previous employee by the name of Daniel Domscheidt-Berg.

Assange confirms to the State Department that indeed Domscheidt-Berg still has access to everything on Wikileaks, classified as well as unclassified. And with everything that he took, he now has the ability themselves without Assange’s control or authorization to make the information available as he wants.

Assange warns the State Department that Domscheidt-Berg has made no effort in redaction or harm minimization, and that he believes there will be a great danger to U.S. agents and interests with the publication of these un-redacted documents. He says that individuals who haven’t been warned, should be warned.

Assange then goes on to say that somewhere on the internet, there is an encrypted version of the materials, that Wikileaks does not control: “One doesn’t actually need to convey the material itself, one only needs to convey the location of the material and its encryption key.”

He thinks that the U.S. may have been able to block or slow down the publication by eliminating some of the files covertly. He confirms that he knows the location of some of the materials, and that it shouldn’t be too hard to locate the others.

When the State Department asks him to provide them with the location of these files, Assange said that “I can encourage other people to do so.”

He then goes on to say that “this is really more your problem than it is ours, even though we have been calling and calling the State Department and the Embassy for over a day trying to explain the urgency, and other for right now, no one has ever called us back.”

The person Assange is talking about, Daniel Domscheidt-Berg, is an interesting character. Daniel Domscheidt-Berg aka Daniel Schmitt, is a German computer scientist, and he is the husband of ANKE DOMSCHEIDT-BERG, a member of the far left party “Die Linke” (former SED in GDR), and she is a member of the GERMAN BUNDESTAG

2. Senator Rand Paul at HSGAC hearings on the “irregularities of the 2020 election”

3. Boko Haram kidnaps hundreds of boys to promote islam

4. Frontline Covid doctors warn against this rushed experimental vaccine:

“Imagine a disease so deadly you need a test to find out if you have it, and a vaccine so wonderful you have to threaten people to take it”

5. As you watch, please remember that the average life expectancy in an elderly care home is three months

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