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6 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Barr and the election so far”

  1. If enough people in Congress contest the election integrity Congress will be forced to reject the electors and choose the new President. The bog problem here is that most of the Members of Congress aren’t really very smart and don’t have the courage to push into ground that hasn’t been covered since the 1870s. IF we can keep the never Trumpers and the RINOs from betraying us Trump has a good chance. If….

    • Personally I see it a few ways.

      1. He was always a deep state guy. There is all kinds of stuff floating out there to show that he was.

      2. He did everything exactly as a federal AG should do.

      It would look, and POSSIBLY even be tyrannical to arrest political opponents before an election. With the expectation that Trump would win, and I believe we all know he did, the AG felt the right thing to do is conduct as fair and thorough an investigation as possible an then make arrests and trials in the second term, where Trump has nothing to gain personally from the arrests of many of these top tier Democrats.

      This would also explain why the Democrats did EVERYTHING they could imagine could be done to cheat the election. In Brennan’s case, its a life or death issue. To many of them guilty of treason, and I would include Obama in that for giving Russia, GB’s nuclear codes but probably much more and way worse crimes.

      So this could be nothing other than when doing the right thing exactly didn’t work.

      But i’m not married to that. Its just one take that fits.

      • I would like to think that it was a case of follow the law but am afraid that it was a case of follow the law by a semi deep state member.

        It will be interesting to see what indictments are coming, unless this is like the last couple of times they have said indictments are coming and then they never happen.

        It doesn’t really matter which case the indictments are for both have plenty of mud that will hit Biden, possibly enough that in a contested election in Congress some Dems will switch parties and vote for Trump.

  2. Brad Johnson is wrong concerning the legal possibility of the presidential election being over because of the certification. He is also wrong that this is unchartered territory. He could easily be right that no one will go into that territory at this point. But the legal cases and the continued hearings make the case, perhaps intentionally, to go down the legal road of Pence pushing this to the House. It has happened before even if it was in antebellum America.

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