Abut the video showing GOP electors locked out of the building in Lancing Michigan

We posed the question on this site the other day, about a viral video showing many people claiming to be GOP electors frozen out of the building where the votes are cast for President.

We asked what its meaning is, as there is so much complexity to the system and injected bad information out there its getting very difficult to know what has value and what does not.

Below is the contents of an email from Watchmen2 who sent in this answer:

The Epoch Times did an article that explains that video. 
here’s another discussion of dueling electors
the video is here 
some images of the Epoch Times article are below
‘”Had we not met today and cast our votes, the President’s pending election contest would have been effectively mooted. Our action today preserves his rights under Georgia law,’ he said in a statement.
That sets up some states having two groups of electors, a situation known as dueling electors, or alternate electors.
The House of Representatives and Senate will have to decide next month which set of electors to select. If the chambers split, that could lead a state’s electors being rejected by Vice President Mike Pence, the president of the Senate.” 
Thank you WM2 for taking the effort to assemble this answer.

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  1. As I said before the contest election gambit where the election is given to Congress to decide who becomes the next President is out best chance of Trump winning. And all of the things that are coming out about Biden’s family and the way Biden will be a puppet for Obama and the Democracy Alliance will make some of the ready to ensure that we don’t have another puppet President, Carter and Obama (possibly Clinton) were enough.

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